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Cast in Silence Chapter & a question

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I’m at best a haphazard and slightly under-orga­nized person.  I didn’t realize just how close July the 1st was until, well, today.  June has disap­peared in a trail of words, chap­ters, and the end of school.  I’ve done a fair amount of writing, and I’m three quar­ters of the way through Cast in Chaos (which I always now type instead of Silence).  I’ve also finished revi­sions on what exists of House Name, having added some seven thou­sand words, and I’m now at the point where I’m once again writing new words in that book’s closing arc.

Someone came into the store a couple of months ago and suggested that one of my future Cast novels should be titled Cast in Concrete, which was very funny – and if I can think of a reason­able mafia for Elantra, I swear I’m going to do it.

But that’s not why you’re here.  Today, because it’s Canada Day, I’ve posted the first chapter of the upcoming Cast in Silence.  You can find it under the appro­priate book in the Chron­i­cles of Elantra page in the sidebar; it’s in .pdf and .html.


Okay, and now, the ques­tion.  Well, first the preamble:

It’s been suggested that I’m not very active on-line, and this is partly true.  I spend time reading on-line, but I don’t post often, and if I do, it’s frequently with a sense of driving outrage.  This implies that I’m normally a fairly silent person, unless pushed, which is sadly not entirely repre­sen­ta­tive of the truth, espe­cially not if you ask my brother.  (Hands up, any brothers who feel that their sisters actu­ally do not talk all of the time).

I’m a fairly house­bound person.  But I’m not really a gardener (because I have black thumbs), and knit­ting is always a proof-in-concept of extra-dimen­sion­ality.  I am not a very visual person, and I can draw stick figures on a good day.  I can’t sing, and if I listen to music while trying to write…well, I listen to music.  I don’t travel very much.

I work in a book­store, which I managed until my oldest son was born.  I like the part-time work there, because I get to handle new books, and I get to see real people.  I under­stand parts of the writing process, I under­stand parts of the publishing process, and the busi­ness therein.

I do read, because I can’t actu­ally remember a time in my life when I didn’t.  Reading is very much part of what I do, and how I think or feel.  I see movies, but mostly, I see movies that I can take the kids to see.  The two excep­tions to that in recent memory that stand out:  The Lives of Others and Il y a Longtemps que Je t’aime.  Both of which were, in their own stark way, so profoundly beau­tiful I still try to make people watch them.  But I don’t watch very much tele­vi­sion at all, and if I do, I play catch-up on series when they’re released as DVDs.

I do have chil­dren, and my oldest is now sixteen years of age, and he has given me permis­sion to talk about some of his earlier life and his earlier expe­ri­ences; I’ve never felt entirely comfort­able talking about them in public before because only part of them are my life.  My oldest was diag­nosed with Asperg­er’s, part of ASD, when he first hit school, and some of that expe­ri­ence occu­pied a great deal of my thought and time.

I also read some manga, and play some computer games.  I spent a number of years playing World of Warcraft, and I have some things to say about the nature of on-line MMO’s in a variety of different ways (gender roles imme­di­ately come to mind, and, ummm, I may have been guilty of long, looooong rants about the differ­ence between “male” clothing and “female” clothing in game).

But I’m not sure that any of these things are profoundly inter­esting to people; they are all, of course, inter­esting to me.

I under­stand that it’s impor­tant to have samples of actual writing here, because that’s more or less what I do with my day.

Writing is not a terribly enter­taining spec­tator sport, unless it’s been a partic­u­larly bad writing day, in which case it’s at least audibly inter­esting.  At a safe distance.  (My son says no distance is safe at that time <wry g>).

So… what I’m wondering at this point is:  What do you want to see, when you drop by here?  Is there enough here, with the books and the not-perfect-bibli­og­raphy?  Would posts about the discon­nects expe­ri­enced in raising an ASD child or posts about funny/infuriating things in an MMO, or more frequent ‘read this book’ posts be reasonable?

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  1. Cindy Emery says:

    I have not really gone to this site very much, side­tracked by work and grand­baby and really just by life. I feel actu­ally kind of intru­sive offering an opinion about anything other than the Cast books, which I love. This is not our site, but yours. you are not required *some beliefs to the contrary* to even Be Here. anything you wish to cover I really feel is okay with me. Connec­tions to others can be made in odd ways. SOrry, not explaining myself well but the site looks great and anything you feel like talking about or speaking of is fine.

  2. Michael says:

    I constantly stop by to find news about your books, and in the absence of that, I hope to see some­thing that will make me laugh and be glad that I’m not the one being cut by your tongue.

    I can’t say I want some­thing specific (other than book news and rants), just more.

  3. @Cindy: Please, don’t feel intru­sive, espe­cially not when you’re taking the time to answer a ques­tion I’ve publicly asked :).

    @Michael: >..>

  4. claritysheen says:

    I totally stop by to see what you have been up to. I am inter­ested in anything you feel strong enough about to share. I really enjoy your cast series and would take any book recom­men­da­tions from you because I respect your opin­ions. Having regular updates about the books you are writing is a plus. I realize all authors are different. I am just glad that you are still writing so I know that I will be able to read some really great books once you are done. Thanks for caring what your fans think.

  5. Sabrena says:

    I agree with what has been written. I want to hear what­ever you want to share, and specif­i­cally anything about the books in the works. Haven’t read the Cast series but am hooked on the workd you created for Jewel and the count­less others who get a space in the world. Praises to you!!!!

    In a personal note. If you are comfort­able sharing about what it is like to raise a ASD kid in this day and age I would be inter­ested. I am in the same boat as it were, but on the starting out end. I have 2 sons with disabilites, one blind and the other … well they haven’t ruled ASD out yet. It is … encour­aging to hear that there are other moms out there, like me, with this huge burden, but somehow manage to do great things. I’m rambling. sorry.

    I also would love book recomen­da­tions, always looking for some­thing new to read.

  6. Michael says:

    …you’re so *cruel*!!!

    I’m with Kaylin: patience isn’t exactly my middle name either.

  7. Sarah says:

    Haha I’ll take what­ever I can get :) I’ve been in “Cast in” depri­va­tion I’ll eat up anything you throw at me. Although if you do decide to discuss MMO’s … I’ve been known to rant about gender roles as well…and in all seri­ous­ness any experiences/odd bits of news/etc. you feel you’d like to share would be very welcome.

    It’s always inter­esting to see the “not-fever­ishly-writing-at-the-moment” side of authors.

  8. Persia says:

    I would enjoy reading anything that you would like to share. I’m also not a very visual person so I love the char­acter devel­op­ment and inter­ac­tion in your stories. I enjoy your world building but the char­ac­ters are awesome. I have read all of the Cast books, currently reading the second book of the Sundered series, and your other books are on my TBR pile. So I would be inter­ested in hearing more stuff on the char­ac­ters. Or shows (including anime) you like, books you’re reading — pretty much any infor­ma­tion you are willing to share.

  9. Nikki says:

    I think essen­tially what­ever you want to post because it is your site. It is helpful to me as a reader to be able to find out infor­ma­tion about what book you are working on and what will be coming out when. If you include snip­pets, well, even better for me.

    I think the only limi­ta­tion to your posting should be your level of comfort. I would be inter­ested in hearing about your expe­ri­ences in multiple arenas. While I know about Asperg­er’s in the tech­nical sense, it is different in terms of the expe­ri­ence and emotions and I would be inter­ested in learning about that as well. I have never played WOW but had friends who did and needed a twelve step program to get away. :) I do however agree with you about the costumes, though I admit some of my male friends preferred to play female char­ac­ters, reasons were never explained.

    Truth­fully, I am just happy you are still writing. And even though the House War will last for another 12 books (hehe) as long as I keep getting my fix I am fine. I am also looking forward to the next few Cast books. I remember you were very doubtful about them way back before the first book was published. But look at this, several books down the line, who knew!

  10. Bella says:

    I don’t care (although I am very inter­ested in what drives your imagination)if you post once a blue moon or a purple month as long as the books keep coming, I’m happy.……

    For a title how about Cast in Irons or Cast in Director or Cast in Spells.…(just teasing).…am having with­drawal from Elantra.….

  11. @claritysheen I think I will always be writing. And reading. The book opin­ions are a touch harder because I’ve worked in a book­store for so many years, and the best part ever is trying to match a book with its reader. There are some books I adored beyond all reason, but I know they won’t work for some readers; there are some books I didn’t care for, but I’m certain will work for some readers. So…sometimes I’m hesi­tant, even though I do love books!

    @ Sabrena: No, you’re not rambling :). I have often wanted to say a few things about my expe­ri­ences with my son, but…I wanted to wait until he was old enough to ask him if it was okay to write about them, because I thought people might find them inter­esting or actu­ally helpful in some way. And he is old enough now, and he doesn’t mind, so I prob­ably will write a bit about that in future. I’m thinking of doing that in the LJ, so that people who only want book news find that here, but I’m not sure.

    @Michael: See? This is why I never read on-line excerpts — it makes me even less patient…

    @Sarah: Sadly, the not-writing side of authors is pretty much like the not-working side of people: some of it’s inter­esting, but some of it is probably…not. But the MMO stuff is inter­esting to me, in part because it’s the only one I’ve ever played.

    @Bella: Cast in Gold/Silver/Bronze have come up as titles as well, which shifts the meaning of Cast, but at least leaves the titles sort of connected. It’s… tricky. I should have just used different titles *wry g*

  12. Brittany says:

    I think that even if you think it’s not that inter­esting but you want to share it, then you should. I follow a couple other author’s blogs and someone some­where almost always relates to anything posted on their blogs, and some­times they’re just writing about biking around town that day. And readers love to give encour­age­ment to their favorite authors in any prob­lems they’re having, from diffi­culty writing, to trying to move, to misbe­having pets.

    As mentioned before, I would also like to see any updates on how your books are going. I’ve only read your Cast series so far, but I loved all the books and I’m currently rereading them since I last read them a while ago. Any books you’ve read recently or any books you really like that you think we may like would also be really cool.

    I’ve also noticed that some authors post snip­pets of their books at different times, so if you’re comfort­able doing that and your publishers don’t mind, that’s some­thing you could consider doing too. I think you should post about your son if you’re okay with it, espe­cially since other readers are expe­ri­encing the same things you’ve gone through. And I totally think you should post about WOW! I used to play WOW but actu­ally got BORED and quit.

  13. Hi Michelle,

    I don’t often stop by here. But when I do, it’s to just do a little catch up with what may be coming in the future with respect to your books. I’m a fan of your fiction. I’m a lover of the char­ac­ters for whom you’ve gifted life. In the end what that does emotion­ally is drive me to want to know more about where your expres­sion comes from– to know *you* better. On the other hand, I know that the more I know about the daily grind of creating, and the more I know about an author the less magical the books might become. Maybe that’s just me. Perhaps it’s an overly bloated way of describing how it feels to be the reader. I think it’s possibly as hard to answer honestly what someone would want to see here as it is to deter­mine what you your­self might wish to share. I wonder if that makes sense. Perhaps we, as fans, should simply be happy to have what we are given, that you are thinking about the stories we enjoy, and that you are sharing a tidbit of your path with us here.

    That said, if was to allow myself to be utterly selfish for just a moment, my request, would be that you might share with us the stories about you. Tell us the stories that bring you tears, the ones that make you laugh, the ones that make you angry or anything else. :)

    Much love,


  14. Jane says:

    I check this site to see any updates on your current writing and hope­fully find out what various states of publishing your writing is at. Anything more that you want to share is a bonus. I person­ally enjoy keeping some distance between myself and an author and so I don’t read posts by an author that doesn’t have to do with books or writing. Clock work updates are a plus because I know when to check. Jacque­line Carey posts at the begin­ning of every month and I like drop­ping by and seeing what’s up each month.

  15. LaraB says:

    As someone who loves reading about the world you’ve created in the Hunter, Sword and House books, I am quite natu­rally always happy to get updates and tidbits about the current progress. Since a great deal of my book collec­tion consists of “weighty tomes” — at least in terms of page numbers — I don’t mind a bit that your “one book” tends to turn into two. I loved that you put the Kalan­dras short story up. If that sort of activity is ok with your publishers I think it’s wonderful!

    As someone who still currently plays WoW, I can say that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs about that game and many other MMO’s besides. I wouldn’t expect (or want) you to turn this into an MMO blog, but if you felt like the occa­sional rant or discus­sion, I’m sure it would be inter­esting to read. I come to your site to learn about you and your books, so if the phenom­enon of MMO’s is inter­esting to you, or sparks your creativity then by all means share!

    A friend of mine who is a budding young author posts a great deal about her life and her family, but she and they are comfort­able about it, and I suspect that those of us who frequent her site are mostly personal friends still. I will say that seeing her write on a topic that she is passionate about just further deepens my admi­ra­tion of her as a writer (I’m not sure it’s possible for my admi­ra­tion of her as a friend to get deeper without creating that prover­bial hole to China). I love that your son is willing to let you share about your expe­ri­ences, and I look forward to reading about them.

    Everyone is different, so write what you feel like writing, and when you feel like writing. I rather like your idea of keeping this site more focused on the books and using the LJ blog for the not-so-book-related topics.

  16. wolfbaby says:

    Well having my own blog I have gone through the same prob­lems as you trying to figure out what exactly to post. What I have found is what everyone here has already written. We just want you to post what you feel comfort­able posting. I love hearing other’s opin­ions of books as I am a very avid reader and it is a good way to find new stories to read.

    On my blog I have also posted pics of stuff i see that make me laugh or my kids or just some­thing i see all day everyday and make a comment about it. Some­times you can find a story in a very funny place!! I used to, when i had more time, have writ­ting contest to or get a group of people to gether to co-write a story post which was a blast and i had more partispants then i thought. (we used other blog­gers as char­ac­ters, with there permission)

    I guess my point is what­every you want to do people would love to see. Just enjoy yourself!!!

  17. wolfbaby says:

    sorry bout the typos

  18. J.D. says:

    To be totally honest, I love your work and I want to hear about when your works will be published, when your writing them, etc…Other than that, I would like to see what kinds of books that you read, because I love books and I like to try new authors (espe­cially when I am waiting for other books to be released by my favorite authors). Other than that, I can’t say that I would read through “life blogs”, but I do know that some people might be helped by what you might have to say. HOWEVER, I would not want you to focus so much on a blog that you do not write the books that I love. So, if you have free time (and as a mother and writer, I can’t see how you have much free time), go for the blog, but if it would take away from your writing time – I would say to you, “please don’t”. Thanks for listening and good luck on your writing. Your Kaylin Neya books are wonderful and exciting! Keep it up!! Bless­ings, J.D.

  19. Amber says:

    I have to say i love your cast in series however I am dying to know how severn and night­shade will fare in kaylin’s world. i love to hate Night­shade in fact he kinda creeps me out some­times and as I am a die hard romantic I kinda want severn to step up and like shove him aside. But as Michelle seems to love a twist i don’t see this happening. i can’t wait to read cast in silence It seems like the last two books have eluded to it more exten­sively. Thanks so much for the great read. So often I cannot find books that hold my atten­tion for long, but so far these have and I am going to go by more of Michelle’s books. im hooked.

  20. Jennifer Morgan says:

    I recently discov­ered your series, and proceeded to read all four books in a couple of months (a feat consid­ering I have two small kids – they’re wondering why I can’t cook maca­roni without a book in my hand these days). Your writing is very immer­sive and addic­tive. I’m really excited about the new volume. I’ve also enjoyed reading about your disor­ga­ni­za­tion and chaotic family schedule – it makes me feel normal! And the tidbits on writing and publishing are fasci­nating too. Thanks!

  21. Alyx says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Cast series and come by every once in a while to see when I will be able to devour the next one, and its coming out sooner than I expected, yay. Person­ally, I’m glad that char­acter devel­op­ment and building an amazing universe has taken prece­dence over all out romance, because it makes Kaylin so much more inter­esting (it would be out of char­acter too, she’s got issues). I love her and I love getting to know her more and more through each of the books. As each book has focused on one race or another I am excited to even­tu­ally learn about the Aerians and the dragons. Thank you for writing this great series, I look forward to reading the rest as they come out.

  22. That said, if was to allow myself to be utterly selfish for just a moment, my request, would be that you might share with us the stories about you. Tell us the stories that bring you tears, the ones that make you laugh, the ones that make you angry or anything else. :)

    I will keep this in mind, because it’s very liber­ating. Very often, because life on-line is on-line, I try to take deep breaths before I post when I’m angry (my husband is my external editor in cases like this because, appar­ently, I have machine-gun typing when I’m annoyed).

    sorry about the typos

    I had to laugh a little at this because I am always cursing my typos when I reread my first drafts. And I watch the screen when I’m typing — or I think I do — but…I gener­ally see what I meant to type, the first time. So no apolo­gies for typos are neces­sary at all :).

    Person­ally, I’m glad that char­acter devel­op­ment and building an amazing universe has taken prece­dence over all out romance, because it makes Kaylin so much more inter­esting (it would be out of char­acter too, she’s got issues). 

    Kaylin does have issues. Some of those, she’s ignored; some, she’s driven by, and not always in a construc­tive way. I think to some extent we’ve all expe­ri­enced that (although hope­fully not in as extreme a way!). I would like her to be happy, in the end – but in some ways, focusing on romance at this stage in where she is would feel very forced. She doesn’t want to be alone. She doesn’t want to be isolated – the Hawks, for her, are family, which is part of why she’s so protec­tive of what it means to be one.

    But…she is growing or changing; she back­slides some­times, but five books in, she’s more likely to catch herself.

    And thank you everyone, for the kind words, and for stop­ping to say them – I admit it makes the long writing days (today, for instance) seem so much more worthwhile :)

  23. Mac says:

    This sort of post is perfect; little rambles about your life and when reason­able, comments regarding the progress of your work.

    I enjoy hearing that “Today was a bad day for writing!” followed by just what went wrong or the random venting is you don’t happen to know. The inverse is also true. I love hearing “Today was a great day! I read, I wrote a zillion pages and I have a dinner date with my hubby!”

  24. Mac says:

    While I’m here, I’ll add that I have inhaled the “Cast” series, discov­ering the danger and joy that is my brand new Kindle 2. I’m able to finish one book at o’dark thirty, and have the next one avail­able to read and o’dark thirty-one. Thank you, for putting the books out in K2 format.

    I’m looking forward to ‘Silence’ and then branching out to your other works. To think I worried that I’d not discover a new author… Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that detail. The cast series is the first of your work that I’ve consumed… ~cough~ read. I’m having a wonderful time.

    Thank you for making the first week of Kindle owner­ship such a joy.

  25. Sam says:

    I think a blog is a blog is a blog and you should write about what­ever takes your fancy. Chances are it will take ours too, to greater or lesser extents, but that’s the great thing about an engaging writer/ person. Some­thing that may not interest you at first does so when there is a personl connec­tion. I read all kinds of blogs and they are vastly different but all very inter­esting and I would love to know what you’re reading — ALWAYS inter­ested in new mate­rial! And I would suggest Cast Away or Cast-in-Couch but you’re not Piers Anthony and I’m far too old to laugh my head off at silly puns ;)

  26. Michael says:

    Amazon sent me the most wonderful email today. Appar­ently my copy has shipped and is due to me by the 22nd. If only I could make it to Pitts­burgh, I could have it signed right away. :(

    I really wish I could be there, as last year’s Conflu­ence was a high point for me.

    P.S. Valley Games is re-releasing Republic of Rome. (For those who might be interested.)

  27. Shirley says:

    You have created the most fasci­nat­ingly complex world in Elantra. Am inter­ested, there­fore, in what has intrigued, frus­trated amazed — or simply made you stop and note it. I think your insight into your son’s ASD has prob­ably lent much more nuance to your Elantran char­ac­ters. Am following you on Twitter which will be great way to let us know you have blogged, or simply come across some­thing you want to share. Thank you.

    Also — now feeding Kindle means that hard­copy bought for Favorites shelf along w/ ecopy for Kindle!

  28. Emile De Antonio says:

    Nice start to “Silence”!! I’ve been an increas­ingly enthu­si­astic reader since (the 2nd book? of)“Sundered” — although the name change delayed my reading of “Hunt” for a couple of years — and was sure that I had read all the novels to date. Today I saw some­thing on Amazon called “Enter the Nother World” by Michelle West, published by Michelle West in 2007, with no reviews or other infor­ma­tion about it listed. Is there a Michelle West imper­son­ator out there? Or are you both Michelle Wests? If the latter, why the paucity of infor­ma­tion about the book?
    A second obser­va­tion: On reading your bibli­og­raphy today I became quite depressed at the number of maga­zine and anthology stories which revolve around “Hunt” and “Sword”. Do you think that there is any possi­b­lity of publishing them as a back­ground anthology, or do rights ques­tions make that essen­tially impos­sible? I think such an anthology would cause great rejoicing among your readers and sell quite well.
    Anyway, my profound thanks for existing and writing, giving me many hours of pleasure.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I read Cast in Silence today. Excel­lent, but now I can’t wait to read Cast in Chaos.

  30. Today I saw some­thing on Amazon called “Enter the Nother World” by Michelle West, published by Michelle West in 2007

    This is a different Michelle West. There are a couple — one is a poet and one wrote a book on, ummm, nursing homes? (I can’t offhand remember). All of the Michelle West stuff that’s rele­vant to me is published by DAW if it’s a novel. Those, and the short story collec­tion published by Five Star.

    As for the short stories related to the universe, they were orig­i­nally supposed to be published by a small press which then closed its doors some two years later, book unpub­lished. I admit I haven’t tried since then to do too much with the stories, because I’ve been mostly focused on novel writing, but I will put a couple of feelers out.

    @Elizabeth Chaos isn’t finished yet, but it’s close. Which doesn’t mean that it’s actu­ally going to be published soon, but I think there’s supposed to be less than a year between Silence and Chaos. If that helps…

  31. Jenn says:

    I’ve loved your books for half of my life and you have the distinc­tion of being tied for my favorite author (with fellow Cana­dian Guy Gavriel Kay). I find the very way you phrase and think to be extremely enjoy­able, and that said, I would love to hear any words you wished to spew forth :)

    I’ve lurked about the yahoo group for years, and now that I’ve found this website, I intend to check back often! It feels a little odd, and a little exciting, to be able to see into the life of someone I so admire, who creates the people, lives, and loves that draw me in.

    Your interest in MMO games caught my atten­tion (is, admit­tedly, what made me post >.> ), and I’d love to hear random thoughts about such things, having played WoW, and still playing Final Fantasy XI, myself.

    I’ve drooled over the Sun Sword for years, and just picked up the Cast books, and I’m so sad I hadn’t sooner. They are just as deli­cious as the others! On Cast in Shadow now, Kaylin and Lord Night­shade remind me of my favorite Sun Sword ‘couple’, Jay and Avandar, in many ways. You write ‘tense and sexy’ very well. Thank you for being bril­liant, and please continue to write what­ever floats your boat :) I will always enjoy the read.

  32. Your interest in MMO games caught my atten­tion (is, admit­tedly, what made me post >.> ), and I’d love to hear random thoughts about such things, having played WoW, and still playing Final Fantasy XI, myself.

    I’m still mulling this over, because I think there are a lot of meta-game things that would be inter­esting to people who other­wise never play. Or at least never play MMOs.

    I love, love, love Guy Gavriel Kay’s books, and have since THE SUMMER TREE was first released in Canada by M&S. But…as so often happens, I have an August dead­line, and an October dead­line, and those are not as comfort­ably far away as I would like, so it will prob­ably be delayed a bit.

  33. Janet says:

    So happy to read the new cast in silence book. The world seems to get bigger with each book. Thank you.

  34. Amy Black says:

    Oh- I wish I had known your schedule sooner! I LOVE your Cast books and would defi­nitely have made the drive to Pitts­burgh to see you. Are you coming to Ohio any time soon? I really like this site (I just found it last week) and appre­ciate the time you’ve put into it. I’m always inter­ested in what books and authors my favorite authors enjoy. I also like the schedule of appear­ances and releases of your new books. (I always pre-order every­thing from Borders because I am an impa­tient person! :D ) Your comments are pretty funny, too. Thank you again for your wonderful books and the time you’ve put into this site!  — Amy

  35. Mary says:

    Dear Michelle:

    I am a new fan. I have read your first three books and have special ordered “Cast in Fury.” I love all of your books. Kaylin is a wonderful heroine. I love all of the char­ac­ters. I wish I could write with an imag­i­na­tion equal to yours. I read the chron­i­cles of Narnia when I was in the fourth grade. Books have always been an escape stress reliever. You are a wonderful author. I am amazed that your books are not on the New York Times Best­sellers list. They are such high quality sci-fi fantasy. I am re-reading “Cast in Shadow.” I still occa­sion­ally re-read the Chron­i­cles of Narnia. God Bless You Michelle!



  36. Sonya says:

    I was also caught by your interest in MMO’s; I’ve been playing since Everquest came out, played FFXI, played WoW as well for a long while (but then, what MMO fan hasn’t? :P), and am currently playing Lord of the Rings Online, and, as geek as it sounds, also attend anime conven­tions, as I’m a huge anime fan as well.

    Oh and btw? The men I’ve talked to playing female char­ac­ters have given me this explanation…if you’re gonna play an MMO you might as well be looking at a woman’s…umm…features while doing it. I still think it surprises some guys to hear a female voice attached to a female char­acter when in voice chat. Person­ally, I think it’s part of the reason, aside from the fact I play a Mini (bard, cleric, etc.) that a lot of people (note I mean guys, since it’s still a primarily domi­nated male MMO world, though barely) prefer to play with me. I still don’t run into a lot of women players who actu­ally use voice chat.

    I put off reading your books for awhile, tbh, because while I’m starting to like urban fantasy, I was use to reading a lot more of the “tradi­tional” magic fantasy (i.e. Robin Hobbs, Robert Jordan, Mercedes Lackey, etc., etc., etc.). I have to say your Elantra series is the best I’ve read of this genre yet. I’m thrilled to find another author whose work I can really enjoy and feel connected to the char­ac­ters, because the char­ac­ters’ lives are “real” (i.e. they do make mistakes and have to deal with the conse­quences, they can be humble, and they’re not all-powerful). I consumed all five books in about two weeks, and will prob­ably go back and re-read them because I *know* I missed something…that said, I’m not use to having to really read between the lines. Most fantasy I’ve read the details are given…it’s nice to read some­thing where I have to really think about what’s not being said.

    As for blogs – they’re blogs. We’re perfectly happy to keep up with the life that revolves around you as we are the char­ac­ters that, I’m sure, have become an almost tangable part of it. Vent if you like, I certainly don’t mind :P And if you want to talk about MMO’s…I could go on about them all day :P Updates on books is a must…I usually keep a close eye on the ones I like and plan financially…in my case it gets expen­sive, as I read A LOT of fantasy.

    Anyway (rambling, as usual), bring on the books!! I’ve really enjoyed your work, and am really looking forward to the contin­uing (mis)adventures of Kaylin, though I, like oodles of other readers, would like to see things heat up a little bit in the triangle. On a char­acter level, it seems to me like a good time to push things a little bit between Night­shade and Severn. But that’s only because I’m a hope­less romantic (married with a 4 year old, but still…) :P


  37. Diana says:

    Not big on leaving comments, however have loved the “Cast” series and eagerly look forward to the next out.

    I would find your comments about raising your son helpful as my Aspberger´s child is now 13. It is always nice to know that you are not alone.


  38. Dee says:

    Just got finished reading “Cast in Silence” and I was blown away. Lord Grammy (my nick­name for him) is one of favorite char­ac­ters and I always imagine inti­macy between him and Kaylin moreso than Kaylin and Severn. But that’s all in my head of course. Lol!

    I, like many other fans, enjoy that you take more time to build your char­ac­ter’s lives instead of rushing towards romantic climaxes, no pun intended. I’m terribly excited to see what you’ll do with Chaos and love where you taken us thus far.

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