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For three hundred years Lady Sara has slept, held by her Lord’s magic while he prepared the world for her waking.

Now the last of the lines has fallen, bringing at last the peace Sara had always desired, and Stefanos, First Servant of the Dark Heart, has summoned a slave to attend her waking, one who will give her comfort as he cannot — another of her blood.

Sara, once Erin of Elliath, the last of her line, wakes without memory of her life before, without knowl­edge that would warn her of the forces that threaten her from without. For the Dark Heart is not pleased with her return. And Stefanos, weak­ened by the rules his bond-mate set centuries before, is unable to stop the rising tide of darkness…

Trade paperback published April 2006 by BenBella Books
ISBN 9781932100754 • 307 pages • Cover art by Mondolithic Studios
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eBook published February 2012 by BenBella Books • Cover art by Mondolothic Studio
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