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State of the Author: April 2023

Posted in writing.

I’m sorry I appear to have missed March >.<.

March was revi­sion of Hunter’s Redoubt, which went into April; the rest of April is revi­sion of Shards of Glass, and taxes.

I’m still revising Shards of Glass. I don’t have the cover yet, but the (front) cover is now up on various retailer sites. I’ll post the whole cover as usual (front and back) when I do have it.

I am collating infor­ma­tion for taxes, which are currently in the virtual shoebox of email, Devon­Think and a couple of other elec­tronic repos­i­to­ries. While revising. So: there’s a bit of gloom, and given April, there’s also been rain.

What we haven’t really had is the annual April snow­storm (yes, I’m knocking wood).

Hunter’s Redoubt is with the copy-editor now, so I expect I will soon be free of taxes but into copy­edits. Which is not most authors’ favorite part of the prepub­li­ca­tion process <wry g>.

I hope everyone else has had a better spring, although I know it’s tax month in the US as well – in Canada it’s the end of the month, in the US I believe it’s the 15th.

So: I’m still alive, and will now head back to revi­sions and taxes T_T

18 Responses to State of the Author: April 2023

  1. hsmyers says:

    What is this ‘spring’ you speak of?

  2. Kerry aka Trouble says:

    It was actu­ally the 18th this year since the 15th was a Saturday.

  3. Andrea says:

    Lucky. In the other side of Canada, we got several April snowstorms.

    Also, thanks for the update! Good luck with taxes.

  4. Joyce says:

    Oh, Michelle, it sounds like you have the weight of the world sitting on you. Thank you for letting us know that you perse­vere. I, person­ally, live below most of the weather madness being inflicted on the US and my taxes were fairly straight­for­ward this year and are also done so I have had the time to wonder how you were doing. I am greatly looking forward to Shards of Glass and, I wonder, when you have time to breathe, could you let us know when another Cast book may arrive?

  5. michelle says:

    @Joyce: It’s the book I am working on now. Or I was, before revi­sions, and I’ll return to it when revi­sions are done. But it’s in the very early stages, so I have no date for it yet =/

  6. Stephanie Comer says:

    I love your, Wolves of Elantra series. When is the next book, number three coming out?

  7. Jazzlet says:

    Along with rain, lots of rain it hailed for a few minutes on our day long journey today. We don’t usually get hail at the end of April in the UK, showers of course — how else would we get aor May flowers? And that was before the coldsna fore­cast for the rest of the week. Time to curl up with rereads, thank you fo writing books that reward rereading!

  8. michelle says:

    @Stephanie: as of this moment, there is no book three planned. I wrote those books as Severn’s back­story, and it’s hard to write a contin­uing series set in the past =/.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for the update! Looking forward to reading Shards of Glass. I hope every­thing stays as calm as possible.

  10. Christina G. says:

    I am REALLY looking forward to Hunter’s Redoubt. Thank you very much for the update. Do you yet have any idea when it will be ready for publi­ca­tion? But ummm…no rush!!! I am just coming off a reread of the Sun Sword books and I am looking forward to more in this world :) Thank you!

  11. Would you do a 3rd Wolves of Elantra book set in the present time­line of the Cast series? It wouldn’t be his back­story, but it’d be inter­esting to see how Severn has changed from the events of the main series, and see Kaylin from an outsider’s perspec­tive, espe­cially one with whom she has such history with. Thanks so much for writing such great, addicting books that I always want more of!

  12. Margot Harris says:

    I’m hoping to read more about the char­ac­ters first intro­duced in the Wolves series, as part of the Cast series. Love your books.

  13. KW McCabe says:

    Would there be any possi­bility of Into the Dark­lands going into audio format? Desper­ately want to listen to this on audio 😭

  14. KW McCabe says:

    Would there be any possi­bility of Into the Dark­lands going on audio format?? Desper­ately want to listen to this while I drive for work 😭

  15. Joyce says:

    I saw, through Book Bub, that Cast in Shadow was on sale on Amazon and else­where. I hope it brings in new devo­tees. I recom­mended them in a bookish chat thread on FB. We do what we can. I hope the silence of May was produc­tive and left you in a good spot.

  16. Caroline Anderson says:

    I hope that the smoke isn’t too bad at your house and that you are having a great summer, despite the vagaries of nature. Just thinking of you and hope that all is well

  17. Bruce Cain says:

    I have been hoping for more from Breo­danir, and of Cynthia of Maubreche and her…God-child?

    Will Hunter’s Redoubt be taking us there? Looking forward to it in any case!

  18. michelle says:

    @Bruce: Hunter’s Redoubt will, indeed, return to Breo­danir. I’ve only just finished reviewing copy-edits, and there is a second round of queries to review, so it’s not coming out imme­di­ately – but it is written.

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