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My convention schedule for 2 – 4 October 2020

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I mentioned earlier that I am one of the (many) guests at this year’s Conflu­ence — which is going online, and is called C’mon­flu­ence. It’s free — although they’re accepting dona­tions if people both want and can afford them. Most of the sessions will be held on Zoom; some of it will be held on discord — the links of which are also on the web-site.

HOWEVER: all of the zoom events require regis­tra­tion or pre-regis­tra­tion, and there might be a channel limit to the number of people they can reason­ably support. The complete list is avail­able now on the web-site with regis­tra­tion links, and I’ve just cut and paste the parts of the schedule that actu­ally involve me >.>.

I don’t quite know how the discord will work – it might be the on-line version of a hallway. None of us has done this before, so there may be a few glitches. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

ETA: All times posted are EDT, so Toronto time. (And also to fix the inevitable typos)

Friday, 2nd October
8:008:50pm Track 2: Opal; Night Book Recs (not Wrecks)
Looking at newer books and what’s worth reading.

With: Alan Irvine, Rachel Swirsky, Mary Soon Lee, Scott Edelman & Michelle Sagara



Saturday, 3rd October

12:0012:50pm Track 1: Sanc­tuary Moon; Where Does Your World Come From?

World­building is more than plop­ping a planet in the habit­able zone. What chal­lenges had to be over­come and what influ­ences did the panelists have when they built their worlds?

With: Michelle Sagara, Joe Haldeman, Aliette de Bodard & Tobias Buckell
Dura­tion: 50 minutes. This item will be recorded


1:001:50pm Track 1: Sanc­tuary Moon; SF/F Around the World

An exam­i­na­tion of what goes on every­where – in the genre liter­a­ture that we love, of course. With: Michelle Sagara, P. Djeli Clark, Lawrence M. Schoen, Christina Sng & W. Klobah Collins Dura­tion: 50 minutes. This item will be recorded


4:004:50pm Track 2: Opal Night; POC – New Diver­sity, New Challenges 

How do we address a more diverse cultural refer­ence without awkward stereo­types and appropriation?
With: Michelle Sagara, P. Djeli Clark, Mary Soon Lee & W. Klobah Collins
Dura­tion: 50 minutes. This item will be recorded.



Sunday, 4th October

11:0011:50am Track 1: Sanc­tuary Moon; Let’s get series-ish 

Looking at writing a series. What are Pitfalls and Pluses? What is it about the stories that dictate the need for more stories? Do the char­ac­ters demand it or is there just no end to the plots?

With: Michelle Sagara, Martha Wells, Robert Angell & Jennifer Foehner Wells
Dura­tion: 50 minutes. This item will be recorded


12:0012:50am Track 2: Opal; Night Folk­tales Through a Modern Lens

looking at the old stories and consid­ering that, with a twist and a tweak, the new story may be a surprise for everyone.

With: Alan Irvine, W. Klobah Collins, Catherine Lundoff, Michelle Sagara, Wendelin Gray
Dura­tion: 50 minutes. This item will be recorded


1:301:55pm Track 3: Kish Karad; Michelle Sagara Reading

Michelle Sagara


7 Responses to My convention schedule for 2 – 4 October 2020

  1. Karen L. Durst says:

    Hi Michelle ,
    I am looking forward to this, espe­cially your reading. Ques­tion — what time zone are the times? Thank You!

  2. Argentum says:

    This looks awesome! I wonder why they are not recording the book recs? I’d love to see a list. (I mean, I’d love to join the live discus­sion, but 8 pm is bedtime for two toddlers who disagree…)

  3. michelle says:

    @Karen: I assume it’s EDT — the same time zone as Toronto, which is where I live. I just checked — it’s there in tiny type beneath the header for each day of the longer schedule, and it’s EDT. Let me just add that to this post.

  4. michelle says:

    @Argentum: I’m not sure. I’m not sure every­thing is being recorded; I don’t think the reading is. (I person­ally under­stand why recording panels give people more oppor­tu­ni­ties to see them later — but also that it’s possible all gaffes will be recorded in posterity >.>)

  5. Tchula says:

    I would love to attend but next weekend, I have my 20 hour contin­uing educa­tion. T_T Instead, I’ll be looking at power points of gross eyeball pictures. I hope you have a great time with minimal tech­nical glitches! :-)

  6. michelle says:

    @Tchula: I hope so, too. But in that Eeyore-like way, I am expecting minor disaster. I’m just hoping it remains minor and my internet does not, for example, cut out for a few hours.

  7. Melissa says:

    I am so excited! I feel like this is a mini vaca­tion for me, lol! I get to sneak away and listen to people talk about books & writing… sheer bliss! This is a much needed reprieve, thank you. Now I just need to figure out the tech part… which thanks to online learning for my 7th grader, I have gotten much better at navigating.

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