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DAW news: The Burning Crown

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I have sold DAW Books the first four novels in the series that is now called The Burning Crown, but which I’ve called The End of Days arc for decades. I have no titles, but do have dead­lines — the first of which is July of 2020. That’s when it’s due to the publisher. It’s not a publi­ca­tion date >.<.

This is the last arc of the Essalieyan universe. I expect it to be roughly the same as the Sun Sword in length.

6 Responses to DAW news: The Burning Crown

  1. Kelly Shannahan says:

    I’m so glad to read this. I am a huge fan of the Essalieyan arc, and while I realize it can’t go on forever, I I am thrilled it won’t come to a close just yet. Thanks so much for your hard work and creativity as a writer and many thanks to all your family and friends, editors and publishers, for their support. We, the readers, reap the bene­fits.

  2. Emile De Antonio says:

    We won’t mind if it runs a little longer than Sword. Read the “Sigurne” cut and really liked it — prob­ably because I’m quite fond of her and I think that it is clear that you are,too. Am currently reading Boccaccio and it occurs to me that in your current project of enter­taining us w/ stories while the plague rages you are a sort of one-woman Decameron. Good company to be in. Some of the titles listed in the Meier appendix sounded a bit familar, so poked around in my Sagara milk-crate and turned up. Speaking w/ Angels — a book whose exis­tence had totally slipped my mind. Since my mind is turning into a colander the stories will seem quite fresh on mondays. Stay well!

  3. Celina says:

    Any ETA on when the last two books of the Sun Sword series will make it to Audio Book? I’m in love with the Narrator and have been listening to them on Audible but was sad to find the last two books aren’t there.

  4. Marie Roberts says:

    Sad to hear that WAR is the last of the seriers. I enjoyed the run.Thankyou. Sun Swords is still my favorite, and return to them between other reads. Looking forward to your new series. You keep us happy. Take care of your­self. Thankyou again for all your hard work.

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