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that most ancient of cities, had long been the home of magics both dark and bright. For the site where this most civi­lized city of mortals now stood had once been a dread place indeed, a citadel of evil ruled by the Lord of the Hells. Only through the greatest of sacri­fices had he been contained and cast back into his own dimen­sion. And though the passing centuries had all but oblit­er­ated the memo­ries of that terrible time, trouble was once again stir­ring in the hidden byways of Averalaan.

The first warning that the Dark Lord’s minions were at work came from a pack of street rats led by a young woman gifted with the ability to see the truth even when it was hidden behind care­fully spell-crafted illu­sions. And as she carried her warning to The Terafin, head of one of the most powerful fami­lies in the land, others, too, were rallying to Averalaan’s aid.

Blessed or cursed by their Hunter God and gifted with his most unique creation, the Hunter Lord Gilliam and his hunt­brother Stephen were about to do the unthink­able. Guided by the seer Evayne, they would journey beyond the borders of their kingdom, some­thing no Hunter Lord had ever done. For only in Aver­alaan could they find their true destiny, even it meant facing the Dark Lord himself…

Trade paperback published June 1996 by DAW
ISBN 0-88677-706-2 • 670 pages • Cover art by Jody Lee
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eBook published February 2012 by DAW • Cover art by Jody Lee
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