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Confluence 2009

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I’ve posted this over on my Live­Journal as well, so if you read that, you’ve already seen it :).

I really like Conflu­ence, and my husband and I will be heading there this coming weekend, the 24th-26th of July.

My program­ming schedule for the weekend is:

Friday 5pm Oak
Why are there so many Twits on Twitter?
John Scalzi, Laurie Mann, Michelle Sagara West,Sarah Zettel

I really like reading John Scalzi, and I’m plan­ning on being highly amused.

Saturday 12pm Salon A
Folk­lore and the Roots of Fantasy
Alan Irvine, Michelle Sagara West, Susan Dexter, Bill Mayhew

Saturday 1pm Oak
Is Amazon “Kindling” a New Gener­a­tion of Readers
Thomas Seay, Gary Markette, Michelle Sagara West, Jean Goldstrom

Saturday 2:00 PM
Michelle Sagara West

Saturday 4pm Jr Ste
Kaffee Klatsch
Sarah Zettel, Michelle Sagara West

Saturday 5:30 pm Willow
Michelle Sagara Smith

And I hope to see some of you there!

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