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Cast in Chaos has hit the streets

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Cast in Chaos is now avail­able for order at (some) on-line book­stores; it’s also made its way into at least one Borders. This prob­ably means it will arrive in the book­stores that will carry it very soon.

The release or publi­ca­tion date was 1st August 2010, but that date is the date at which the book should be avail­able in all of the various stores that are going to sell it (i.e. that preordered it). It has to ship before then in order to achieve this, and the result is that many places will have the book avail­able before its projected date. Amazon and B&N used to have to wait to ship, but for the last two books (Silence and Chaos), it’s shipped earlier.

The funny thing about the book is that while it’s unde­ni­ably the latest or newest in the series, in my internal universe, the ‘most recent’ is the almost finished Cast in Ruin. If, for some reason, I’m discussing the latest novel and I say some­thing that makes no sense in rela­tion to Cast in Chaos, this is why. I once took a chapter of a Cast book for a reading – and only when I arrived a the conven­tion did I realize that it was the wrong first chapter; it was two books ahead, instead of one, because the book I’d finished hadn’t yet been published.

I’ll be leaving early Friday morning to head to Conflu­ence in Pitts­burgh, so hope­fully I’ll see some of you there!

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  1. drey says:

    Congrat­u­la­tions!!! :) I will defi­nitely be picking this one up to add to my library!!

  2. Ann K says:

    Woo! Can’t wait to read it!

    I very much hope they have it at the dealers room at Conflu­ence… will you be reading there again?

  3. I will be reading there again, yes :).

    I hope they have it — I know this cuts close to release date, and I know that some­times the books don’t arrive before they have to pack up and drive to the convention.

  4. Jennifer Brinn says:

    Ack! The Kindle edition isn’t avail­able until August 1st!!! Ten more days! At least Aug 1 is a Sunday, so I can read all day.

  5. I’m sorry >.<. I’m not sure how publishers get around that. The publi­ca­tion date for a novel — in the cast of Chaos 1st August 2010 — is meant to be the date at which every store that ordered the book now has it for sale. In reality, because of the ship­ping require­ments (i.e. if you want them in all stores by 1st August, you don’t start ship­ping on 30th July or they’ll be late), the books will arrive in some stores sooner than others (people closer to UPS distri­b­u­tion centres will get them earlier, for instance), and in theory the books are put out on the shelves on the sell-by date.

    In prac­tice, this is only enforced for Harry Potter, which means that books start to appear as soon as the boxes are signed for an opened. It does mean that stores will have the book by the pub date, though.

    But there’s no ship­ping to get past with ebooks.

  6. Yve says:

    I’m sooooooo excited to read this! I’ve been liter­ally counting down the days till August 1st! Too bad I can’t read it now because it’s not on the site I shop for eBooks yet. Do you know which sites have it already to read?

  7. I don’t think any ebook sites will have it for sale until the 1st of August, because if any one site has it earlier, it wouldn’t be fair to the others.

    Having the book for sale first is arguably just as unfair to the ebook readers — but as I mentioned above, the on-sale date was designed to allow for padding in getting the books from ware­houses into trucks and to the bookstores.

  8. DG says:

    Woot­sauce! The wait is over! I know I’ll finish the book in one sitting, then be forced to wait more. Oh well, it’s so worth it.

    P.S. The new website “skin” looks nice. You should keep this one.

    P.P.S. YAY! Go Team Night­shade! :P

  9. Michelle Jager says:

    I have the book on hold at Barnes and Noble, it arrived today and I can’t wait to grab it! You’re such a wonderful author, I am psyched to have another install­ment! Kaylin rocks!

  10. Jennifer Brinn says:

    Oh, I know *why* I have to wait, and wasn’t expecting any different. Just I got so excited and I have the patience of a squirrel. This is what I get for drinking the Kindle-flavored Kool-Aid. :)

    I did pre-order it, so I can wake up to having it deliv­ered. And I went ahead and grabbed the bundle of the 1st 3 books, since I’m converting a lot of my stuff to elec­tronic (tiny little apart­ment. No space :( ).

    I just have to say again how much I have enjoyed the series. I’ve always really loved how you built a very inter­esting culture mesh of the various races, and how you manage to build on it each time.

    These books are Eat My Life books, meaning I can barely do anything other than read them until I’m done.

  11. jessica says:

    is it possible to release a summary on the website before the release date?

    i can’t believe someone actu­ally went their with the team night­shade thing lol i am voting for night­shade though

  12. MaryW says:

    Thank you for letting us know. Your books are defi­nitely worth getting as soon as they are avail­able. It has been one of those days but this news has improved it about 1000%.

  13. Sam says:

    I’m sooooo glad this book is coming out ^_^
    I really like all your books but to be honest this series is just a favorite of mine!!! I hope we’ll have many many more!

    And on a side note (but still on Elantra!), this comment on the home page was also very very cool:
    “On the Elantra front, I’m pretty sure Cast in Ruin is in the home stretch. I’m also pretty sure that Kaylin will be going to the West March some­time very soon, but not in Ruin.”

    I loved meeting the Lord of the Western March in ‘Cast in Court­light’ and I’ve always hoped we would see more of him, THANK YOU!!!!
    The Barrani are a really fun group to read about :)

  14. Kandice says:

    Received my copy two days ago.…:)

  15. Mary says:

    I received my copy yesterday … stayed up late and finished this after­noon. Darn it, I don’t WANT to wait until next year for the next one! This was the best yet — I thor­oughly enjoyed every moment of it, and I really like how Kaylin is growing and maturing. It’s impor­tant to me to like the char­ac­ters, and I do like her very much.
    Thanks for another great read, but man, I wish you could be like Barbara Cart­land … didn’t she write some­thing like a book a month or some­thing? Wouldn’t THAT be some­thing … to get a monthly “fix”, rather than yearly!

  16. Melissa says:

    On my way right now to pick this book up and spend the next two days devouring the pages!

  17. Tammy says:

    I can not wait for this new book. I got all the other books over the past year, and inhaled them. I re-read them a month ago and loved them as much as I orig­i­nally did. I have recom­mended them to my daugh­ter’s friends.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    I got my copy a few days ago. Been reading and re-reading it since. Totally awesome. Now need to reread the previous books. Just one confu­sion. I thought Kaylin couldn’t talk about the Barrani waters of life with anyone, but didn’t she do just that to an audi­ence towards the end?

  19. Jennifer Brinn says:

    Jeez, spoilers!

  20. Maria says:

    Soo… I totally read it in one sitting, and it was grand. I can’t wait until October, even though it is only a little novella. It will be grand. I know it.

  21. Genna Warner says:

    I loved this book. It is really hard to wait an entire year for the next book. I forsee myself re-reading all the books at least a couple of times this year. I’m obsessed with the whole universe and the wait is driving me nuts. :)

  22. Julie says:

    My copy of Cast in Chaos is coming next week, and I can’t wait to read it!…I also can’t wait for House Name!

    I love your books, and I have every single one — thank you for the absolutely wonderful stories!

  23. Kel says:

    My pre-ordered copy arrived in the mail yesterday, but sadly I’d sched­uled the evening for studying… so I didn’t manage to finish it until this evening. It’s truly wonderful… now I need to go back and re-read the whole series (to date) in order.

  24. Cast in Chaos actu­ally arrived at my Borders in the 7/20 laydown boxes. Have no idea what that’s about if every­body else thought it was 8/1. But there it is.

  25. Kimberly R. says:

    I got it from my local Barnes & Noble yesterday (and yes, I have finished it already!) So its out there, ready to be bought!

    I loved it! But I still have so many many many ques­tions that I want answered. I’m sure you won’t answer them except as a “Wait and see” kinda thing but some of the loose ends are driving me batty! I don’t suppose you could drop every­thing and finish writing the series so I can know what happens, huh? Thought not. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I loved Cast in Chaos and I’m not sure how I will be able to wait a year for the next one.

  26. Peg T. says:

    I have also finished Cast In Chaos and loved it. Many, many ques­tions. Another year to wait? Good Grief!

  27. MaryW says:

    Once again, thank you. I just finished and would like the next book yesterday. It is a kind of torture to read a series as it is written. It is also the plea­sure found in visiting with friends and family.

  28. hjbau says:

    Forgive me, but please don’t stop writing every­thing else to finish the Cast books, not that i don’t enjoy them. I haven’t gone hunting for a copy yet because i have been out of town. I will do that tomorrow.

    I am excited for the new book.

  29. Amanda says:

    I’ll join the others on the “Loved it!” bench. I spent yesterday sitting on my couch with windows open and sunlight pouring in, cher­ishing every second as the incred­ible story unfolded. Thank you for creating this fantastic world and sharing it with all of us!

  30. Forgive me, but please don’t stop writing every­thing else to finish the Cast books, not that i don’t enjoy them. I haven’t gone hunting for a copy yet because i have been out of town. I will do that tomorrow.

    I promise I will not stop writing every­thing else to finish Cast books. I love them and they’re fun — but I’m beyond happy to be deep into Skir­mish now, because the universe is once again (compar­a­tively) wide open and things are happening in ways that totally surprise me.

  31. Cast in Chaos actu­ally arrived at my Borders in the 7/20 laydown boxes. Have no idea what that’s about if every­body else thought it was 8/1. But there it is.

    I know they solicited orders for an on-sale date of 1st August 2010, but they may have pushed that back. Or rather, they must have pushed it back. I’m just happy that it’s available :).

  32. hjbau says:

    I was successful in finding a copy of Cast in Chaos. I only had to go to two book­stores and bother one manager though he didn’t seem to mind. I also saw a copy of Hidden City and City of Night in the wild which was sort of exciting for me because i usually have more trouble finding the West books then i do finding the Cast books.

    I am glad to hear Skir­mish is going well and that it is totally surprising which inter­est­ingly enough does not surprise me.

    And now i will sit down and read Cast in Chaos though my jet lag is not improving my reten­tion and concen­tra­tion skills at the moment.

    PS. I like the new look for the site. Looks great.

  33. Maria Murphy says:

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the Cast series. I’m looking forward to Chaos and hope­fully it will be avail­able on Amazon UK soon! I person­ally enjoy the wait for each new book. I think it adds to the excite­ment and suspense! Thank you for a wonderful series of books, Ms Sagara!

  34. TheF says:

    I have ordered it off of Book Depos­i­tory and am beyond excited! Feels like my birthday has come early (when it’s actu­ally next week, at the begin­ning of August ;) much like the release date).

    Thank you for the books. This is my favourite series of yours (as much as I love all of your other works). So yeah, thank you. Many many posi­tive thoughts sent your way on your writing/creativity.

  35. Angel says:

    I’m really happy this series is still going with the next book in produc­tion. I adore both the Cast and the House War series, I will defi­nitely keep buying basi­cally every­thing you write :)

  36. Kim says:

    Dear Michelle Sagara,

    Amazon shipped my book early! I got it just the night before yesterday, and finished it yesterday after­noon. I love all of your cast books, but I honestly think this one is my favorite. I’m not sure – I do not usually judge books beyond loving them. I just wanted to write to tell you that I loved it… but now that I think of it, I have a question.
    Was using Cast in ______ for every book your idea? How did you think of it?
    I also enjoy the new look of your website.
    I am now going to go re-read your Cast books – I would re-read Cast in Chaos right away, but my sister is going to read it first.
    Thank you for writing these books!
    Have a fantastic day! (I hope you get to relax)
    : )

  37. I have a question.
    Was using Cast in ______ for every book your idea? How did you think of it?

    It wasn’t delib­erate on my part, and if I’d been thinking, I would prob­ably have avoided it; it pretty much got set in stone when I titled the second book Cast in Court­light. But I liked the sound of the title.

    And since the second book was a ‘Cast’ book, all of the subse­quent ones have had to have Cast titles — and I live in terror of running out of words I can use… (the terror is the only reason I some­times wish I’d done things differ­ently, btw — I don’t hate the titles them­selves, but what if I have more books than titles?)

  38. MaryW says:

    And since the second book was a ‘Cast’ book, all of the subse­quent ones have had to have Cast titles — and I live in terror of running out of words I can use… (the terror is the only reason I some­times wish I’d done things differ­ently, btw — I don’t hate the titles them­selves, but what if I have more books than titles?)”

    I am sure that you can invent a word or borrow one from some other language.

  39. Aaron says:

    I vote for Cast in Caramel.

  40. natasha says:

    hahaha cast in caramel, to funny!

    i’m at my dads and im waiting desper­ately for when i fly back to my moms to read the book, its got there almost a week ago. 8(

    but i love your books so much and i cant wait to get my hands on it. 8)

    oh i cant wait only 4 more days!!!

  41. I vote for Cast in Caramel.

    The Australian husband of one of my readers (who’s also Australian — he was working in Toronto, and came to see if I might be at the store on behalf of his wife), suggested “Cast in Concrete”.

    I laughed.

  42. Beanz says:

    Just got an email that the book has been deliv­ered is waiting for me at home. Unfor­tu­nately I am languishing here at my customer’s site and don’t know how to concen­trate on work for the next three days as I will only get back home on Thursday.
    Can’t wait. And now you already have me jonesing for Cast in Ruin…

  43. Candilicious says:

    yay im so excited its release…i just ordered it off amazon cause they are so hard to get where i live in Australia…the first chapter has me enthralled already

  44. Kim says:

    I just thought of another ques­tion, for when and if you have the time.

    What does clear or light blue signify for the eyes of the Barrani? Is it less dangerous than normal blue or dark blue?

    : )

  45. Michael says:

    Finished it in one ten-hour sitting. Of course this means I’ll end up going to bed about eleven hours hours later than I normally do, but it was *totally* worth it!

    Thanks for a great night!

  46. Suzy says:

    I’m almost done with it! I am really glad it came out early since I get to read it before my wedding now rather than shortly after. My fiance wasn’t too excited that I was plan­ning on reading it during our honey­moon. lol

  47. Bruce says:

    I asked the library to order it months ago, so I got first reser­va­tion. Presum­ably after the acqui­si­tions person read it. I’m currently 2/3 through. Best one yet! Looking forward to the next one.

  48. Yve says:

    August 1! Yay! Now I might be able to buy Cast in Chaos as an eBook! Everyone who’s talked to me in the past month will be relieved when I stop talking about this book every single moment of every single day!

  49. Julia says:

    Dear Michelle Sagara:
    Knowing this book was coming out yesterday, I spent the last month re-reading the series. It is by far my favorite of all the series that I read. This one had me hooked that I stayed up reading all night long. I love and hate that you are such an amazing author. Love it, because I get so wrapped up in the story that I don’t ever want to see it end. Hate it, because I have to wait a year to know what happens next. I would love to post all my favorite parts … however it would go on too long, and I would hate to spoil it for other readers. Suffice it to say, I am on pins and needles to see how this book changes Kaylin’s percep­tion and her relationships.
    You always know some­thing is extremely well written when you find your­self constantly re-reading the books again and again.

    Thank you. I love reading about Kaylin’s adven­tures. Each of the books is amazing … this one gave so much insight into the world, I will be spec­u­lating about what we will learn next.

  50. TheF says:

    Got my book and promptly read it in one gulp, even as I tried to slow down. It was awesome. Once again, thank you for creating such an involving world. It is magnif­i­cent, one that I would love to be a fly on the wall for. Espe­cially when Kaylin opens her mouth, heh.

    I cannot wait for Ruin.

    Thankkkkk you!

  51. Anita says:

    An exciting adven­ture that I left me wanting more. Many ques­tions and things left untold in this story, have me anxiously awaiting the next book . You have truly written an amazing series filled with mysteries and end of the world action.
    I love Kaylin. She has the power to be and do anything, but she lives her life caring for others. Of course with the dragons surrounding her, she must behave…right?
    All in all, I was just checking for the release date of the next book and hoping the wait will not be too long. Thank You for writing another wonderful book!

  52. Lee Ann says:

    I loved it. It arrived on my Kindle on Sunday and I read it by Sunday night. I cannot wait for the next story.

  53. Brenda says:

    Loved it. All of the Elantra books find an instant home on my comfort shelf!These books are such a treat, with the only draw­back being that I binge on them. I read Cast in Chaos all day long (instead of working as I should have) — and now I find myself desper­ately wishing for Cast in Ruin! Also, I rarely cry when reading books or watching movies, but Severn’s litany of reasons had me misty-eyed and reaching for the tissue.

  54. lacretia says:

    i love cast books i love how she grown up threw the six books.cant wait tell the next one.i just hope her classes go well.

  55. I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to come and post here. You can’t know what it means to me (although you can prob­ably guess). I’m always, always nervous about the launch of a new book, and I always fret at the keyboard while trying to concen­trate on writing.

    I know there are people who aren’t going to like some of what I’ve done in any given book.

    It really helps to know that there are people who do mostly like the book, even when they like it for different reasons.

  56. Theresa says:

    I finished it on Monday night and LOVED it. I cannot wait until Cast in Moon­light comes out (then CIRuin).

    More Night­shade please!

  57. Seema says:

    So, what ever happened to the egg? Was it a dangling subplot by acci­dent or does it make a reap­pear­ance in Cast in Ruin?

  58. Seema says:

    BTW, these are just about my favorite books ever (and given how much I read, this is impres­sive). I find myself wishing for weeks after I finish a book that I were back in Elantra

  59. natasha says:

    just to be sure cast in moon­light is for this series right?

  60. DG says:

    Yep, Cast in Moon­light is for the Elantra series. :)

    Of course, I finished Cast in Chaos in one sitting (like I knew I would). Can’t wait for Cast in Ruin. I love this series! I truly do! Going to check out the Books of the Sundered series next.

    P.S. More Nightshade…MOAR!! I’m not putting in spoilers here (cuz I hate that), but…Boo to Severn! Booo!! I say! :P For once I’d like the bad guy to get the girl, lol.

  61. Elizabeth says:

    Just to follow up on my earlier comment, I finished reading Cast in Chaos in trade paper­back, and re-read the earlier books on my Sony eReader. Love these books. Much more inter­esting to read the first books with the later context. Thanks Michelle!

  62. WWL says:

    Waiting eagerly for this book to reach SEA.

  63. Robin says:

    I am still waiting for it to appear on Amazon UK :(. How to keep a turkey in suspense!

  64. Jennifer Brinn says:

    Fabu­lous! Finished reading it this weekend. Loved it!

    Just a couple of notes without spoilers:
    1. I didn’t notice this until I started using the Text-To-Speech option so I could keep “reading” while in the car, but there is a *lot* of grimacing going on in the book. (It stood out because the TTS reader pronounced grimace as “grim ace” with ace like a Ace of Spades).

    2. I find the urban fantasy milieu in a non-contem­po­rary world just so refresh­ingly good.

    3. Despite people spending lots of time explaining things to each other, it never feels like expo­si­tion info­dumps. Mostly because Kaylin is trying to not get eaten. :)

    4. My favorite part was that I guessed the ending about halfway through the book. This is not unrea­son­able, as I usually do, though I’m always actu­ally *wrong*. This time, I was right, but only partly, so it was wonder­fully inevitable yet surprising. As it should be.

    5. I just love watching Kaylin grow and change throughout the series. As I do for the rest of the char­ac­ters, but Kaylin’s growth is the sort of bitter­sweet that is her nature.

    6. The fact that (like the rest of the books) it is her compas­sion that forms the basis for the internal conflict — I find that so unique. She isn’t inclined to save the world because the world needs saving, she always runs into situ­a­tions where she saves the world because there are people it in. Because even if she doesn’t know them, she really and truly cares about their lives. And this is what causes her the real conflicts. All the rest of the stuff is just catalyst.

    Good job! Eagerly awaiting the next one.


  65. Theresa says:


    I LOVE this book (and series). I just have one complaint.…it seemed to be over to quickly. Not that the story felt rushed but rather, I devoured it. I have read some of your commen­tary about cutting scenes because the book was TDL.…but person­ally, I’d love them if they were a bit longer then published. I like getting lost in your stories. Also, I end up spending hours (and I mean like 6 – 8 hours a day on week­ends) at the beach while my husband surfs, so I have a lot of leisure hours I could fill with Kaylin & Night­shade and Elantra! More please!

  66. Seahn says:

    Just finished and can’t wait for cast in ruin. I may of put off other rather impor­tant things but Cast In Chaos was calling. Loved it so much espe­cially any section that had Night­shade and Severn, I love both equally so I’m worried about both of there futures (I think when a reader is worried the author has done a great job).
    Defi­nitely one of my favorite series.

  67. Carol says:

    Loved the book. My favorite part was still the Night­shade scenes, Very creative. I liked both Severn and Night­shade in the first couple books but Night­shade is now my favorite by far. Never enough of him.

  68. Carol says:

    From Jennifer Brinn

    1. I didn’t notice this until I started using the Text-To-Speech option so I could keep “reading” while in the car, but there is a *lot* of grimacing going on in the book. (It stood out because the TTS reader pronounced grimace as “grim ace” with ace like a Ace of Spades).

    From Carol
    I noticed a lot of grimacing as well as the term “in as much as” “inas­much”
    But still loved the book.

  69. tasha says:

    go team night­shade 8)

  70. Katie says:

    I have a big problem with the Cast In… series. I read the new book all in one sitting and then have to wait a year for the next one!!

    I read Chaos today, then went back and re-read the Night­shade scene several times. (I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who likes Night­shade!) Poten­tial spoiler here, but I must admit to being slightly confused at some of the phrasing — was Kaylin raped in/by Barren?? Maybe I need to re-read Silence again (for the fifth or so time). That could explain why she doesn’t realize that the emotions she picks up from Night­shade could be felt for very different reasons, and she also doesn’t really have much of a sexual aware­ness, despite being twenty years old. (We never see her make note of the fact of men being partic­u­larly hand­some, her thoughts about Severn are much more platonic than romantic love, and the only phys­ical desire we’ve seen toward her has been from Night­shade, whose motives are ques­tion­able.) I also got confused by the sentence “in the White Towers of Barren after her first — and her only — betrayal of the man who had called the fief his own.” From Silence, it sounded like the only thing that she had done to Barren that would be consid­ered betrayal was not kill the Hawk­lord and then stay with the Hawks instead of going back to him. But then she could have felt all those emotions “time and again” after going back, because she never did until the events in Silence occurred.

  71. Carly says:

    Hi Katie Yes I believe Kaylin was raped by Barren.
    When Kaylin successful killed her first person she got was excited to meet Barren for the first time. However instead Morse makes Kaylin take a drink that was drugged or strong drink and made her change into clean clothes. I believe this is when Kaylin is raped by Barren. Were it happened more that once I don’t know. But Morse said that Barren won’t touch Kaylin much now that she had Night­shades mark.

  72. natasha says:

    im so glade that im not the only one who thought she got raped by barren.

    and Carly
    i never thought of that being the reason why morse had kaylin drink after her first success. its a good theory

  73. Genna Warner says:

    I guess I will be the only one who doesn’t think Kaylin was phsy­i­cally raped by Barren. I have been obsessing over these books for the last few months and have re-read them several times. I cannot find conclu­sive evidence to support the rape theory. I under­stand why people are thinking that it happened, I just don’t see it. Maybe Michelle can answer in here and put the debate to rest or will that give too much away?

  74. CLG says:

    She was supposed to track down and kill the brother of the little girl who was attacked by men visiting from the city. She finds him, but doesn’t kill him. I can’t really remember his name, however, he is killed before he could run. IMO that is the betrayal that Kaylin is refer­ring to.
    I believe she was raped at that time by Barren; as punishment.

  75. CLG says:

    I totally love EVERY book that I have read by Michelle. I have read and reread the sun sword series and now the cast series.

  76. hanneke28 says:

    Can we talk about the book yet? I haven’t seen a notice to wait till 1 september so everyone can finish reading it. If spoilers are unwanted please delete this post.
    I love this series. I love the Hunter’s and Sun Sword books as well, those are a very rich and complex pageant to enjoy at one’s leisure; but it’s the Elantra books which get reread more often.
    @CLG: I think you’re right. She was severely punished after that inci­dent by Barren, and never dared disobey or ques­tion his orders again. Rape might well have been a part of that, consid­ering her reac­tions, as Katie has mentioned, though it hasn’t been explic­itly stated. It also explains Severn’s ‘go softly, go slow’ approach: Kaylin clearly isn’t ready for any kind of sexual love, and he doesn’t want to frighten her away or raise her guard against him in that respect. I’ve really got to respect him for the way he tells her (a large part of) what he loves about her, being completely truthful in a way that’s completely accept­able to her, and enough to give her some­thing to hold onto when she’s in bad trouble; without touching on possible hopes and wishes he might have as well, which would at this point have been too sensi­tive and prob­ably upset­ting for her to have to deal with as well as all the rest that was going on.
    He says several signif­i­cant things earlier in the book, which I think are to this point, about ‘you can have all you want, but not all at the same time’, ‘the trick is wanting what you can have’, and also some­thing about if he wants some­thing she can’t give it’s no good, he’d have to walk away because trying to be what you aren’t because someone else needs that from you will always poison a rela­tion­ship. On the other hand, he admits sleeping in one bed like when they were kids would be too hard for him now, which in my opinion means he does feel an attrac­tion but is keeping a strong lid on it till Kaylin can accept both her own sexu­ality ans a more sexual rela­tion­ship. She seems to have shut off that part of herself, or more likely never allowed it to develop, consid­ering what we know of her past.
    I’d guess he’s upset about Kaylin’s closer contacts with Night­shade for at least two opposing reasons: fear that Night­shade with his posses­sive passion might scare her, and make her clam up on her sexu­ality for good (thus losing Severn all chance for the future as well), or alter­na­tively Night­shade might manage to wake up that part of Kaylin that Severn has not yet managed to reach, and maybe take her from him that way. Shaking her up a little, so she leaves the auto­matic assump­tion of an a‑sexual base­line to her char­acter behind, would be good (hence Severn’s rela­tive equa­nimity regarding such meet­ings in earlier books), but too much either way after that could be bad for him.
    He’s walking a fine line here, so I don’t get the anti-Severn posting. Person­ally, I’m in his camp; I don’t think Night­shade would be good for her unless she ends up immortal because of the marks (I really hope not, she wouldn’t like that!). In that case he might do as a ‘second husband’ some­time after Severn’s demise.
    And here I was intending to post a ques­tion about some­thing else entirely: the history of the Tha’alani. Evanton says they came from another world, but the others consis­tently name only the humans and Aerians when talking about this. Nothing has been mentioned about this during visits to the Tha’alaan, though they haven’t gone looking for it either. They devel­oped a special rela­tion­ship with the element of water early in their history, and the true elements are mostly tied to this world (the Elemental Garden at the ‘core’ of this world) though other worlds partake of a bit of their (baser) natures as well. They made war on their enemies the griffins, building an empire, and Elantra’s empire is called the empire of Ala’an. That doesn’t sound much like a drag­on’s name to me, but it does sound closely related to Tha’alaan. They destroyed all the griffins except their last city by the sea, and I thought that was Elantra. But there are no griffins in Elantra now, unless they are the myste­rious 7th race I think I’ve seen mentioned some­where (and that I think I remember Kaylin refer­ring to as the elusive and shy Angelae, in one of the first books). I keep meaning to make a note of that on rereading, but once I get into the story I forget, so I’m not certain about those details. Does someone else remember this more clearly?
    Did the Tha’alani flee the griffins’ world to step back from the warlike empire they’d become, and end up here (perhaps guided by the Tha’alaan? Then why the simi­larity of names between them and the empire of Ala’an?
    And another ques­tion, about trav­eling. Would the Lord of the West March have been a good alter­na­tive to Night­shade, when Kaylin needed to get out of the nothing (apart from ending up very far from home)? And would that save a lot of time getting from here to there, and back again, as long as she has an anchor in either place?
    And a second ques­tion about trav­el­ling: now the shadows have overrun at least one other world, and the absolute dangers of the between have been less­ened because the Devourer no longer roams there, would the shadows be able to attack from unex­pected direc­tions by trav­el­ling between worlds to an empty and unpro­tected piece of land outside the city?
    I’m not worrying about loose ends: Michelle never leaves those just dangling for ever, they always get picked up and often turn out signif­i­cant later. So I´m looking forward to how Kaylin is going to deal with her egg, at least till it hatches and she can give the baby what­ever to Marrin. Wouldn´t the dragons be angry if it turned into a dragon hatch­ling, born from mortal living humans instead of living stone!
    I am a bit worried about all those swords who saw Kaylin with the runes on her arms and legs mostly exposed, and heard ´her´ roaring at the dragons, and seen her conduct the pave­ment-disrupting magic urgently to Evanton´s shop. Both Kaylin´s secret and Evanton´s obscu­rity seem to me to be out, after this adven­ture. Compared to that, merely mentioning the exis­tence of the Barrani lake of names in front of the elements, two dragons, the keeper and Ybelline (most of whom would have deduced the exis­tence of some such thing anyway) doesn’t seem so bad, as long as the Barrani don’t find out she did it. Telling Severn about the Arkon’s mirror, then taking him there, and using it without the Arkon’s permis­sion seems a lot more risky; even if most magic use in the palace was restricted there’s no saying what burglar-alarms or tell­tales the Arkon might have had active in or near the heart of his hoard: remember, the Library had much better magical safe­guards than the rest of the palace. But I love that she intro­duced the Keeper and the Arkon, and that those two crusty old men hit it off! AND the crisis brought a rapproche­ment between the Dragon court and the Barrani court — I do hope The Lady doesn’t stay angry.
    Sorry I’ve talked so long, there’s just so much to explore in these books.
    Thank you for writing them!

  77. simplewhimsy says:

    My good­ness, I just finished Cast in Chaos. Michelle Sagara, I love your writing. You cannot know just how much I look forward to new books by you, and begrudge my local book­store every time they do not carry the latest copy.

    My first thought, because it was near the end, was that there were very nearly too many words at the tail end of the novel. This is a me thing, and I don’t expect everyone feels the same way, but for me in the heat of the action, if things are too wordy I have to slow down my pace of reading because I am pretty much reading too quickly to under­stand what is going on. And then I start skip­ping things. This should tell you, in any case, that the story is just that darn compelling. Agh.

    Right now, I think, Night­shade is my favorite char­acter. He is like a hermit shell to me, with a spiral that descends into the heart of the matter. Michelle (and I hate using your first name because I don’t want to seem disre­spectful, but by contrast your last name seems to clin­ical and …I dunno, forgive me any presump­tion. D: ) does well by putting my little grubby reader finger on the start of that spiral, and drawing it slowly but surely into the depths of the shell.

    I don’t feel that for Severn. I like his concept, I like his role as a supporting char­acter, but I don’t *feel* him. I don’t have the emotional attach­ment for him that I’ve built for Kaylin, and I don’t have the teased antic­i­pa­tion like I have for Night­shade. Nor is there the fond­ness as for Tiamaris, or the wary affec­tion for Marcus. Or even the playful mischie­vous­ness of Teela.

    These are, of course the most basic bits of my attach­ments to the char­ac­ters, but that is still more than the distance I feel with Severn. If we’re talking romantic attach­ments, then yeah, I like Night­shade more than him. But *only* because there’s a dangerous excite­ment to Night­shade’s inter­ac­tion with Kaylin, whereas with Severn there’s no excite­ment at all…just a rather staid depend­ability without life.

    Sweeping all of that off the board, I love this world. I love Cast in Chaos. It was a very busy book to me, but for that there was a depth to the inter­ac­tions between the char­ac­ters that turns me into a new Michelle Sagara addict all over again. I love how natural all of it feels, even if I know Michelle has been taking out chunks of it to keep the book more acces­sible. I’m trying really hard to not fangirl all over the place, but it is rather difficult.

    I’ll be on the side quietly cheering until Ruin comes out. My brain still hasn’t fully absorbed all of the content of the novel, I’m actu­ally in the middle of rereading the series (in Court­light right now), which prob­ably muddled my brains a bit more (and I’m reading Crypto­nom­icon by Neal Stephenson on the side, which really does my head *no* good at all in terms of being to absorb little things)…so prob­ably I’ll report back here once I’ve read through all the books again.


  78. DG says:


    He’s walking a fine line here, so I don’t get the anti-Severn posting.”

    Well, “simple­whimsy” summed it up quite nicely for me, “If we’re talking romantic attach­ments, then yeah, I like Night­shade more than him. But *only* because there’s a dangerous excite­ment to Nightshade’s inter­ac­tion with Kaylin, whereas with Severn there’s no excite­ment at all…just a rather staid depend­ability without life.”

    That’s pretty much on the money for me. Severn always seems to just “be there”. Defi­nitely when she needs it! But, there is no “spark” no “life” to the rela­tion­ship, even after Kaylin has given him her name and is also the “guardian/keeper” of her magical bracelet/shackle(?).

    I’m not anti-Severn overall, I like his char­acter, but I simply don’t agree that he and Kaylin should be roman­ti­cally involved. If anything, the idea of them together just sounds rather trite and dull. “Oh, I saw that one coming *rolleyes*,” kind of reac­tion, at least for me.

    On a sepa­rate note, I came to same theory about the rape only after reading “Cast in Chaos”. Er,


    When Night­shade gets a little amorous once again and then stops because Kaylin has obvi­ously climbed back into her shell again due to his advances, he imme­di­ately gets pissed off and states, “I should have killed Barren.” (or some­thing to that effect (sorry don’t have the book in front of me). At that point it all seemed to come together for me. I think Barren physically/mentally abused Kaylin, whether it was flat out rape I don’t know, but it certainly seems that way. It was clearly trau­matic enough to make Kaylin clam up when­ever these overtly romantic moments happen, and Night­shade obvi­ously knows (through the bond most likely) that Barren is to blame.


    lol, we need an offi­cial forum. :)

  79. natasha says:

    dose anyone know what the light blue and purple eye colors are ?

    i have some guesses but im not sure

  80. Theresa says:

    DG- There is a a Yahoo Group dedi­cated to Michelle (which she visits) and where we talk about the books (and random stuff).

  81. Carol says:

    Reply to Natasha
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 05:17:58

    Does anyone know what the light blue and purple eye colors are ?

    From Carol
    We all thought purple meant lust or love. So some­where on the blog Michelle Sagara cleared it up.
    Michelle Sagara mentioned Purple was confusion.
    Green is Calm,
    Dark blue aggres­sion, anger.
    Light blue seems to be every­thing in-between. Alert, tense, annoyed,
    I don’t know what golden eyes are in Barrani but there was a case at the high court were they had golden.

  82. Sarah Brewer says:

    I absolutely love this series! I started reading Cast in Shadow 3 weeks ago and I am now burning thru Cast in Chaos. How many more books will there be…my online research has come up with anywhere from 5 – 8 books so I’m really curious! I don’t want it to end but I also can’t wait to find out whats going to happen :) Thank you for a thor­oughly enjoy­able escape from reality!

  83. natasha says:


    how do you get to that group?


    thanks Carol
    i thought that purple was lust or love too thanks for making that clear.

  84. Jennifer says:

    I am a huge fan of the Cast series. I have recently begun to wonder if Night­shade will ever address the fact that Kaylin has a true name. In Cast in Court­light, Teela real­ized pretty quickly that she had changed. I think that Night­shade’s reaction/dialogue about it would be inter­ested, espe­cially consid­ering the fact that she has given her name to Severn. Surpris­ingly, he has never mentioned the name situ­a­tion to Kaylin. LOL, Severn has shown his jeal­ousy serve times in the books, and I think this would be a great time for Night­shade to express some emotion other than confi­dence (I mean he did say that unlike the mortal he had forever to wait).
    Am I the only one to think this would be an inter­esting situation?

  85. Jahaliel says:

    i bought chaos on monday and have read it 4 times already. there is some spoiler in here. i love it so much and applaud your talent Michelle! Actu­ally after reading this i felt like building you a statue ;) it was so awesome to see the under­lying plot (ie Nightshade/Severn) develop a little more. This series rocks :D I loved the idea of the devourer/maker being the missing fifth element, and being the eldest. Also enjoyed the multi­tude of dragons in true form, and reading more of Tara. Wonder how Kaylin’s etiquette lessons will go consid­ering her ideas of punc­tu­ality and Lord Diar­mats are prob­ably at oppo­site poles.

    Love your work always!

  86. Robin says:

    I am very disap­pointed. Not with the book, I’m sure I’ll love it (I usually do :)! However, my usual source (Amazon​.co​.uk) has, frus­trat­ingly, not managed to get it in stock yet, and I know it was meant to be listed in August. Is there any news on what the problem is? Is there some­where else I can order it in the UK?? I really don’t want to wait to visit B‑P in Toronto at Christmas in order to get it :(.

  87. I can ask my editor — but the sad truth is I have no idea at all why; I’d usually assume that Amazon​.co​.uk simply didn’t order copies of the book, but they have almost every­thing else (although they also don’t have Silence for direct sale).

    Have you emailed Amazon​.co​.uk itself to ask? I wouldn’t mind knowing what they answer so I can pass it on.

  88. Robin says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the response! This is what Amazon​.co​.uk had to say (pretty generic):

    Dear Customer

    Thank you for writing to Amazon​.co​.uk regarding your item “Cast in Chaos (Chron­i­cles of Elantra) [Paper­back]”.

    Initially, “Cast in Chaos (Chron­i­cles of Elantra) [Paper­back]” was sched­uled for release on August ‚2010. Unfor­tu­nately the release date has now been delayed for UK, and we do not yet have a firm date for availability.

    Also we did not receive any infor­ma­tion regarding this item from the suppliers.

    Please note that the release date is subject to change. As soon as we are informed of any changes to this date, we will update the website accordingly.

    Perhaps you could check our website from time to time to see if this item has come back in stock or if it is avail­able from a third-party seller through Amazon​.co​.uk Marketplace.

    As soon as this item is made avail­able in Amazon​.co​.uk it will be avail­able in the kindle version also.

  89. Majere says:

    Robin, try online at Book Depos­i­tory (bookde​pos​i​tory​.co​.uk) as thats where I got my copy from and postage is free.

    Loved, loved the book ;). For such a large volume, it was over far to soon — and still another year to wait for the next installment.

  90. TheF says:

    Defi­nitely try Book depo. They were very fast with their delivery and I couldn’t be happier.

  91. Robin says:

    Cool! Thanks, they do have it!

  92. DC says:

    I really like the way Severn accepts Kaylin for exactly who she is, but I think we need to start seeing more into his emotions and heart in order to root for him as a char­acter. He has such a calm affect and, right now at least, exists mainly through his inter­ac­tions with Kaylin. We’re starting to get hints about his feel­ings and moti­va­tions, and I think Night­shade is really inca­pable of the kind of emotion Kaylin ulti­mately needs (if she’d died during any of a dozen little tests he’d have shrugged and consid­ered it regret­table more than anything. He is attracted at LEAST as much by her power as by her person.

    I’m glad to see some discus­sion about the desire/Barren/rape ques­tion, because I kept going back to that section and actu­ally came online tonight to see if anyone else got the same message from that section. Kaylin is rather old to be so completely devoid of sexual aware­ness. I mean, she didn’t even get why Severn didn’t want to climb into her bed — is she completely obliv­ious to his love being the romantic ‘forever’ kind?

    Hope­fully that real­iza­tion won’t drive her into Night­shade’s arms — too cliche. :) Let him win her prop­erly, if at all.

  93. CW says:

    Sorry, I’m rooting for Night­shade. He is a man that needs shaking up and she’s just the person for the job. I just don’t like Severn, he seems to be a “first” love or child­hood crush rather than a passion for the ages. Night­shade is much more complex and we see just a sliver of what he feels in the newest book *i’m reading now*. Severn loves her as she is sure but in many ways he loves a child which lends me to wonder how he is going to deal with her when she matures, but there is some­thing about a man waiting for you a 1000ish years that should be worth a few brownie points.

  94. DC says:

    I think my hesi­ta­tion about Night­shade is, I don’t think he “waited” for Kaylin in any kind of romantic sense. He was curious about how he would end up giving his mark to this person from the future and, in great part, it was a way to alle­viate the boredom of immor­tality. Does he care for her in some way? Yes — but I don’t think he lets that get in the way of his other plans.

    Right now, though, we see everyone through Kaylin’s percep­tions, so any real infor­ma­tion about which (either/neither/both) would be ‘good’ for her, might require her to open her eyes a bit more to both men as, well, MEN.
    She appears to be obliv­ious to the idea of Severn having anything but platonic love for her, so might react very badly to that safety being shat­tered by lust or romance. Night­shade, IMO, still thinks as much about her power as her person, so the idea of her falling into a sexual rela­tion­ship with him and his having that added influ­ence over her concerns me at this point.

    Of course, Kaylin isn’t moving very quickly into any kind of sexual awareness. :)

  95. Katie says:

    Really inter­esting points about both Night­shade and Severn! Person­ally, I’ve always seen Severn as the predes­tined protector and rather more like family than anything else. Honestly, Kaylin/Severn remind me more of, oh, River and Simon from “Firefly” or Benson and Stabler from “Law & Order: SVU”. Completely and totally bonded for life, but not roman­ti­cally. (Which is incred­ibly hard to pull off in story­telling today, so kudos if that was the intention!)

    I’m going back and re-reading the series from the start again (just finished Shadow), and Night­shade tells her flat out the first time she comes to the Castle that he can’t control her or her power, despite having marked her as his own. Actu­ally, the fact that she has his Name and not vice versa should give her more poten­tial sway over him than the reverse. She is also very phys­i­cally aware of Night­shade from the moment they meet. Not sexu­ally or even consciously — hands linger, leaning her face into his palm for comfort, burying/resting her face in/on his chest as he carries her, knowing where he is in the room without opening her eyes. Inno­cent phys­ical connec­tions and aware­ness that she is never described as having with anyone else. Also, if a good rela­tion­ship must involve equals, then Kaylin/Nightshade are more equal than Kaylin/Severn. Kaylin and Night­shade can stand up against each other when they raise each other’s hackles — Kaylin could easily kill Severn if for some reason he actu­ally stood against her (which he never would). And there are strong impli­ca­tions that Kaylin is no longer mortal because of the marks. (My opinion, anyway, obvi­ously Ms. Sagara’s is the one that counts ;-) )

    I think the most telling scene is in Shadow, the second time Kaylin goes to the Seal of the Old Ones inside the Castle. It takes both Severn and Night­shade combined to hold her to herself while she is being “rewritten” — her emotions and her power, her training and her wild­ness, her past and her future.

    Off to re-read Court­light now!

  96. Katie says:

    I thought it was mentioned that golden/brown eyes meant approval or pride?

  97. Katie says:

    Yes, I had forgotten about that — she let him go because she felt sorry for his sister (why didn’t she heal the sister?), the guy ran, and was ulti­mately killed in a worse way than if Kaylin had killed him. That was prob­ably the betrayal and makes more sense that she would have been punished for that and “reminded” of that punish­ment “time and again” while she still lived in Barren. It would also give even more weight to her being pretty much suicidal rather than just homi­cidal by the time she was sent to kill the Hawk­lord. Thanks for that reminder!

  98. Katie says:

    Kaylin doesn’t have the bond with the Lord of the West March that she has with Night­shade. Yes, she has both men’s names, but she was never marked by the LotWM like she was by Night­shade. Not to mention she knows Night­shade better and has much more frequent contact with him than the LotWM.

  99. CW says:

    Night­shade hasn’t ‘waited’ on her in “that” sense. Even he mentions regrets for some­things in his past. But he’s never put any effort into making some­thing perma­nent with anyone else that we have even a hint of and he says that she intrigued him from the first. He waited on her in ways that mattered power or not. To me, Severn is more like a brother to her and ewww! He prob­ably doesn’t feel that way, but it looks that way so much in their every day inter­ac­tions. He prob­ably does have intense feel­ings for her as have been hinted — they just don’t play out as strongly as what goes on between Kaylin and Night­shade. She’s even felt that desire although she wasn’t sure if it was hers or his.

    She still has a lot of growing to do and I expect that she will even­tu­ally outstrip Night­shade also. I also wondered if she were still ‘mortal’ with all that she’s been through.

    I suspect that Ms. Sagara might be waiting to see what happens also. Some­times the ‘best laid plans of Mice and Men’ get hijacked by the char­ac­ters themselves.

  100. Katie says:

    Another thought and then I promise I’ll stop posting and go back to reading. I wonder if “Erenne” ulti­mately trans­lates to “equal partner”. Typical Barrani pride would make that a really bad thing for them — they all think they’re supe­rior to all the others and would prob­ably never will­ingly consent or admit to being anoth­er’s equal or to saying that someone else is their equal, despite reality. The only one who they might want to be so marked by in that case would be the High Lord himself, and it would prob­ably not be wise for him to mark anyone else in that fashion if he likes his job/life. Teela says that it’s the mark of a consort, but neither of the Consorts we’ve met have been simi­larly marked despite being in good rela­tion­ships with their High Lords. Tain adds that it isn’t just owner­ship, or just a binding mark and it defi­nitely isn’t an enslavement.

    I think that Night­shade’s mark not only tells the world “she and I are bound” but “she and I are EQUALLY bound” — that she is his equal and he is not only a powerful Barrani, but a powerful *outcaste* Barrani and a fieflord, not beholden to the laws of either the Barrani or Dragon Courts, making Kaylin a defi­nite poten­tial threat, as she is (currently) free to interact with both. It would also explain why mortals “rarely survive” such markings.

    I do hope we find out soon why Night­shade is outcaste. He seems to be a special case, and still respected by the likes of the High Lord, Evarrim and the LotWM. It makes me think that his exile is either self-imposed or one of those “no one wants this but it is neces­sary by our laws” situations.

  101. CW says:

    I think he married her without her consent and that if you could see that perhaps the other consorts are marked, but in more private places. He obvi­ously couldn’t do that to her at the time, plus he did want others to know that she was his. Just my thoughts obvi­ously. lol

  102. Hilda says:

    I prac­ti­cally read all the prior comments and hope you allow me to go back to some of them. I discov­ered this group weeks ago, and could not find you again until now.
    I have read nothing but Elantra since last October, again and again. I found inter­esting the rape theory because I did not think about it when I first read Chaos, so I went through the books again. Michelle will clarify that even­tu­ally, but for now, I believe it’s a possi­bility but I don’t think there was a rape. I think Moon­light supports my pref­er­ence because it clar­i­fied Kaylin’s early years and power. I can’t believe that, with her powers, Kaylin would have allowed anyone to rape her when she can kill people just by touching them. She would have burned alive or killed anyone who dared. Remember how many men she was able to kill for Barren; and a few weeks or months after leaving Barren, as a Hawk, she burned those guys in Moon­light. Yes, she wanted to please Barren, but would not have gone as far as allowing him or his men to forcibly rape her. I think he either tried to rape her himself or put his men to do it. Kaylin could have killed any one of them. If she did, then I can see Barren trying to kill her by sending her to kill the Hawk­lord. If he was having sex with her without problem, why would he send her to “certain death”? Why getting rid of someone with her powers, a Chosen he could control? He had been an Arcanist, he must have known very well who she was, what she was capable of unless he became afraid of her. He would have kept her forever for his own benefit in main­taining the fief.
    About Kaylin’s mark, in one of the earlier books, someone commented that any Barrani woman that allowed herself to be so marked, would be dead. Also, Kaylin asked Night­shade and he admitted that it was not owner­ship and “it didn’t mean what people thought it means”; he said he had hopes. Kaylin may accept to be Night­shade’s “consort” as she always change Erenne to it when people called her that, but she will never be Erenne.
    Like some of you, I wonder why Night­shade is outcaste, but I think some­time in the past he was the Lord of the West March. He spent years there, like Andellen, brought 3 Lords with him to the Castle, heard the story Regalia there; he most likely was the brother of the previous High Lord and previous Consort (they kept mentioning the lost brother), and uncle of the present High Lord and the current Lord of the West March. That’s why the current Lord of the West March wanted Kaylin to tell Night­shade that he called her Kyuthe, which left Night­shade silent for a long while. Also, the Lord of the West March told Kaylin that he could call Night­shade by his name and Andellen could under­stand why. I think he feels friendly towards Night­shade. Do you remember the pictures Night­shade has in a special room in his Castle? I thought they were of his sister, the previous Consort.
    Now, I’m trying to guess how Night­shade may be able to save the Barrani when they are in danger, which will take away from him the title of outcaste.
    I keep guessing and guessing at every­thing; that is, I think, the great­ness of Michelle’s writing. Her books remain in our minds, and we can read them again and again.

  103. Hilda Rodriguez says:

    Please keep on writing the books, giving us incred­ible joy and plea­sure, and let us help with the titles. You will never run out of them: Cast in Joy, Cast in Magic, Cast in Sorcery, Cast in Ravellon, Cast in Regalia, Cast in Dragon, Cast in Blood, Cast in Fire, cast in Water, Cast in Air, Cast in Sorrow, etc., etc., etc. I’m only sorry that I discov­ered you a year ago, the books seem to come only annu­ally, and you have the need to make them shorter than you orig­i­nally plan. Your fans want them longer and often. So do I.

  104. Amber says:

    When will her Love Interest come to be? Will her and Severn ever get together! I love this series !!!

  105. Amber says:

    Will we see any forward move­ment in Kaylin’s Love life in the next Book, Cast in Danger? Have you received word of the Release date as of yet?

    Anxiously awaiting

  106. kathy says:

    Comme vous toutes, j’adore cette série littéraire et attends avec grande impa­tience chaque nouvelle sortie. je n’ai malheureuse­ment pas suff­isam­ment de connais­sance en anglais pour en comprendre toutes les subtil­ités. toute­fois, je pense effec­tive­ment qu’il pour­rait s’être passé quelque chose avec le seigneur Barren, raison pour laquelle elle aurait été exilée vers une mort certaine sans que Barren passa lui même à l’acte. je crois comprendre dans “cast in chaos” qu’il la craint.
    En ce qui concerne la rela­tion N et S / K, il n’y a pas photo. Tous les deux semblent amoureux à leur manière , passionnée et sauvage pour N, contem­platif pour S… et ils sont tous les deux jaloux de l’autre ( N lui même dit qu’il se serait débar­rassé plutôt de S s’il avait compris l’im­por­tance de la rela­tion K/S plus tôt.
    Du côté de K, elle ressent l’ amitié frater­nelle de S . or celui ci priv­ilégiera toutjours la santé de K au depend de la vie d’autrui . ce qui le differ­encie de K . car elle, elle n’he­site jamais à jouer sa propre vie, à laquelle elle accorde finale­ment peu de valeur, priv­i­le­giant toujours autrui.
    selon N, elle est déjà ou devient une deesse de vie et de mort: elle ne peut donc pas jouer sur le même terrain que S. c’est d’ailleurs toujours N qui vient à son secours (dans le grand palais, l’esprit du seigneur des marches de l’ouest, puis dans le monde parallèle).

  107. kathy says:

    un petit commen­taire supplémentaire.
    je pense qu’à terme, Kaylin devra combattre et défaire le dragon paria et les forces obscures pour sauver la cité, les palais et divers chateaux. …
    Elle aura besoin pour ce faire, de contrôler complète­ment tous les éléments réunifiés. … et d’unir les forces en pres­ence comme jusqu’à présent elle a commencé à le faire.
    par ailleurs, elle est la seule à pouvoir rendre immortel des enfants issus d’une race qui ne l’est pas… n’est ce pas ce qu’elle a fait avec l’en­fant leon­tine? et ce qu’elle va peut être faire avec l’oeuf …de dragon ( j’espère)?

  108. Beanz says:

    (Post is slightly spoilery for Cast in Ruin)

    Okay, my French is not that great but like Kathy (I think) I am wondering about the role the egg Kaylin is taking care of might be playing. Maybe it is a dragon egg come to life through spon­ta­neous events), maybe the universe thought it was time? That would take the pres­sure off a certain golden dragon:-)

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what will happen in the West March. Person­ally I do not think Night­shade ever was the Lord of the West March. I’m spec­u­lating that the reason he was outcast had some­thing to do with his fore­knowl­edge of Dragon rule by meeting Kaylin, Severn and Tiamaris.

    As to the love interest predica­ment for Kaylin I am glad it seems to take a rather (unusu­ally) long time for her to develop a sense of sexual matu­rity. If she gave in to Night­shade and Severn would hang on being the ever present shoulder that would make him a bit pathetic (and rather unat­trac­tive) and if he changed and showed jeal­ousy or whatnot, how uncom­fort­able to read would that be. And really, even though Night­shade is intriguing, he isn’t really rela­tion­ship mate­rial now is he? The way the story goes at present all is well because we are not really going there. I know even­tu­ally the topic has to be breeched but I can’t help feeling the conclu­sion would feel, I don’t know, unsat­is­fying somehow.
    Not but I believe at the same time that Ms. Sagara will find the perfect solu­tion to the dilemma and prove me wrong:-D And of course Kaylin has to grow up sometime.

    Like Jennifer Brinn (a couple of posts earlier) has mentioned, I too really appre­ciate Kaylin’s motives for what she does. She certainly doesn’t have a hero complex but insists on compas­sion for the indi­vid­uals around her, despite all the unre­flected (and over­come) prej­u­dices she carries. “The big picture” does count with her but she does see beyond that as well.

    I wonder how living with a dragon will impact on her life, espe­cially as said dragon though having some inse­cu­ri­ties of her own, is much more predis­posed to feel enti­tled than Kaylin ever does.

    Anyway, I love the series, love where it is going, love Kaylin’s devel­op­ment and hope it will go on and on. If you ever run out of titles fitting in, Ms. Sagara, I’m sure you have here plenty of readers with sugges­tions. Espe­cially if that means you will continue to write the story.

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