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Emma and her friends have survived the Necro­mancers sent to the city to kill them. They’ve gone to ground in a cottage north of the city, but time is not on their side. There are no barriers that can keep the dead out, and the dead obey their Queen. It’s only a matter of time before they’re found.

Nathan has been blessed by the Queen of the Dead. She has granted him a phys­ical body. He can eat, he can breathe, he can speak and be heard. The Queen calls this resur­rec­tion. Nathan calls it Hell. The living think he’s alive. He’s not. He’s trapped in the citadel that the Queen of the Dead calls home.

Emma wants to free him. To do that she has to survive long enough to reach the City of the Dead, and face its ancient Queen. But the city of the dead is the heart of the Queen’s strong­hold — and her power. Emma can’t do it alone.

She’s not alone. But even with hunters and her own dead at her side, what hope does she have against a woman who has lived so long, and grown so powerful, she’s almost a god?

Hardcover published February 2017 by DAW
ISBN 978-0756409074 • 464 pages • Cover art by Cliff Nielsen
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eBook published February 2017 by DAW • Cover art by Cliff Nielsen
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Audiobook published February 2017 by Audible • Narrated by Alexandra Bailey
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