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City of Night is a book!

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Writing spans a spec­trum, for me:  it’s serious, it’s joyful, it’s heart­breaking, it’s frus­trating – and some­times it’s terri­fying.  I spend months with so many words and so many scenes they begin to blend, and once I’ve finished the first draft — and in case I haven’t mentioned it here yet, House Name is finished in first draft — I then have to read, revise, and try to make sure the book I’ve actu­ally written resem­bles the book I’d hoped to write when I started.

I’ve been through this process dozens of time now, and it results in a book.  I know this.  But…it never really gets old.

Having the book in my hands is what makes it real to me.  Which sounds odd, because the work is real, and it’s what consumes most of my time; taking a copy of a book out of a box takes vastly less time.  But it’s final, then.  The book is a book, it’s arrived.

City of Night, the second in the arc of Jewel’s early life, is a beau­tiful* hard­cover and is now standing beside my computer.  And for a moment — before the usual author worries set in — I’m ecstatic.

* the beau­tiful in this case in entirely due to the fabu­lous art of Jody Lee and the design team at DAW.

19 Responses to City of Night is a book!

  1. Michael says:

    I am certainly looking forward to a lost weekend in February. Congrat­u­la­tions! And thank you!

  2. Jacob says:

    Congrats. Looking forward to it, and poor Angel and his hair spire (IIRC, he was the poor Den member left out of book 1).

  3. hjbau says:

    I am also really looking forward to it. The cover looks great. I have been checking to see if the copy i ordered online has been sent early. I may have to go hassle some book­store clerks today to see if they have a copy. Politely hassle, of course.

    It has to be exciting, your first hard back, I know this is the second one, but still. Congratulations.

  4. bonnie holmes says:

    i can’t wait to have it in my hands and listen to my hubby groan that mom is gone for the day​.lol

  5. Amanda says:

    Amazon shipped my copy today — I’m so happy!

  6. David says:

    I found my copy in a Barnes & Noble in San Antonio. I asked for the SF section, was asked which author and he took me right to the book (in the New Books section).
    So you’re on deck as soon as I finish Gwenhwyfar.

  7. Pearl says:

    Got it today. I’m reading it tonight. Oh, sweet antic­i­pa­tion. Part of me wants to age Jewel 10 – 20 years already. Part of me is eager to devour these next few chap­ters chron­i­cling her youth. Thank you Michelle!

  8. TracyD says:

    And it is an awesome book…finished reading it on my Kindle this morning.

  9. Mark says:

    Well, it was great to see this story again, while I felt like there were some incon­sis­ten­cies in the first book, this one smoothed them over. Mainly, though, we got to learn a little about Angel, who I’ve always thought was the most inter­esting and myste­rious member. (His absence was the biggest disap­point­ment in bk 1.) I am looking forward with great antic­i­pa­tion to the next book.

  10. bonnie holmes says:

    waaaaaaaaah, they are not releasing it in canada til march second​.my book store got the paper today saying not avaiable til the march 2.2 whole weeks to wait,it is not fair.there rant over and can’t wait to get the book .

  11. Nicole Hill says:

    A long time ago I read Hunter’s Oath. It feels in my mind that I was a teenager. I’m now 36. I remember bits and pieces but the ending with both of the boys coming back. I was happy and I always wondered was that the end of their story. I can’t find the books anywhere, I will be searching the hard to find online shops this spring. I didn’t even realise you were the same author. The book left a lasting impres­sion on me. I’ve read so many books (which is hard to believe sense I had a reading problem in primary school, I didn’t read my first full youth novel until I was 13 years old, it was a fantasy “The Seventh Princess” changed my life, I didn’t knew there were books written with worlds like the ones I made-up in my head. Turned out my problem was the types of books I had to read, not reading itself). I have to say there are just a few writers that I make a point of checking their websites to see what is coming out. I’m thankful I found you once again when the Chron­i­cles of Elantra was first released and I have completely fallen for Jewel and her den. I going out tomorrow and getting the latest book. I just wanted to share my feel­ings. No ques­tions. I except your worlds as you create them. I’m just glad I get to visit.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Just wanted to say that I’ve only just started reading your work, with The Hidden City being the first. I think you’re an amazing writer, and after having read the first chapter of Hunter’s Oath on here, I am defi­nitely looking forward to reading more!
    I’m fussy when it comes to fantasy writers, thank you for taking the time to write and take me away this world in hour long intervals! :)

  13. Great article, thanks!

  14. Gypsy says:

    I love your books, and I absolutely love your char­ac­ters! I’ve been (impa­tiently) waiting for “City of Night” which I won’t be able to get my hands on for another few weeks — another Cana­dian here.

    I can’t wait to find out more about Jewel and her ‘family’; Kiriel, Avandar, the Winter King, and all the other char­ac­ters (hopefully…?)from the previous books.

    I’m also (impa­tiently) waiting to read how Kaylin’s doing, and what Lord Night­shade is up to.

    Thank you so much for the great stories — may you live long and continue to write prolifically!

  15. wolfbaby says:

    Someday I hope to be there at that point when it is real:)

  16. bonnie holmes says:

    got my greedy little hands on city of night yesterday after​noon​.woohoo​.got to go read now.

  17. MaryW says:

    Thanks for a very good read. I ended up rereading the Sun Sword books after reading this one. Now I just need to find out where I put The Sacred Hunt Books. Then it is time to reread the Books of the Sundered. I am looking forward to all the new books you must have planned.

    FYI, I have read all the Cast books as well. It is only recently that I real­ized that the author is one whose char­ac­ters I know and like.

  18. tatere says:

    I love City of Night and can’t wait for more, and yet. It’s so *sad*. Well, no, some­thing more complex than that. I’m coming to these from having already read the Hunter and Sun Sword books. Rath’s story so deserves to be known, but that tragic shadow is there over it all. I have the feeling that after these books, I’m going to be very worried watching the post-Sun-Sword House War plot work out…

  19. Dennis says:

    The back fill story line is ok, but I really cant wait to get into the future of the house wars. Michelle’s char­ac­ters are the best written. I LOVE Kallan­dras and Avandar

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