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Short stories, part one

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Thank you for your comments, emails, or input on the West group list.  I’ve added a page to the sidebar, called Down­loads.  On it, you will find three short stories. 

The first, Echoes, is a West-universe related story about Kallan­dras, the Master Bard.  The second, Birth­night, is the first short story I sold; it was written as Michelle Sagara.  The last, Nightin­gale, is one of the stories that I partic­u­larly like, and one of the few SF stories I’ve written.  For some reason, my SF stories end up being some­what darker than my fantasy stories.

I’ve closed comments on the Down­loads page, because in theory it’s static, so if you have anything to say (links not working, etc.), here’s a good place to leave comments.  Also, I only attached .pdfs, but if that doesn’t work for people, let me know, and I’ll also put up an .html page, the way I’ve done with first chapters.

I hope you enjoy them!

3 Responses to Short stories, part one

  1. thunderchild says:

    Thank you very much for these. It had been too long since I’d read Nightin­gale and Birth­night was a reve­la­tion for me.

    Don’t stop writing. Yes that means screw dinner. :)

  2. Michael says:

    I hadn’t read Nightin­gale before. Wow.

    Every­thing else I want to say would spoil either this wonderful story or Hunter’s Death, so I will just say thank you, and be happy that in your fantasy we get a sense of Hope.

  3. ovirginsaint says:

    Oh yay! A short story I haven’t read yet! :) I typed up a copy of Memory of Stone for a friend of mine because she couldn’t find it anywhere and desper­ately wanted to read it. Will any of your other short stories from the Sun Sword universe be put up here also?

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