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City of Night cover and publication date

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City of Night

City of Night, as some people have noticed, was orig­i­nally announced as a March 2010 release — but in happy news, it’s been pushed forward a month, to February 2010. (In the publishing industry, forward=earlier; back=later; I found these terms confusing when I first started working in a book­store because forward implied, to me, going forward).

The cover was painted by Jody Lee, who has always done wonderful covers for the West novels; as you can see, this one is no excep­tion, and I was very, very happy when I first laid eyes on it (which was at the Worldcon in Montreal). I just finished correcting and returned page proofs for City of Night to DAW, which is the last stage of pre-publi­ca­tion in which I’m involved, so the book is entirely finished at this point. Yay!

I am, however, still working on the following book, House Name, and it’s not done yet, not because I haven’t been writing, but because, well. It’s a wee bit longer than I expected it would be. Everyone act surprised.

I’ve been mostly absent on-line while trying to catch up on dead­lines. Writing the novels does take time – and I always account for that when I’m plan­ning ahead. What I some­times fail to account for are things like copy-edits and page-proofs, which, sadly, also take time, so I’m frequently overly opti­mistic in the months leading up to a dead­line, and then frequently entirely desperate and impos­sible to live with as the dead­line looms larger.

In other news, I’ve turned in Cast in Chaos. Line-edits, copy-edits and page proofs are a few months in the future for that book. I’m also writing a novella set in the Cast universe, but I’m not entirely certain which of three possible stories I’m actu­ally writing; it’s for an anthology titled Harvest Moon, which should be out some­time in 2010.

When I finish House Name, which should be very soon, I’ll have breathing room and the mental energy to be more social, so I should actu­ally be around more often. Thanks so much for your patience.

16 Responses to City of Night cover and publication date

  1. hjbau says:

    I’m surprised. Really…

  2. Elaine says:

    Count me surprised, also. (Turn aside to snigger into my hand.)

    Love the cover. JLN goes great work on your book.s

  3. Sarah says:

    i love the cover of this book! Sweet!

  4. I realize it’s unfair to demand academy award acting, but…

  5. Amanda says:

    Yay! Let the count­down to February begin…

  6. Carol Duffy says:

    The cover artwork is gorgeous. I’m assuming (I know, I know) that’s Rath?
    Great news about Cast novella.
    As to acting surprised…well…would you settle for a good, honest effort?

  7. Awesome. I was just recom­mending you to a friend tonight and thought that I had a much longer wait till the next book.

    Looking forward to it. :)

  8. As to acting surprised…well…would you settle for a good, honest effort?

    Yes, but I want to see one first!

    (Also, I drink coffee or tea when I see the less than honest efforts, and sadly, they cause me to cough, or worse, inhale, at the wrong moment, on account of the laughing).

  9. Carol Duffy says:

    (Also, I drink coffee or tea when I see the less than honest efforts, and sadly, they cause me to cough, or worse, inhale, at the wrong moment, on account of the laughing).”

    Then I guess I’ll know what those spat­ters on the cover are when my copy arrives!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Is Cast in Chaos the Dragon Court book?

    I have another ques­tion: In Cast in Shadow, when Kayline returns with Catti, she meets several aides, and they weren’t human, Barrani, Aerian or Leon­tine. Which left 3 races, one of which she’d never met because of their racial agora­phobia, and the other 2 were a Dragon and a Tha’lani Ybelline.

    Does anybody know what the 7th myste­rious race is? I haven’t seen mention of them else­where in the books.

  11. Andrea H. says:

    OMG it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to read it, not at all.

  12. jessica says:

    okay i saw some­thing about cast in chaos comeing out in august of next year!!

    i was just wondering if someone could post some­thing and clarify the actual release date. i dont think i can wait untill the end of naxt year for the next book :/

  13. 0memiserum says:

    Shocked and horri­fied it’s longer than you thought.

  14. bonnie holmes says:

    that it was a tad bit longer made me shake my head and giggle and then promptly went to my book store to tell them that city of night was in feb and make sure that it was on her order list for feb not march as i had pr-order it moths ago.

  15. Melanie says:

    A tad bit longer, I was shocked and surprised! then a happy laugh burst forth, I love long books!

  16. Gerald says:

    Do you remember when your last child left home for good?

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