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Cast in Peril, Chapter One

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Since I’ve just finished a grueling week of page proofs (for the mass market of Skir­mish), I have come up for air and real­ized that it’s the middle of August.

The state of the writer, short form: My brain is mush. I now have the DAW version of the edito­rial letter, and will be working on revi­sions for Battle. I have laid out the ground­work for Cast in Sorrow, but I am still working on Touch, sequel to Silence, which will with any luck be finished soon. For those of you who like Audio books, I may have some reportable news on that front, also soon.

I’ve booked my ticket to Chicago, where I’ll be attending the 2012 Worldcon this year. Yes, yes, I know — enough with the ancil­lary news :)

It’s August. Cast in Peril is due to hit book­stores in September 2012. I have a first chapter for you.

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  1. ELF says:

    I love the way you can instantly trans­port us to Kaylin’s world. I know that you said that much of this one gave you some diffi­culty but you did your usual great job with it! Can’t wait for the sequel (darn e‑books, can’t tell you are running out of pages unless you are paying atten­tion to the pagination!)

  2. Kathy Scappace says:

    OK. Finally took a deep breath. I’ve pre-ordered CIP from Barnes and Noble. Now I just have to wait for it. Again with the waiting. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. After all I’ve given birth three times…not one of them was on time either. I can wait.

    I can’t wait.I mean; yes I can wait. I will wait. I love this first chapter!

  3. Chelsey says:


  4. Chelsey says:

    Sooo AMAZING! I can’t wait for the rest in september!

  5. Not out until the END of September — don’t want to wait that long. 

    But thank you — and see you in a couple weeks.

  6. Hilda says:

    Why did I read it? Why? A month and a week or so more of waiting. When I was close to retire­ment I started to count the days back­ward. I did that for a year. I can count back from today. At least, I ordered B&N to deliver the first day. It
    s agreat begin­ning. Very miste­rious in many areas.

  7. robbin says:

    wonderful. but i should not have read it because now i want more. i am truly counting down the days. this is defi­nitely one of my favorite series. thanks for the treat!

  8. Meagan says:

    You always have the best timing on these…every time I have a horrible day there is always some­thing new here to get excited about. Absolutely love the first chapter and I cannot wait to read the book…but I shall wait because I have no choice in the matter. Even­tu­ally it will be September. 

    Thank you again for taking the time to post any and all tidbits of infor­ma­tion, and espe­cially for these first chapters!

  9. vivi says:

    You’re MAGIC!

    I love your Cast books, and from the first sentence I’m cast in the Elantra world, it’s really an agony to wait a whole year for reading a new one, and I was waiting the first chara­pter from Chris­mans! I’m really grateful for your work!

    Dragons, Barrani.. I love all of them! Expe­cially Sana­balis and Severn.
    How do you chose the names? Are they your orig­inal work? They are special!

    Well, now I have to wait until october for the ebook and hoping you’d take pity and gift us whit another chara­pter or two (yeah, I’m greedy, but lately I found one K.H. who put on site a chara­pter at week for the last month and some other similar).

    Plan­ning novels may help, I loved Cast in Moon­light, will we see more?

    Thanks for the hard work!

  10. Amy says:

    I’m soooooooooo excited!!!

  11. Rasmusb says:

    That was an amazing snippet with an absolutely evil place to stop! will we get chapter two before the actual publish date?

    I’m so looking forward to this book!

  12. Heather says:

    This is great!! I can’t wait to get the whole book.

  13. Genna Warner says:

    Must read rest of book now. :) Thank you Mischelle.

  14. Genna Warner says:

    I mean Thank you Michelle.. This is what happens when I don’t have my glasses on and can’t see the screen. Touch typing fail. :(

  15. Liz says:

    I have been counting down until the release, and seeing this excerpt defi­nitely made my day. It was fantastic; thanks so much for putting it up!

  16. FyreInk says:

    Thank you so, so much for putting up the first chapter!! I can’t wait until September!

  17. lorrian says:

    thank you for the chapter!
    Now cast your mind back, reading the chapter from cast in ruin which ended in the office of lord diarmat .…oh my god you did it again!
    my head will be bald by september.
    i also must thank you for publishing in september which any cana­dian will tell you means summer’s over. how can we survive hoping for september? never mind waiting for our next kaylin fix?

  18. Stephanie says:

    Fair is fair. You gave us an awesome sneak peak exactly in mid August and I just per-ordered my book. Of coarse I will buy it in audio and elec­troimc form as well. Love these stories thanks so much for writing my favorite series. Hope your other news is that some of your other series will become audio books as well. My inner four year old loves to be read to. Plus your books sound so good aloud. I used to read Cast In Secert aloud just because it sounded so good in spoken word.

  19. natasha`` says:

    i would love if that happened!!!!! :)

    great chapter i can not wait until the book is out!!! *jumping up and down*

  20. Edward says:

    Ah hah. Indeed one giant tease to ramp the antic­i­pa­tion up high for it’s even­tual release next month. Of course, those of us on the wrong side of the Atlantic will have a few more days to wait.. So woe is us.. ;)

  21. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait for the book to come out! I’m hoping that Amazon was being pessimistic about the e‑book release date. It’s due out at the begin­ning of August 0 2 weeks or so after the print book is released. :-( The cliff-hanger at the end of chapter one is going to torment me until I finally get my full copy to read.

  22. mandi says:


    Thank you so much for Chapter 1!!!!! Can’t wait for next month!!! I so want to know what hatches out of the egg!!! I’m counting down the days! 

    I am curious, how does the length of the book compare to the other Cast books? Is it longer, shorter, about the same? 

    I can’t wait to see the Lord of the West March again. I hope he has some good scenes with Kaylin.

  23. Katie says:


    Any word on the audio­book release? Will it be released in conjunc­tion with the phys­ical book, e‑book, or on its own timeline?

    Great teaser Chapter 1, by the way. Clearly, I’m all sorts of anxious for the release.

  24. mandi says:

    Hey Michelle,

    Is it permis­sible to beg for Chapter 2? Or a teaser line from anywhere in the book? Please, Please, Please! Oi, September seems so far away!

  25. Hilda says:

    I would love to go back to have the Cast book published in August or earlier; waitng for over a year is soooooo long. I think we got the second chapter of Ruin in last August too. I’m counting days. My calendar has these little marks. 20 more days? And, guess what.… we will then be desperate for Battle. Let’s not mention it.

  26. ElizabethN says:

    Found this tucked away on Audi­ble’s fall “romance” releases: “In her latest adven­ture Cast in Peril, out September 18, Private Kaylin Neva contem­plates leaving her Elantra home.”

  27. Wendy Good says:

    …we will then be desperate for Battle.” Indeed. It’s like waking up in the morning after just a few short hours of sleep and knowing that you are going to get very little sleep tomorrow night as well. I am just so thankful that Michelle has not stopped writing this series. My life will suffer a grieving period when that happens!

  28. Wendy Good says:

    Please, please, please may we have a chapter 2? 18 more days feels like torture.

    I have a confes­sion to make that almost feels guilty, although I committed no wrong, to my knowl­edge: I was on Amazon and clicked on the book cover because it has the arrow that says, “Look inside!” Well, I kept clicking the “Surprise Me” button and it kept taking me to random places THROUGHOUT THE BOOK! I now know what comes out of the egg and several other juicy, taunting tidbits; but nothing is connected, of course. Argh! Having multiple cliff-hangers and confusing, out of context scenes and conver­sa­tions is not making the wait for consum­ma­tion any easier. Antic­i­pa­tion is never that great when you are in it.

  29. Wendy Good says:

    I just double-checked: you did give us a Chapter 2 of Cast in Ruin prior to the publish date. May there not also perhaps be a Chapter 2 provided us impa­tient and imper­ti­nent readers?

  30. mandi says:

    i just looked and i don’t see it

  31. Mandi says:

    I got it to work!! YIPPEE!!! THANK YOU !!

  32. Jo O says:

    I found it as well. Thank you so much for posting about this I would never have found it other­wise. Not to wish my life away or anything,but I’m rather impa­tient for the 18th September!

  33. a.esther says:

    that info was blessing and curse…i read it all like an addict, and now am even more impa­tient for my next “fix” (i.e. sept.18th!)

  34. Stephanie says:

    Bless you Shelly! I can’t wait for it to be published. Wish I had the whole book now.

  35. silentmum says:

    Sob.….can’t get it to work.….……oh.…no.….….my lif eis over

  36. Jo O says:

    I went on to Harle​quin​.com. Clicked on the “ebook­store” tab then typed Cast in Peril in the search box at the top of the page. However, if you aren’t in the ebook store when you search, you get 99 titles including all Ms Sagara’s other titles but not Peril for some strange reason.
    Hope this works for you.

  37. Hilda says:

    I will be strong; I have waited sooooo looong; I can wait until then. I ordered the book to be deliv­ered first day by Amazon; and I also ordered the Nook version (B&N); have to give busi­ness to all. I’m leaving for Las Vegas on the 19th to babysit my only grand­child, while my son (her father) cele­brates her moth­er’s birthday there. She is 10, So, I will read the tree copy here, and will read the Nook version again and again. MY grandaughter loves to read; last year I gave her the first of Kaylin’s adven­tures; I will order the second for her to read in Vegas so I can read. NO TIME TO GAMBLE!!! Then.…. Battle.

  38. Hilda says:

    Michelle, once we read the CIP book, where in this new website do we write comments that may be spoilers, so other readers won’t read them? IF NOT, THEN WE WON’T. We will be careful.

  39. Mandi says:

    B&N has chapter 5 and part of chapter 6 posted online now! Just click on the picture of the book to read them!! It is so good. B&N says that the book is being mailed to me tomorrow!! I can’t wait!!! I want to read it soooooooo bad!!!

  40. Mandi says:

    i just read the entire book on B&! Maybe b/c i ordered the book. I just read it under nook sample and to my shock the entire book was there!! OMG it was good!! It was great!! I can’t wait for Cast in Sorrow!! Does it have to be a full year from now???

  41. CW says:

    Thanks for the heads up! So good! And BN print book page doesn’t say pre-order — it looks like its ship­ping out like a regular book. I’ve already pre-ordered through Amazon but I’m so tempted to cancel & get from BN instead. The only thing holding me back is I tried that once before & BN didn’t actu­ally ship the book ahead, they just created a ship­ping label & tracking number but I didn’t get the book any earlier. Man, I am going to be worth­less next Tuesday & I can’t wait! :)

  42. mandi says:

    If you live in Manhattan, u can get same day delivery for free. See I should have waited for it to say same day Manhattn bc now it’s stuck some­where in TN when I could have it in my hands tonight!!!! That is why I was so happy to read it all digi­tally on the bn website!

  43. Tyronne Hodgins says:

    Hi Michelle.

    Well, I received a Kobo Touch for my 50th birthday and need­less to say I’ve down­loaded this series in its entirety. This series has become one of my favourite and for the second year now, I will have to wait until my return from Algo­nquin Park to pick up your latest — Cast in Peril. But that’s okay, I have purchased and down­loaded all of your books (excepting some of the short stories) in all of your series and will content myself with reading your Chains series for the first time up there. I expect to be enthralled by this story as I’ve been enthralled by your other series. I look forward to your Sun Sword series being avail­able for download.

  44. Melissa R says:

    Barnes and Noble does seem to be very liberal with its “preview” pages. I was able to read up to page 188 with only being forced to skip a few pages. I did not order the book through them, but through Amazon. While I love the series and love being able to read the new book early, your publisher might want to have some words with Barnes and Noble about releasing too much of your work before the offi­cial publi­ca­tion date. I can’t wait for Tuesday =) I wish I could skip work and just read the book all day.

  45. Chris says:

    Only 80 more hours!!! (at least for me)

    I down­loaded the first 4 chap­ters from Harle­quin, but my computer won’t play them (maybe because I don’t have an ereader)?

    B&N won’t let me see the print preview because I don’t have a flash drive. But I was able to read part of Ch. 2 from the e‑preview at B&N. I was very pleased by that and am even more excited to read more. Thanks very much for writing such enjoy­able books.

  46. Chris says:

    I meant flash player, not drive. Oops.

  47. Kirsten says:

    Just a quick complaint about B&N.

    Once again, my local B&N store has no idea when/if they will receive Cast in Peril in paper­back form. According to the lady I spoke to, their district ware­house is not sched­uled to receive the book at all. The B&N lady implied (but did not say directly) that she thought Amazon might have blocked distri­b­u­tion to B&N at least temporarily. Possibly simply by makin a big enough initial order and having a higher priority? B&N will have the ability to sell ebooks on the release date, however.

    Anyway, if you are in the Seattle area, you shouldn’t rely on B&N for your Cast in Peril fix. Order online. 

    By the way, I didn’t check to see if B&N online has avail­ability. As I under­stand it, B&N online is a sepa­rate company than the stores, and the book might be avail­able through them. I don’t know. I’m taking the area of least resis­tance and going with Amazon.

  48. Alan says:

    Echoing the above. I’m in Houston, Tx. It’s not a small town. CiP nowhere to be found. Even called the Hast­ings in surrounding towns; no luck.

    Appar­ently distri­b­u­tion of CiP isn’t great, or B&N is full of it, or possibly both. This is the 3rd time my local B&N Failed at a pre-order, and worst of all, amazon is now showing 1 – 3 weeks ship time? I’m hopeful that this means it was a massive sell-out success, but I’m dubious that it wasn’t just publisher/distributor failure. Insult to injury is that the ebook is avail­able if I wanted to cheat my way past google­books or barne­sand­no­ble’s hilar­ious ‘preview’ system, but a legit­i­mate ebook that gets royal­ties paid isn’t an option until the 1st. What is the point of tech­no­log­ical advances if we’re going to keep the cave painting industry alive?

    Ugh. I had plans for today. Wonderful reading plans. Now that’s gone south. I plan on buying the ebook at this point, because appar­ently paper books are not on the menu. Way to fail harlequin/Luna. I really wish there was a more effec­tive way for me to high­light just how irri­tated I am with your publisher. I love your work. I am willing to wait for your work. When your work has a published release date, and it is not avail­able because of terrible inept­ness on the part of the people respon­sible for basic ship­ping and handling, it’s frus­trating but some­what under­stand­able, books have to travel in trucks etc. When the ebook version which would instantly prevent ‘ship­ping and handling’ errors exists and is not for sale for no apparent reason, it is beyond frus­trating and edging towards outright disgust.

    I know the entire ebook is at gbooks and ibook and kindle and nook and is just locked away because someone at Luna/Harlequin thinks it’s a good idea to stagger release. I sincerely hope that person, whoever they are, has an excru­ci­at­ingly awful career until they rethink that posi­tion. I also cannot wait until you can smash­words every­thing. I had plans. I had a preorder. I won’t be getting to read the book until the ebook version comes out. Assuming it comes out, and I don’t get yet another “Your Peril is in Another Castle”.

    (To be completely clear, I am in no way upset with Michelle, but someone at Luna/Harlequin||B&N is a terrible book-hiding nerfle, and it sucks.)

  49. Kirsten says:

    That’s terrible! Even yesterday Amazon was claiming it could deliver by the 20th, but now I see new orders won’t deliver for 1 – 3 weeks. My pre-order still shows a delivery date of the 20th, but I’ll be holding my breath until it arrives.

    Clearly someone is under­es­ti­mating the popu­larity of your books on their release date. I’d guess it prob­ably does end up costing Michelle at least a little bit in royal­ties because stymied buyers will hit up the used instead of new book market.

    This is the 2nd or 3rd release date that has been prob­lem­atic, from my viewpoint.

  50. Danita says:

    Thank you all for letting me know that I’m not the only one unable to get my hands on this much desired book. I’d also set aside time for reading bliss and was eagerly looking forward to spending today at home reading. Sigh. Fingers crossed it gets here soon.

  51. Melissa R says:

    I did not even try to get the book from Barnes and Noble this year because they failed so spec­tac­u­larly last year with Cast in Ruin. I paid for one day ship­ping from Amazon, however, they have yet to actu­ally ship the book. I refuse to believe the 1 – 3 week ship time, that should have been infor­ma­tion provided before people pre-ordered! I traded work days with a co-worker because I was sure it would be here tomorrow and I want to read it cover to cover. 1‑day delivery is supposed to be here by 7pm tomorrow, and if it isn’t I will turn my rabid fangrrrl powers on the poor sap who happens to answer the customer support line for Amazon. 

    Ms Sagara, can’t you let your publisher see this thread (and last year’s?) so they can do some­thing about smoother releases? You have a dedi­cated, screaming fanbase sali­vating for your new work, so I don’t see how making the book nearly impos­sible to find can be bene­fi­cial to anyone.

  52. Chris says:

    I was at B&N at 9:05 AM Pacific Time Tues. morning (just after noon Eastern) and spent an hour there. This is what I learned,

    The store has had three copies on order since July 5th (none spoken for). They did not know who/how they were ordered, just that they were ordered. The employee I spoke with was very helpful and spent over 45 minutes on the phone with various people at the distri­b­u­tion depart­ment in Reno, NV

    She said that as of that time there were no copies in any B&N retail store in CA. She also said that they seemed confused there and I heard her use phrases such as “I just spoke with them and they trans­fered me to you”. Finally she spoke with a distri­b­u­tion super­visor who said that the problem lay with the publisher who hadn’t gotten the books to B&N until today. The super­visor said that the books would start going out Tuesday and hope­fully make it to stores Wed. and Thurs. 

    The B&N employee was nice enough to Next Day UPS a copy from Reno for me. She told me that they see this happen some­times with Paper­backs (not with HC’s or MMPB’s). I was of course very disap­pointed, but it seemed that the employee I was speaking with was doing all that she could to help me. Hope­fully she was given accu­rate info and most B&N’s will have the book in the next few days.

  53. Chris says:

    At 1:02 AM PST I received an auto­mated e‑mail claiming that the book is ready for pick-up. I’m hoping that that’s accu­rate and will try to get it tomorrow.

  54. Melissa R says:

    Several B&N have copies in hand today. They do exist!

  55. Hilda says:

    Here I’m waiting with my heart running double speed and nothing yet. I open my front door every hour. Amazon noti­fied me yesterday that they shipped CIP; since I paid for one day delivery I expect it to arrive today; my Nook copy will be later. Last year my one day delivery came at night.

    Michelle, where do we put the comments for those who have already read the book, possible spoilers? Or you prefer not to have spoilers?

  56. Danita says:

    So jealous Hilda! I paid for next day too and they tell me I won’t get it until some­time the first or second week or Oct. I’ll just have to tell myself that that makes the wait for Cast in Sorrow not as long. Perhaps the publishing company could put it out in July or August again if Michelle has it ready? That would completely atone. Grin, Danita

  57. a.esther says:

    I got really lucky this year; after calling all of the local book­stores every hour or so starting sunday, the B&N got ONE copy in and put my name on it right now. I got it just in time to be completely unpro­duc­tive yesterday :D –and I loved the book – but now I have a serious ques­tion that hope­fully another reader can answer, and I don’t want to post it where it would be a spoiler! Someone email me or some­thing if they’ve read it and think they can help me out…it has to do with names, one char­ac­ter’s in confused, I think I missed something!

  58. a.esther says:

    oops – email is aesther9@​gmail.​com
    …is there a site/blog where we can post this stuff?

  59. Iain says:

    Fully agree.

    I aban­doned Amazon at Cast in Fury because they were always behind schedule. I use bookde​pos​i​tory​.co​.uk now which has never failed me on release dates.

    As an aside the situ­a­tion with Sun Sword series is even worse. I couldn’t find a phys­ical book purchase for 3 of the series and couldn’t get a legit e‑book for 4 anywhere, although they are all over the net as free down­loads. How can you run out of stock on a e‑book for good­ness sake !

    I ended up on e‑bay to pick up second hand copies of the series which is neither what I wanted on my book­shelf nor partic­u­larly helpful to Michelle.

    The distri­b­u­tion network behind the books seems to be letting both the author and the readers down.

  60. catherine predal says:

    helleo dear author,
    i’m so sorry that i can’t read your book. i have pre ‑command cast in peril since 5 months by amazon​.fr but they don’t have your book no more…
    please; can someone to say to me what happens?
    thank you very much — thank you very much.……

  61. Hilda says:

    Danita, Melissa, Catherine Predal: I think we are all victims of some kind of publishing monopoly. I paid for one day delivery; Amazon sent me an e‑mail on Tuesday noti­fying me that my book would be deliv­ered (yesterday) the day after mailing. Then I got another e‑mail saying it will come middle of next week. I’m still waiting; I last looked outside my door at 11:00 last night; then first thing this morning. NO BOOK!! But I did manage, not easy, to connect via e‑mail with Amazon customer service. They called me back in a few minutes. USELESS!!! The guy has no idea of the problem. He is seeing every­thing in the computer at his end, the most he could say is that I will be receiving it when I receive it. He has no idea. Poor guy, he got my frus­tra­tion. I really sent him to Michelle’s website so he could read all the messages we have been posting about Amazon’s poor ustomer service.
    I will be out of town all of next week, so I can’t even read it during the trip as O planned. Maybe I’ll go to the local B&N. I will end then with 3 books, including the one in NOOK. I’ll give one to my niece as present; she has the first one.

  62. Kirsten says:

    I received my copy from Amazon yeserday around 5:00 pm. I pre-ordered in April.

    It is wonderful.

  63. catherine predal says:

    hello dears,
    i think that i will command the book by amazon​.com . they said that they have the book in stock. maybe this one will come really in 4 – 6 days, it will be bester that to wait amazon​.fr to have stock.…
    it’s shade that we can’t buy it in france.…
    what do you think of this?

  64. john says:

    please tell me it isn’t going to be an entire year for cast is sorrow. I know its a two parter but nothing got resolved — the new outcast lord is still at large — the familiar is barely less of a mystery than it was as an egg — she never even reached the west marches — and the title is the only hint for where the story is going.

    I mean kaylin fits the whole REVISE, ELEVATE, and TRANSFORM to the elevate so far anyway. the recita­tion is suppose to be trans­for­ma­tive… what do they trans­form into on the lords of law side of things?

  65. John says:

    If you use it to look upon the world it changes what you see.
    It can save or take a life depending on how it is used.
    if you don’t control it, it may consume you.
    when in check empires rise in it’s wake, but left unchecked civi­liza­tions have vanished seem­ingly over night.

    I knew there was a reason I couldn’t move on to my next reading adven­ture and it was because you hid a riddle with bits of info given by unlikely char­ac­ters and my mind wouldn’t let go of it until it put it together. sneaky, sneaky, I like that. I wont answer the riddle here so I dont prema­turely enlighten other readers who haven’t worked out the famil­iars name for themselves.

    I still hope it doesn’t take an entire year for this install­ment to be concluded sense we just got the build up for the next books actual climax.

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