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NOW AVAILABLE IN OMNIBUS FORMAT, the Queen of the Dead trilogy tells the grip­ping tale of a teenage girl who discovers her powers of necro­mancy after the death of her boyfriend.

It began in the graveyard…

Ever since her boyfriend Nathan had died in a tragic acci­dent, Emma had been coming to the grave­yard at night. During the day she went through the motions at her prep school, in class, with her friends, but that’s all it was. For Emma, life had stopped with Nathan’s death. But tonight was different. Tonight Emma and her dog were not alone in the ceme­tery. There were two others there – Eric, who had just started at her school, and an ancient woman who looked as though she were made of rags. And when they saw Emma there, the old woman reached out to her with a grip as chilling as death.…

Emma was not quite like other girls. It was true that other girls had expe­ri­enced grief. Other girls had also lost their fathers, or had their boyfriends die in sense­less acci­dents. But though she hadn’t known it till that night in the grave­yard, unlike those other girls, she could see, touch, and speak with the dead. Follow this grip­ping saga as Emma must learn to navi­gate her powers and the respon­si­bil­i­ties that accom­pany them.

Trade paperback published December 2021 by DAW Books
ISBN 9780756418052 • 738 pages • Cover art by Cliff Nielsen
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eBook published December 2021 by DAW Books • 738 pages • Cover art by Cliff Nielsen
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