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Freed from the amnesia brought on by her long sleep, Lady Sara has reclaimed her true name, Erin of Elliath, and escaped her betrayer, Stefanos, the First Servant of the Dark Heart — Sara’s husband and Erin’s sworn enemy.

But the world has changed since she last walked it. Her friends are long dead, and those she was sworn to protect are enslaved. The Dark Heart has won.

With the help of the deposed crown prince of Maran­tine and the Patri­arch of Culverne, Erin intends to free the people she failed so many years before. In doing so, she must prepare to face not only the forces of Marantine’s usurper king, but also the lover she cannot find it in herself to hate.

Trade paperback published August 2006 by BenBella Books
ISBN 978-1932100921 • 339 pages • Cover art by Mondolithic Studios
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eBook published June 2012 by BenBella Books
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