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      Welcome to my living room on the internet.   Let me talk a little bit about the history of my home on the internet. I started out blogging on LiveJournal, which is a blogging community. And I talked about publishing and process, but in a fairly general way.   And that worked for a number of years.   What I almost never talked about was my books. But over time, people found my LJ, and they wanted to talk about my books, and I felt a little self-conscious talking about my books on LiveJournal, where the community was more general and more social, and talking about my books felt a little conspicuously like shouting: Me Me Me!   So: I started my author web-site. I posted sample chapters. I talked--when I had any news--about my books. I didn't post often, because I didn't want to drive people who came to the web-site purely for news or information away.   And that seemed to work.   But a funny thing happened. I'm not, and have never been, Robert Jordan, George Martin or Patrick Rothfuss in terms of my reach. I don't have the kind of buzz they generate, and I'm fine with that. I'm not Misty Lackey or Melanie Rawn, either.   I write my books. I try not to say too much about them, because some people hate spoilers. I try not to complain too much about the process, because every job anywhere is difficult sometimes. But… I can't really talk about my books as if I were a reader, because I can't ever approach them as a reader would for the first time. Or even the twentieth.   And sometimes people want to talk about the experience of reading my books. But given my general invisibility on fantasy reader radars, they haven't found many places in which they can do that.   A few years ago, my readers began to talk to each other - on my web-site, because they found people who were also interested in talking about my books there. On a release-day post about the latest novel. This made some readers unhappy because of course discussing the books meant spoilers. I then made a separate SPOILER thread, which people could easily avoid.   That worked, and I made a spoiler thread for almost every subsequent book.   So readers who wanted to discuss the book with other readers spoke to each other on the spoiler threads. I stay out of the spoiler threads. I stay out of the discussions about my books. And I've been able to do that because, while people don't always agree, they don't descend into acrimony and flames.   But the spoiler thread for Cast in Peril was 369 comments long. And that's a lot of comments, and possibly a long load time.   And I thought: maybe it's time to try forums.   I wouldn't have considered forums at all if the spoiler threads had descended into invective and angry ranting; they never have. The people who post and discuss on them have been helpful and reasonable, even when they don't agree with each other.   And what I want out of forums is for that to continue. I don't expect my forums to be crowded; I don't expect that they'll need to be moderated or policed, because of the history of the readers who have posted on my web-site.   But forums in general have rules and policies, and it's best to be clear about those up front, in case of future need. So.   The Living Room rules:   1. Since it's my Living Room, there's a strong possibility that children and grandmothers will stroll past or stop in, since both frequent my house. So I'd ask you to keep that in mind when it comes to profanity. Swear as much as I do.   2. Door to door salesmen frequently interrupt social gatherings, and they're not there to join the discussion. So: don't be that person. This isn't a tupperware party, and I don't want anyone to attempt to sell things to my visitors. If you notice that someone is advertising cheap watches or winning lottery numbers or any variant thereof, report it - and ignore it. It'll be cleaned up and swept out the door.   3. No flaming. Which is to say: no personal attacks or insults. I don't expect this will be a problem because it hasn't been - and I'd really like that to continue. Also, and this is a personal thing: don't accuse someone of trolling just because they disagree with you. Sometimes people disagree; they're not doing it to enrage or derail.   4. Things NOT to discuss on these forums: Real-world religions (any). Real-world politics (any). Explicit sexuality (because: children & grandmothers. And, to be fair, me). There are many other places to discuss any of these things - and I ask that you discuss them there. Here is not the place. This is possibly the only thing I'll be draconian about.   If, in the opinion of the management, you break these rules, we'll probably ask you to sit out the topic. If you break these rules more than once, we may ask you to sit out the week. If you can't communicate without breaking these rules, this is not the forum for you; there are lots of forums on the internet that will be more to your liking.   Also: I believe that readers should be able to discuss what they want to discuss, even if what they want to discuss is how a particular book I've written didn't work for them. For obvious reasons, I would like to personally avoid those discussions because I don't want to be a damper, and because it's not possible for me to be consistently objective about my own work. It's not entirely possible to avoid these discussions on the web-site; on the forums it will be. I've asked Tchula Ripton to moderate, as she's been the list-mom on the Yahoo West list for a number of years.   So on those parts of the forum where the discussions are about my works, she wears the big hat where necessary, because I'm not there.   As for the forums: any member can create topics, and any member can read any forum and reply there. If, for instance, you want to get people's opinions on ebook readers, you can start a post in the “Random†category, and ask.


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  1. /Bump/ because I'm persistent and a procrastinator.
  2. From Cast in Secret, abbreviated. Kaylin: Tiamaris! Tiamaris: nodded gravely, "Kaylin." K: What are you doing here? Sanabalis: He lives here T: Lord Sanabalis, is this entirely wise? S: It is entirely unwise. What have I taught you about asking a question to which the answer is obvious? T: Much. But even more about the nature of what is obvious and what is merely contextually difficult. S: Very good. Well done. Yes, you may accompany us. K: You weren't just waiting for us? T: No. K: You're sure? This is a HUGE place. How did you - S: Kaylin, please, a little respectful silence is in order. K: - S: (Elantran) Shut up. K: - T: It seems that I still have much to learn from you, Lord Sanabalis. S: Do not make me repeat myself. This had me cracking up.
  3. In chapters 14 and 15 of Cast in Courtlight Kaylin has to choose her new name at the altar/table. "But she let those go; they weren't for her. Or of her. What she held in her hands, what passed over her open palms like the shallow current of a brook, might be. And she had to choose. Not one, but two. She understood this because the symbol itself had responded to both of her hands; the single hand had done nothing." Her right hand has something round, hard and heavy. Her left hand feels empty, but something sharp and hard nicks her hand. Then it's softer and more giving. Her left hand comes free when she pulls and the book says "One hand. One word." Did she not choose the right hand simply because it was too heavy to come loose, or the altar/table wouldn't let her choose it, or what? This situation doesn't seem very choice-y to me. I feel like I'm missing something. Then later, it says "Two hands. One rune. A choice." Is the choice to throw the rune away and reject it, or to accept it (which she does)? As she's bringing it to her chest, she realizes that her right hand is now empty, so that choice is gone. Help please, I've read these chapters so many times now, but I don't think I'm looking at them the right way.
  4. I finished Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light the other night. The ending made me cry. It was so appropriately beautiful. Thanks for writing one of the best Beauty and the Beast reimaginings I've ever read.
  5. Were these cut scenes posted somewhere? Or do I have to join a special mailing list?
  6. I was updating my Goodreads activity for Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light and thought it was funny that Goodreads only has two books in the "Readers Also Enjoyed" section for COD, COL - and those two books are also written by MSW. This seems to be a common problem GR has with MSW because if you click on other of her books, the "Readers Also Enjoyed" section is either comprised of mostly MSW books, or very short.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Nevada. (Real name, never been there, flown over it a couple times, named after my granny when my dad started threatening with Elmerina instead.) I've been a fan of MSW for years and years. I have always been so frustrated that the people I talk to about books haven't read her books, so I became that person shoving a stack of 6 books at them saying "These are so great! The minor characters have developed personalities and backgrounds. The women are every type of woman: Sweet, pretty, rough, young, conniving, protective, old, strong, weak, fierce, demure, diabolical, evil and good." I think the fever glint of fanaticism in my eyes must've scared them off because I still don't have anyone to talk about these books with. Until now. I'm currently reading the The Sundered series (on Children of the Blood), and found this site, but I'm unable to find the thread for the series. Would someone please link it for me? Also, in my perusals of the site, I've seen a lot of discussion of Mystery - did I miss this by not reading the The Sacred Hunt duology? I've read the Sun Sword series, and the House War series through Skirmish, need to read from Battle on. I'm really starting to feel that I should maybe do a whole chronological read through. It's very frustrating though because my library can't get the short story collection, even through ILLIAD.
  8. I have found you

    We have hopes that it will be 450. justsayin.