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Polaris 2009 schedule

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This is a bit late, for which I apol­o­gize, and it’s prob­ably not of interest to anyone who isn’t already attending the conven­tion, but my schedule for the weekend at Polaris 2009 is as follows:

Print book vs E‑book
E‑book sales have been steadily increasing over the past few years. Will they endanger phys­ical, paper books, or is there room for both? What are the advan­tages of e‑books and print books?
Panelists: Anna Hatton, Timothy Carter, Michelle Sagara West, Stephen B. Pearl
Sched­uled day/time: Friday 9:00 PM

Female super­heroes. The few, the love inter­ests, the female versions of male superheroes…
A few years ago Sequen­tial Tart asked their readers to submit a list of top ten favourite female super­heroes. Rules: Super­heroes, not just comic book char­ac­ters; no female versions of male char­ac­ters (a la Super­girl); not created as a love interest; hero, not villain. Most readers couldn’t come up with ten. We know comics are more than super­heroes, but it’s how most people think of them and until women have a voice they’ll always be less than they could be.
Panelists: Gemma Files, Clare Moseley, Michelle Sagara West
Sched­uled day/time: Friday 10:00 PM

Table Top vs. Desktop: End of an Era?
Once in the far off lands of base­ment, people gath­ered socially, rolled their die, and sought quests completed. And then came the MMO. Has the cyber­world defeated the real? Has the Mighty Mouse quashed the pencil? Or is there still hope?
Panelists: Michelle Sagara West (M), Jessa Toomer, Stuart Kenny, Margaret-Anne Park
Sched­uled day/time:Saturday 11:00 AM

Sched­uled day/time: 3 p.m. Saturday

I loved that when I was a kid!
There are books that we loved as chil­dren that upon rereading are horrible, or contain messages we were never aware of. Other times they are still great or even better. Does this affect what you recom­mend or give as gifts? Is it because these books are bad, or just well focused? Is anything truly universal, and should that be a writer’s goal?
Panelists: Margaret-Anne Park, R.J. Anderson, Deanna Toxopeus, Michelle Sagara West
Sched­uled day/time: Saturday 6:00 PM

Sched­uled day/time: 12:30 p.m. Saturday

Reacting To Abrams Trek
With reac­tions to the new Trek film ranging from “OMG u r so brilant!” to “How about I re-imagine your face!?”, surely a discus­sion panel is warranted. Surely. Did the film live up (or down) to your expec­ta­tions? Did Zachary Quinto adequately fill Leonard Nimoy’s pointed ears?
Panelists: Nancy Coulter, Vickie Kostecki, Michelle Sagara West, Chris Milloy, Patrick Mazerolle
Sched­uled day/time: Sunday 5:00 PM

I hope to see some of you there!

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  1. Kim says:

    Hi Michelle! I absolutely love your Cast books, and thanks for the chapter! (we’re going on vaca­tion august second, but going to a book­store August first… *sigh of relief*)

    I just had a quaetion -
    I might have missed it, but I haven’t notice Catti, Tain, or Teela lately. Catti was in Cast in Secret, but I didn’t notice them in Cast in Fury.
    Can you tell me what’s going on with them? (Teela isn’t stuck at Court, is she?)

    thanks! : )

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