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Hunter’s Redoubt book day

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Hunter’s Redoubt is now available!Hunter's Redoubt


Print versions can be ordered from retailers. Amazon’s version of the trade paper­back went live on Amazon sites today, and that is the version that will be shipped if you order the paper­back from Amazon.

The audio­book has prop­a­gated out to Kobo — but it hasn’t reached other audio­book retailers yet (I checked before I posted). I will try to update links on the book page as it does.

I am still in Kansas City, but we’re leaving for Toronto today, so I may be out of internet reach while we travel.

12 Responses to Hunter’s Redoubt book day

  1. Kerry aka Trouble says:

    I was able to order a HC copy from B&N :)

  2. Aëlynn says:

    I’m ordering my hard cover copy right away!

  3. Elizabeth KW says:

    I was excited to see the ebook pop up on my kindle. Pre-ordering reward time!

  4. Chris G. says:


  5. Joey says:

    Hope you were able to enjoy the con! Safe travels home!

  6. Dawn Luna says:

    Just bought it! Can’t wait to read!

  7. Patrick says:

    Just over halfway thru…started reading this morning around 0430. Once again I struggle to find words to convey the complete joy, wonder and sense of complete happi­ness that reading a new book from Michelle brings to me. I absolutely love her writing and ability to build such an intri­cate world that I get to subsume myself with. I’ll be on a mental high for the next few days after reading Hunter’s Redoubt

  8. Patrick says:

    It’s approaching 2am and I am finally finished with the last page. I now have to mentally digest every­thing I just read. In a day or two I will start my second read and take my time

  9. Melanie A Allen says:

    Order it, so excited

  10. Tom Hauser says:

    Hi Michelle! I’ve just started the Kindle edition and it’s so great to be back with this series! Thank you for all your hard work writing. Your books have been a great edition to the “mother and adult son” book club I have with my mom.

  11. michelle says:

    @Tom Hauser: I totally love the parent/child book clubs :). I love my parents, but we have very little in common that we can both enjoy. My mother does love the West novels — but… it’s not the same for us because I wrote them; I can’t approach them as a reader.

  12. Jeanine says:

    Just got my HC copy. Thank you for making one avail­able despite the hassle! Looking forward to starting the first page now…

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