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Cast in Ruin is Live — and this is the discussion thread

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This is a New Idea (which I stole from Kate Elliott): This is the blog post on which discus­sions of Cast in Ruin, with spoilers, should take place. If you have ques­tions that I can answer without spoiling future books, I’ll try to answer them here as well.

And now: two things.

First, I have to say that I have no idea what the actual on-sale date of the book is, and have been using Amazon’s, as reported to me by various people. In my mind, it’s an October 2011 title, and in my expe­ri­ence, new titles tend to ship and arrive the month before the publi­ca­tion month. Some­time. (It’s my suspi­cion that the release week is actu­ally the week in which October 1st lands, because that’s the on-sale date for the ebook.)

September 20th — today! — is the day Amazon listed as release day. Some people’s books have already arrived, and I have even seen picture proof of its external existence.

Second: I know that the internet savvy among you will be aware that some authors are very concerned about when sales occur. They aim for ‘release week’, because they hope that sales during that week will land the book on the NYT lists, as the NYT numbers are compiled weekly.

I am not one of these authors. It’s my (possibly erro­neous) belief that the momentum for a book has to be large enough on its own to achieve list status (any list), and also my certainty that many more people read these books than read my various on-line ramblings.

Also: I have two sons. They were once two small sons, and in the case of the elder one, I could not remain on the inside of any store for longer than ten minutes before he melted down. Going to a book­store was a luxury, and remaining in the book­store while he started to ratchet up the volume was…not a cour­tesy to anyone else who happened to be trying to browse. I love books. I want their authors to sell well, and continue to be able to write them. But being prac­tical? I had no idea when the release date/week was, and there was no way, if I saw a book I wanted to read — while bouncing restive baby and praying for another thirty seconds of silence — that I was going to put the book back and come in a week later.

Given this expe­ri­ence, I am happy that people are buying the books at all. I have no idea what the right week even is. I don’t care if you buy the paper book or the ebook; I do ask that you buy a legal copy of some sort, where at all possible, because any other venue doesn’t reach the publisher, and if the numbers aren’t there — publishing being a busi­ness — it makes it harder for them to justify contin­uing to publish the books. Plus, they give me covers I love, and editing.

And while yes, the oppor­tu­nity or possi­bility exists to now write the books and put them out on my own, it’s not really possible to get the paper versions down to a reason­able price at their length in PoD; in order to get it into any stores/Amazon at all, a book the length of Cast in Ruin would cost a minimum of 20.95, as opposed to the 14.95 retail Luna charges.

Ebooks are a growing market, it’s true — but as of Cast in Chaos, they’re just over 20% of my read­er­ship. Which means, in order to self-publish, I would be walking away from 70% of my readers (I’m assuming that 10% of the paper readers would find the PoD on-line, and buy it there).

Wow, long again. I’m sure this will surprise no one.

ETA (because it is late and I have had no coffee): If circum­stances are such that you can’t buy a copy, I under­stand that; books are luxu­ries. But in that case, can you find a copy in your local library? Libraries do buy a copy, and the more people that pass through the doors, the greater the like­li­hood that their funding won’t be nuked to zero in the coming years.

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  1. Ann Kopchik says:

    B&N also lists Sept. 20th as the release date, just as an FYI.

    Sadly, there was not a copy of Cast in Ruin in the B&N near my work. Put in an order for a copy, which I hope arrives by Friday, as I had planned for it to be my airplane book for my trip to Europe… since sleep is out of the ques­tion, I might as well read.

  2. Susan E says:

    From the sounds of it, many of us fans pre-order and I wonder how that effects the best seller lists. Is it like Ti-Vo and the popu­larity of tv shows being cancelled? I would hope it is overall sales.

  3. Mary S says:

    Found Cast in Ruin in Coles in Missis­sauga today. One here and 1 in Burlington.
    Read it already. My favorite to date. Fabu­lous story line with lots of surprises.

  4. @Susan: for the publisher, it’s overall sales. For the lists, it’s density of sales.

    For instance, let’s say I sell 20k copies of the book over its first year. If I sell 15k of those during the first week, it’s going to hit some of the lists (in trade paper).

    If I sell 20k evenly over the year, it will make as much money, but it won’t hit the lists. But for the purposes of the publisher, it’s still consid­ered good.

    The diffi­culty at the moment is this: B&N isn’t carrying very much back­list, in compar­ison to what it once carried. So it’s much *harder* to sell the books over the course of the year, because…it’s hard to *find* them.

    It occurs to me that I should write a post about how the collapse of Borders and the shrinkage of floor space for books in B&N is going to affect — is already affecting — the midlist.

  5. @Mary: Thank you :D.

  6. H.Renee says:

    Ebook pre-order from B&N is still listing as pre-order and refuses to down­load as of 10 tonight. I’m not upset, just letting you know! :)

  7. Peg says:

    I’ve pre-ordered all but the first book, so I imagine it does make some impact. Or do they count the books as they are shipped?

  8. I just checked B&N for a nook copy and it listed Oct 1, 2011. I am looking forward to the release, I buy in both paper­back & ebook.

  9. ElizabethN says:

    Got Cast in Ruin from Amazon yesterday which was my day off for the week. Reading Cast in Ruin was much more enjoy­able than any of the tasks I should have done.

    Now I want Cast in Peril even sooner, hope­fully it will stay a summer release and not get moved back. I’m ready for more of the new char­acter, espe­cially when Teela is encountered.

    I can’t remember, is Cast in Peril the book set in the West March or the book before the West March?

    I need to hunt through previous posts, I have a vague memory of possible Cast audio­books unless that was a hallucination.

    Another great read. Thanks!

  10. @H.Rennee: Yes — the ebooks are held to a strict pub-date schedule =/. I know it’s partic­u­larly frus­trating for Amazon readers, because they can see that the phys­ical book is avail­able — but the ebooks at any venue are released simul­ta­ne­ously. For book­stores, there’s no way to ensure that — they ship from the ware­house and reach stores on a different days, or weeks. So they have a pub date which is the date by which every store that ordered the book should have it in stock, and it’s the reason they can and often do arrive ‘early’.

  11. @ElizabethN: Cast in Peril heads to the West March.

    Audible​.com has paid for the rights to the first five CAST novels; I was told — by my editor, though, not Audible directly — that the would be released in September. Given that it’s not that long ago that I spoke with the narrator (she wanted a pronun­ci­a­tion guide, bless her), I wasn’t certain, because I have no clue at all about the produc­tion schedule/necessary lead-time for audio books.

    But, they’ve paid me, so they are going to do them.

  12. MaryW says:

    Fortu­nately my copy arrived around 5 pm on the 20th. I just finished. Thank you!

  13. Mary S says:

    My rant is the way Chap­ters and Indigo dedi­cated 1/4 of floor space from books to
    plush toys, blan­kets and other items because they have a higher markup value.

    If you discover a author on their third book, the first two are never in the store.
    That means ordering in store or online. The Sci-Fi and Fantasy section has shrunk to less than half of what it used to be.

    Okay, rant over.


  14. Auraya says:

    I’m waiting for october 1st. I tend to buy the ebooks since I’m getting short on shelf space. Slightly jealous now at all the people who’ve already received their paper copy.

    Checking avail­abily (again) :)

  15. Aaron says:

    Just finished and quite enjoyed the story. For those who asked for it, there’s defi­nitely a boat­load of Dragons. Also, a lot of chuckle-worthy moments, espe­cially towards the end, and partic­u­larly nice that Kaylin wasn’t the butt of every single joke. Speaking of which, I’m glad that the grown up Kaylin tone in the first few chap­ters carried on through the rest of the story.

    After the first hundred pages I was baffled on how all the different plot bits would come together — but they did. It would have been nice to know what came of that Exche­quer busi­ness, but I suppose since it prob­ably plays a part in Peril’s plot, we’ll find out in a year. All-in-all a nice, fast-paced, fun read.

  16. H.Renee says:

    I didn’t know that; thank you! I’ll just be careful not to spoil myself while waiting. :)

  17. H.Renee says:

    I have the same issue! My fiance has forbidden more hard­copies in the house without a removal policy. :)

  18. Auraya says:

    Whimper. All the paper copies I have are favorites. Those are the only ones I still permit myself to buy. I can’t remove those. It would be like throwing friends out of the house. I’ve gotten quite good at making use of the space I have, but I can’t make it any bigger. I’ll prob­ably buy the mass market paper­back of cast in (chaos) ruin though. Those are quite handy and fit everywhere.

  19. Michael says:

    I’ll defi­nitely end up buying those. Like I’ve said before, *great* for car trips.

    (Of course if it’s one of *your* books, it will have to be a looooong car trip…)

  20. Flowerlady says:

    its not avail­able on the Amazon UK website, there are some amer­ican sellers but its at £10 and more :( out of my budget will dig around

  21. Theresa says:

    Speaking of libraries… I know that a lot of libraries are now lending ebooks via Over­drive Media (which is avail­able on Nook and will do be avail­able for Kindle). Will your Cast ebooks be avail­able for “lending”?

  22. Laura Foxworth says:

    Speaking of ebooks — you mentioned a while back that The Sun Sword books and Hunter duology would soon be avail­able for Nook — but looks like they still aren’t there. Any idea when they will become avail­able? I’ve got them all in paper­back but I love my Nook so much I want an elec­tronic copy as well. Looking forward to re-reading them.
    B&N website lists Cast in Ruin date for Nook is Oct 1. I’m making myself wait even though I want to read it NOW! :-)

  23. Theresa says:

    Lol. I’m in the same boat. My husband bought me a Kindle for the express purpose of not buying more paper books. Of course I now have to clear out space on my shelves to make room for chil­dren’s books (Please God, let my son be a reader)

  24. Estara says:

    This is where I envy the paper people. The ebook will be released every­where October 1st as far as I can see, so that’s when I’ll be getting it.

  25. Iain says:


    As you say, not avail­able in the UK from Amazon but bookde​pos​i​tory​.co​.uk do have stock.

    I mailed them to check that the web comment about ‘usually dispatched within 48 hours’ and they confirmed that they have them on the shelf.

    That said, I ordered yesterday lunchtime and it’s still marked as processing. Never bought from there before so fingers crossed they keep to schedule…

  26. cynthia emery says:

    just four chap­ters and am torn between going back and rereading every­thing and simul­ta­ne­ously finishing the New Book! really enjoying this and it is a great escape. I know what you mean about melt­down time. My grandson Nix is autistic and we have a very short list of places we can go. major cele­bra­tion two weeks ago – Red Robin Restau­rant latish on a Wednesday night and we finished a meal!!!

  27. sascha says:

    My RSS reader is subscribed to blog comments and has the first line of each comment visible. I will prob­ably get to the ebook some­time next month. Hope­fully no one will post some­thing like “OMG I can’t believe you killed Severn!” in the first line.

  28. MaryW says:

    I had/have many of the same space constraints but our oldest son married and he and his wife both read the same books I read. I have just been reading for a longer time and have more books. Many of those books have moved homes but at least they can be visited.

  29. Hilda says:

    Amazon finally came through and deliv­ered earlier this morning after I paid extra postage. Son’s dog barking in attack mode through my side­light front door made the happy announce­ment.. I had the patience to wait until the car driver left to grab the box. Yesterday, I called B&N in Rockville, MD, really a very major city, with no Border’s to do compe­ti­tion anymore. They don’t have it, and the earliest they could get me one was in two weeks. It sounds like they were not expecting any delivery. I mentioned before, if the books are not on display, it would be very diffi­cult for authors to get new fans, and to sell more books. Readers won’t even know good authors names to then look for possible websites and find more information.Sad times. Except, I’m now rushing to my book.

  30. Stephanie says:

    Loved the book. Can’t wait for the next one. I can’t believe we didn’t find out what is inside the egg. I can’t believe I am going to spend another whole year waiting to find out what is in the egg.

  31. Mary Allen says:

    I am in Flower Mound Texas north of Dallas and was told yesterday that the book was in the ware­house (Barnes and Noble) and would be in the store in about three days. I just finished the Warlord on my nook and am about to read the Weapon. This is the only thing keeping me from tearing my hair out as I wanted The Ruin book to hold me over til the next House book.

  32. Genna Warner says:

    Well I broke down and order the paper book this morning, so I will be reading it this weekend. I will still get the eBook when it is released on Oct. 1st. I don’t know why I torture myself like this. I should have just pre-ordered the paper book when I pre-ordered the eBook. Sigh.… :) Thank­fully, this is the only series that I feel I must have the day it is avail­able to anyone. Although, I think I will find myself not wanting to wait for Skir­mish’s eBook either. Who do I have bug in the publishing world to make them just release the eBook at the same time they are ship­ping the paper copy? It just not fair that they hold to the publi­ca­tion date for the eBook but not for the paper copy.

  33. w-b says:

    Im ready to cry. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. Now I find none of the stores in my area have it the digital version won’t have till the first and the copy that was ordered for my b‑day present… we received an email saying the release date had changed, so the ship date has changed. I was so patient to…sigh

  34. Amy H. says:

    Oct 1 is the digital release. Sept 20 is the paper release. I couldn’t wait so I got the paper. FYI: It was listed as a romance novel at Books-A-Million which was bizarre as the rest of the series is in the Sci-Fi/Fan­tasy section. So check your romance sections!

    Finished it, loved the new char­acter and I’m eager for the plot­line left dangling. I’m also sad I have to wait so long!

  35. @Theresa: I would assume they’d be avail­able for lending in libraries, but I honestly don’t know what permis­sions would be required on the publisher side. With paper books, obvi­ously, the library buys a paper copy (or several, if you’re J. K. Rowling).

    If it were entirely up to me, the answer would be yes.

  36. @Cynthia: We could not go out to eat with our oldest until he was five, and even then, we had about twenty-thirty minutes, max, before one of us would leave the table to take him outside and let him run around. Until he was four years old, we didn’t *eat* a meal together, even at home. He’s ASD (my son); I’ve written a little about his earlier years at school on my Live­journal, under the tag “Asperger child”.

  37. That’s the *biggest* problem authors are now facing with the loss of Borders and the floor-space cut-backs at B&N. Instead of increasing their orders to pick up the sales that Borders was getting, B&N has cut back floor space — and orders — further. So…yes. If they used to order 8 of a book, they now order 5; if they used to order 5, they order 3. (I believe Joshua Bilmes made a long blog post about this).

    If they sell out, they don’t auto­mat­i­cally reorder.

  38. @Stephanie: I’m sorry. There’s a reason the egg didn’t hatch in this book (besides the usual This Book Is Too Long), which will be imme­di­ately clear in the first two chap­ters of the next book >.<.

  39. @Genna: they used to hold to the publi­ca­tion date for both paper and ebooks, at least on Amazon and B&N and the other on-line venues. But because there’s no way to hold the brick and mortar stores to that dead­line, Amazon even­tu­ally flipped a gasket (reading between the lines), in part because people would cancel their Amazon orders if they found the book in an actual store first.

    There’s no way to change the release date of the ebook, though. Put the ebook out earlier, and the paper readers will be upset; put it out at the same time as the paper copies, and the *other* ebook vendors, who don’t ware­house and ship paper books, will be furious.

    Amazon is willing to let the ebook date stand because none of their competi­tors can sell the book any earlier than Amazon can, so they don’t lose sales that way. This wasn’t true for the paper books.

    What it means is the publisher would have to guess at a date that the books would arrive at the big box ware­houses, and move ebook sell dates forward — but the book hasn’t arrived in all of the phys­ical book­stores yet. September 20 is the date that Amazon expected to receive it.

  40. I’m so sorry =/. I’m not sure why they’d be saying the release date had changed, though =/

  41. @Amy H. Thank you :). I don’t know why it was listed as a romance novel — it’s possible that it was done auto­mat­i­cally because Luna is a Harle­quin line.

  42. @Laura: they still aren’t there yet.

    What I know: They’ve been scanned and OCR’d. The resul­tant files, however, still have to be proof­read before digital ebook conver­sion can take place. With the excep­tion of the first book (Hunter’s Oath), they are not short books, and the proof-reading is being done in-house as far as I can tell. So…I know they’re defi­nitely coming; I don’t have a solid date =/. I’m sorry >.<

  43. yen says:

    Hmm, I just called the B&N here in NYC and she said it was sold out! I said that’s impos­sible it just came out. She said 4 days ago and it’s sold out. They could only order it for me. I don’t think I can wait until Oct. 1 for the e‑book, although I read all the others that way. :(
    Same thing happened to me with Cold Fire too! I would have thought it not even possible for a book to come out earlier than they say.

  44. Audrey O. says:

    I live in Phoenix and none of the book­stores out here have received their copies of the book. They don’t antic­i­pate receiving the book until at least the 26th. I’ve placed my order with Amazon yesterday and will have the book tomorrow as one of the Amazon distri­b­u­tion centers is across town! I’ll be ordering Skir­mish the same way. I miss being able to walk into the book­store, go to the sci fi section and pick up the book. I still go to the book­stores to find new authors to read, but for my favorites, I’m going to just order online in advance. Totally adore all of your work Michelle!

  45. Krenn says:

    Just finished reading the book. I love Bellusdeo already, and I appre­ci­ated having a book which focused so much on dragons. Now all we need is the second half of the story about Kaylin’s new house­guest, and a book focusing on the Aerians… I think they’re the only mortal race that hasn’t been covered in detail yet.

  46. Kathy says:

    I live in Western Mass and the only way to get the book out here is by (1) having it ordered at B&N or (2) ordering it online. I was very sad about that since I had planned a special day to read it. I went so far as to tell my entire family that there would be NO MOM on the day I get it. My kids are all adults so that is a lot easier than it sounds.

    Then my son who just got out of the Army special ordered it for me and I am expecting it in the next two days! Yay Amazon!

  47. ae says:

    I have to say, I was smart (learned from previous expe­ri­ences) and pre-ordered mine so I got it at 10:30a yesterday and finished it a few hours ago. I am SO excited about the new char­acter, mainly due to her peros­nality and the simple fact that she’s a female and I felt they were being just a wee bit outnum­bered lately. On the other hand, two pages wasn’t near enough to satisfy my craving for Night­shade-Kaylin inter­ac­tion, but I’m guessing Cast in Peril will make up for that. Also, I realize there are prob­ably limits set by someone as to the length of these books but I for one would be ecstatic if they were longer! (*ahem* feel free to scatter that furni­ture straight into the back yard..and then the neigh­bor’s) ;D

  48. @Peg: I am embar­rassed to say that I honestly don’t know or under­stand the mechanics of the best­seller lists. I don’t know which stores are involved for the NYT list — no one does, because if they did, they could (in theory) game the system.

    If Amazon is part of the actual print list aggre­ga­tion (they *have* to be for the ebooks; I don’t see any other way around it), then yes, all the preorders do count, but they count when they’re *charged or cashed out*, not when the order is placed.

    There is no magic to release week. The NYT aggre­ga­tors don’t care when the book’s release week is. They just tally the register sales, on a weekly basis, from their sources. The top 35 titles are listed in order of sales, although only the top ten are printed in the paper.

    Some authors ask readers to *wait* until release day, because they want the pent-up demand for the book to occur within the *same week*, and release day is the day in which, in theory, the book is avail­able at all stores that ordered it. Because they don’t expect their readers to buy multiple copies, they want the readers they can reach to buy copies during the same week-long “accounting” period, in the hopes that that’s enough to get them onto the list.

    For authors who want release week to be observed, pre-orders are not a good thing, because the preorders will ship will in advance of the actual release week date, and those sales will count as early sales. As I said in the post, I’m just happy that readers are buying the books at all, and frankly, given the enthu­siasm here, I can’t imagine telling you all to wait another ten days.

  49. @MaryW: I really think the thanks should flow in the other direc­tion — so, thank you :)

  50. @Yen: What happens is: the books are shipped from the central ware­house to Ingrams and other distri­b­u­tion ware­houses. From those ware­houses, they’re sepa­rated into the smaller quan­ti­ties most stores order and they’re sent to the stores. They go by ground, so they reach different parts of the market on different days, with a week’s gap between the first ship­ments to arrive and the last.

    Which means the release date is an approx­i­ma­tion — the date at which everyone should have already received copies.

    What is stressful about this (for me!) is that they sold out in four days, but it doesn’t sound as if they’re going to reorder the book without a special order. Hmmm.

  51. Adenike says:

    I got my book on Monday (surprising because they said delivery date was the 21st). Regard­less, I gave in to the sweet sweet temp­ta­tion. I have reread 4x, it is fabu­lous. I think feel like with this and Cast in Chaos there have been major changes to the status quo. I expect to see further fallout as we get more than a week out. I loved the egg, I look forward to the hatching.

    I loved how so many of my ques­tions about dragons were answered, but now I have a ton of new ones.

    So… cast in peril ? When can I pre-order? :)

  52. Erika says:

    I am bouncing up and down as I read all of your posts and debate ordering a paper copy from Amazon. I was being so good and patient waiting for the Kindle release, but if I can get a copy in two days…My husband is looking at me and shaking his head. I’m really not completely insane, but I could be reading it this weekend!!! Hmm, I’ve been good about exer­cising, so I must deserve it. Yep, time to hit Amazon. :) (Yay, yay, yay!!)

  53. Wendy Good says:

    Aaaaaargh! I didn’t pre-order the book but still set aside the evening of the 21st for reading. I even got a babysitter! Alas, the book was not at B&N. The front desk couldn’t even give me a date of when it was expected in, if ever. Not promising for a book­seller, in my opinion. Don’t they want to sell books? You would think not from the way B&N is responding to Borders going out of busi­ness. I did order the book from Amazon as a last resort. Waiting till Oct 1st is just not an option. I have read this entire comment stream twice as a way to get a quick fix from the people who mention new char­ac­ters or plot twists. Does anyone want to tell me if dragons have a sense of humor? How they name their babies? Are there female dragons? Does Kaylin learn how to curse in Dragon? What is Sana­balis’ hoard? Does he have one? Is the egg a dragon? A new species? Does Kaylin learn the name of air and learn how to fly? Argh! I HATE WAITING! It’s all my fault, I know. Bad me.

    I just can’t wait till the new book. I am already dreading having read (and re-read!) Cast in Ruin and having to wait a whole year or more for Cast in Peril. Some­times I wonder if I am going to look back and mark my life by Cast book release dates!

  54. Queen says:

    I think i asked this before and i’m sure you’ve been asked this before but i cant remember, will Kaylin have a love life in the near future? most of her rela­tion­ships seem fairly platonic at this point even though Night­shade seems to show curiosity some times…

  55. Christy says:

    O.M.G. Just finished Ruin & I’m already dying for Peril. I don’t gush at authors often (read ever) but holy cow, I love this series! And the quality is superb — seven books in & still going strong! I love the romantic tension — much as I root for Kaylin to make progress, I’m so glad that you’ve drawn things out in a way that doesn’t feel contrived. And am so glad Kaylin is getting a little credit for her accom­plish­ments — the new char­acter made me squeal with glee! Thank you for sharing the stories with us!

  56. Aaron says:

    I don’t mean to be a tease, but I think you’ll enjoy it more if your wait for those ques­tions to be answered by Ruin (and many of them are) — it *is* the Dragon book, after all.

  57. jhime says:

    I live in illi­nois in the south­west chicago suburbs I checked like 7 b&n’s and still no book have ordered from amazon. Am ready to tear out my hair cause they say it should arrive by the 26th. I knew borders closing would be hard, but I was so sure b&n could pick up the slack. I mean I started reading when the 1st 4 were already out and finished all 4 in a week borders had the other 2 silence and chaos. On the shelf on the release date when I walked in the door at opening. Now I have to wait a week after the release date to get my book?! Not cool barnes and noble not cool. Not your fault ms. Sagara just iindulging in a rant. I love your books I actu­ally picked the 1st one up on a whim because I needed a new author to tide me over and now I’m totally addicted to your books. I love kaylin she reminds me that we can still have a sense of justice no matter how many bad things you see or do in life and that people can change. So thank you. But barnes and noble… Could reall kill bthe people who decided on less floor space

  58. Christina says:

    The book depos­i­tory are going to feel my wrath if they don’t deliver my copy soon :( I neeed it!!!

  59. H.Renee says:

    I only keep hard copy now of things I loan out, and I often have e‑copies of them as well. :)

  60. H.Renee says:

    That’s why I have a Nook! I move too much for a large book collec­tion. :C

  61. Maurynne M says:

    Pre-ordering does not affect sales reports; you are not charged until shipped, so the statis­tics go with that week’s sales from the reporting bookstore.

  62. Just checked the tracking info & discov­ered my copy is being deliv­ered TODAY! Texted my dad & my sister (I’ve got them both hooked on the Cast books) to tell them it’s going to be a loooooong day at work today and this was my dad’s response:

    Let me help with a synopsis. Bad guys do bad things. The sergeant growls a lot. She complains about the mirrors. She says things she shouldn’t. The dragons’ eyes turn orange when she does. Etc.”

    Baha­ha­haha! Total ready to get home & read!

  63. Kerri Knorr says:

    Ahhh­hhhh! I read Cast in Ruin too fast. I really need to learn to savor the books by authors I love. But I can’t, I really can’t. Unlike a sweet, luscious dessert, however, I CAN revisit the books over and over.

    The egg and the West March, I am just gonna have to wait for the next book to have resolved. Only one of which I have any assur­ance WILL be resolved in the next book. Also, Kaylin and Severn actu­ally talked about issues about each other and Night­shade that have been eating at my brain for a few books now. Kaylin even came up with confu­sion for exactly the same reasons I have.

    But the BEST part is the addi­tion of Bellusdeo. She fills me with glee. Espe­cially when the resem­blance between her and Kaylin was remarked on and by the Archon, even! I was nearly bouncing off the walls with delight by that part.

    (I am too enthused to stop long enough to read other posts before posting this, and the content might make that obvious.)

  64. Mikaela says:

    Why is Cast in Ruin not avail­able on diesel-ebooks for UK??? The rest of them are…this is so frus­trating!!! :( Can’t wait to read it…

  65. Kirsten says:

    I usually order 2 copies of all the Cast books (one for myself and one for a friend) so usually I order a copy from Amazon and a copy from the B&N in down­town Seattle. In the past, the B&N started selling your books about a week before the release date, handily beating Amazon which seems to ship your books so that they arrive exactly on the release date. This time my preorder at B&N has not yet arrrived. When I went to go tell them they had lost the race with Amazon, they told me:

    a) they didn’t order any paper copies for any of the local stores (in the past the stores had some­thing like 5 copies each)

    b) they didn’t know when or where my preorder would come from because the local ware­house didn’t have any copies

    c) they weren’t getting paper copies in the store this time around because the last book sold much, much better in e‑book format

    I’m having a hard time believing that last point. I know I’m in a high tech area, but still.…

    I don’t know if the customer service lady knew what she was talking about, but the conver­sa­tion was strange enough I thought I’d pass it on.

  66. Wendy Good says:

    Scoooooooore! I was laughing and bouncing through Suzie’s post. I even read it out loud to my husband and mother-in-law. My husband reaches behind me and says, “Like this one?” Woo-Hoo!!!! There is was, in my hand at last! My husband told my mother-in-law that I was now going to disap­pear for the next 5 hours.

    Ms. Saraga, the cover is beau­tiful! The best ever! Is that a piece of hair bisecting Kaylin’s right eye, or is it a scar? Why does Night­shade’s mark never appear on the cover pictures? Kudos to the art team. This is the most evoca­tive book cover I can remember.

    I am gushing. I am going to stop now, leave my son with my mother-in-law, and GO READ!

  67. @Audrey: With the closing of Borders and the strong share­holder push to modernize, and the success of the Nook because of Agency Pricing models on ebooks, B&N is content to let people order on-line, because so many people already do it on Amazon.

    B&N has actu­ally cut in-store space and front-list orders since Borders’ closing; I’m honestly not sure why. I would have increased them to take into account the lack of books on a competitor’s shelves, but what do I know about big business?

    Ummm, so, I’m sorry the books aren’t yet avail­able, and thank you for buying them anyway :)

  68. @ae: there are, indeed, length limits applied. Longer books cost more to produce, copy-edit, etc., and you can’t really charge much *more* for them; if you break the NYT top 10 list, all bets are off — but that’s not where I am at the moment :)

  69. @Adenike: You’ve already read it four times? O.o

    And Peril is not quite finished yet >.>

  70. @Queen: Given Kaylin’s back­ground, it’s compli­cated. Do I intend and hope that she be happy in a rela­tion­ship? Yes, I really do. But I honestly feel that her inter­ac­tion models in that regard are broken and she is strug­gling to accept and deal with the damage so she can move past it — and if she had rushed head­long into anything, I think she would have broken it.

    This head­long rush-into followed by breakage is prob­ably the most real­istic thing to do — but it’s also fiction, so I have some leeway there, and I would like her to reach a point where the risks she takes don’t ulti­mately get sabo­taged by past trauma she hasn’t fully expressed yet.

    Gosh, that wasn’t really a good answer >.>. Yes.

  71. @Christy: I liked the new char­acter, and I’m hoping to be able to write some­thing in the future involving — actu­ally, it occurs to me that I can’t say that without spoilers no one will see for almost a year >.<.

    I intend for the new char­acter to be a fixture in Kaylin’s life for at least a little while.

  72. I knew borders closing would be hard, but I was so sure b&n could pick up the slack. 

    Agents and publishers also expected this, but B&N has done the oppo­site — they’ve cut orders and floor space back. I guess possibly because they can’t lose the sale to someone else now >.>.

    You can rant all you’d like, and it will not upset or frus­trate — believe that authors across the conti­nent, as they become aware of this, are doing the same. Or weeping 

  73. Let me help with a synopsis. Bad guys do bad things. The sergeant growls a lot. She complains about the mirrors. She says things she shouldn’t. The dragons’ eyes turn orange when she does. Etc.”

    @azsmdrake: LOL! I love your dad. I would, of course, whack him upside the head if he were standing right beside me while I read that — but I would also be laughing at the same time, which I know sends mixed messages >.>.

  74. @Kirsten: Thank you for reporting that. It’s not, of course, news to fill my heart with delight — but it is very useful, very prac­tical infor­ma­tion looking forward.

    I really will be doing a post about the shape of the post-borders land­scape, but I’m thinking I might post it on my LJ instead of here, because it might not be of interest to readers in the same way.

  75. I loved Cast in Ruin and now am looking forward to Cast in Peril. I’m guessing it’s off to the Western Marches for Kaylin. Since it gets her away from Diarmat she might not mind so much…

    I wanted to ask, why did you call the new dragon Bellusdeo? I think that means God’s war or War God, which sounds rather mascu­line and she’s defi­nitely femi­nine. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of her!

    I also pre-ordered Cast in Ruin from Amazon. I no longer trust B&N to stock books right away. I’m finding more and more that I have to order online to get books I want. Very annoying since I like to browse in book­stores! I really hope you do a post on the post-Borders land­scape, espe­cially for genre books, i.e. science fiction, romance, mystery, and chil­dren’s books. I’m finding less of the newest books and they stock much fewer of each book. Sigh.……

    Any hints you can drop about Cast in Peril, and is it expected for Sep. 2012 or sooner? Thank you so much for your wonderful books!

  76. Aaron says:

    I actu­ally found the Kaylin/Severn scenes a bit awkward — as if they were inserted after the fact. There were two, not counting Severn’s reac­tions in Night­shade’s Castle, but they didn’t jive with the rest of the story. Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve read Chaos that I didn’t get the context?

  77. @Aaron: I think it’s not so much Chaos as Kaylin; for her these are awkward; they are entirely outside of a context in which she’s comfort­able and her feet are under her. It is not natural for her to talk about these things at all. She is trying to talk about them because she feels she owes at least that much of an expla­na­tion, and because she has reached the point where she feels emotion­ally almost safe enough to do so. But until it’s natural to her, no, they aren’t part of the way she other­wise inter­acts with story or event.

  78. w-b says:

    It was B&N that sent the email about the release date. There is a reason that I always pref­ered boarders, and that is they ALWAYS stocked your books. I have always been able to get your books there. Now I have to rely on B&N for real time books and they don’t have my authors. I am so going to Amazon from now on. Live and learn tho and take it with a smile. I will get the book soon :)

  79. David Y says:

    I found a copy at Chap­ters today — 13 listed in the Romance section but they had to search the back offices to get one.
    I don’t think this has been covered anywhere yet: is inter­species romance possible/legal/moral/tolerated?

  80. @w‑b: I liked Borders, when I was in the US, mostly because they seemed to have more books. Or a much larger poetry section, at any rate >.>.

  81. Aaron says:

    Maybe it’s cuz I’m just a dumb guy, but why did Severn insist on bringing it up to begin with? I’m specif­i­cally refer­ring to p51 & (I can’t find the page) later when she talked about her dating mishap.

    Usually, it’s the girl who (inces­santly) needs clar­i­fi­ca­tion of the nature of an inti­mate rela­tion­ship. Is it because he’s now recently in her life? Or, because of her reaching out to him in Chaos? Except, there’s just been no overt/physical aspect of their rela­tion­ship presented in the story aside from their past mutual comforting in stressful situations.

    Even Night­shade has at least attempted a kiss. Why should, at this point, Severn feel that he has any sense romantic inti­macy with Kaylin?

    < — confuz­zled, please help

  82. @David Y: I think — and I have never worked at a Chap­ters so this is a guess — that the receiving is done sepa­rately from the shelving. So someone in the back room received the books, but they hadn’t made it out to the shelves yet.

    I know that our store only got them a couple of days ago, as well.

    I don’t think this has been covered anywhere yet: is inter­species romance possible/legal/moral/tolerated?

    I can’t imagine it would be illegal, fwiw, in the broadest sense of the word; as long as the citi­zens aren’t killing each other, the Emperor is unlikely to care too much.

    I can imagine that the various racial enclaves would take a dim view of it. It’s not one of the things I’ve thought a lot about, but given the way the various races interact (or don’t), I can imagine the couple them­selves would face a serious uphill battle. It would depend on whether or not they could inter­breed. Hmmm.

  83. @Aaron: Oh, that. Yes, that’s in response to Cast in Chaos.

    Usually, it’s the girl who (inces­santly) needs clar­i­fi­ca­tion of the nature of an inti­mate relationship.

    I have not, fwiw, found that true in real life; it depends — as it always does — on the rela­tion­ship and the people involved, but I’ve seen the need for clar­i­fi­ca­tion on both sides. That said: Kaylin specif­i­cally asks him why he loves her, and he answers in Chaos and she needs the anchor of that because the rest of the world has pretty much ceased to exist where she’s standing.

    She’s not an idiot. Well okay, about some things she’s not entirely on the ball — but she can’t fail to under­stand what Severn feels. She can avoid it, for a variety of reasons, and she has — but in Chaos the emotional attach­ment is impor­tant. And he answers. There is very little that she asks that he wouldn’t answer — although this is in part because there are some things she knows far better than to ask.

    She under­stands that in answering he is, in fact, making himself as vulner­able as he can — and it’s not a vulner­a­bility she herself has explic­itly shown, so the discus­sion in Ruin is a response to that. But it’s uncom­fort­able, and a huge effort, to do so.

  84. Aaron says:

    Okay, I obvi­ously need to go back and read Chaos after having read Ruin. Thanks.

  85. @Jenny: I don’t have a release date yet for Peril. The book is almost finished — which is my posi­tive way of saying it’s not finished yet >.>.

    In years when they’ve done mass markets, it’s Sept/Oct, but in years when they haven’t it’s frequently July/August — but that’s about as specific as I can get =/.

    Hints, hmmm. The egg hatches. Actu­ally, I don’t want to spoil a book that isn’t out yet >.<

  86. You might have to stretch a bit to reach his head, he’s pretty tall. :o)

  87. @Mikaela: I’m not sure; I admit I don’t under­stand fully how the UK rights are handled, because they’re handled entirely *by* HLQ (Boon and Mills?) in the UK. I have emailed to ask — but I’m not sure I’ll get a useful or helpful answer >.<

  88. Wendy Good says:

    Hasn’t it been written than Barrani Lords are not to take human consorts or Erenne? Would that be like an inter­species marriage?

  89. @Wendy: no, it’s not the same. What’s been forbidden, for reasons of Impe­rial Law, is the taking of the Erenne because it almost always implies or involves strong magical coer­cion; it is a type — in the eyes of the Barrani Court — of exalted, and favoured, slavery.

    Slavery is a harsh word, and prob­ably the wrong one — but that’s the reason Teela’s reac­tion was so strongly nega­tive; were a Barrani to bear that mark, it would signify a strong domi­nance on the part of the one who is unmarked.

    On the other hand, Teela has relaxed because she sees no clear change or obvious subju­ga­tion in Kaylin, and she is aware of what it commonly meant among the favoured — and the entirely infe­rior — mortals.

  90. LizM says:

    Found Cast in Ruin in the romance section of Coles. Only halfway through it, it’s awesome!

  91. Hilda says:

    I knew Teela was upset and angry, but I always thought it was because of Night­shade himself doing such a move, which brought him to the fore­front of events (CHOSEN). He seems to have been way back in the mind of Barranis until Kaylin came up. Still, he needs more action. What happened with Kaylin’s visit to the heart of his castle. I’m still looking forward to his Avatar.

  92. Hilda says:

    Read it !WOW! and WOW!! Great book. What is amazing is that the same char­ac­ters do not make the books boring. The plots are always so different, so new. I’m trying to be like other readers and not do spoilers in my comments, but I think the cat is out of the bag (cat???) now. Thank you and thank you. I have been asking about the new char­acter for so long, I think it’s a gift to me. Too bad about the other sisters. We need more. The book is sooo good. Now I’m looking forward to Kaylin’s trip; hope­fully Teela won’t be a spoiler.

  93. LizM says:

    I’m a bit confused by the chronology. HUMONGOUS SPOILERS: In Kaylin’s world’s past, B and her sisters get their fake names through the Outcaste. Then they fell into shad­ow­storm, and ended up in the People’s world, where B ended up the Queen. The dragons in that world “died” out, including B. The Ascen­dent there and his sword fall in battle, fall into Ravellon, and end up in Kaylin’s world. So from where did B and her sisters enter Kaylin’s world? Where did the mortal B come from? I thought she “died” in the People’s world. Or did B and her sisters fall into shadow from the People’s world, and tried to enter Kaylin’s world when the People came? Very confused.

  94. DG says:

    Bought and currently being shipped to my doorstep. I can’t wait to read it! *Team Night­shade Powers — Activate!!*

    On a side note, and I hope you can answer this Michelle, will there be a re-printing or ebook of The Sun Sword books? I’m missing 1 book in the series, “The Riven Shield”! The ebay prices (and used book prices) for it are high. Yeah I know this isn’t exactly the right section for this ques­tion, but it’s killing me to be missing that one book! I’d hate to break down and spend double the cost on a used book just to find out I could have waited a few weeks and got an ebook.

    Self-Proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Team Nightshade,

  95. Aaron says:

    My take:

    I believe B and her sisters got shad­ow­stormed into the People’s world before they had their adult Names. In the absence of proper guid­ance from their elders, they were tempted and received “crude” Names from Outcaste.

    When they real­ized what was happening — that Outcaste had control over them — it was too late. So, they split their “crude” names and bestowed them upon the Ascen­dants (selected from the People they found in the new world) to fight against the Shadows. But, they all even­tu­ally lost. The People left their world to find sanc­tuary and trav­eled among the stars, and the Ascen­dants were left behind to stave off the Shadow.

    Mean­while, I think B and her sisters tried to find their home world (Elantra), and they did, even­tu­ally. After the People arrived in Elantra, B and her sisters tried to follow them, but failed. The “crude” Names from the Outcaste with­ered and died (or maybe, succumbed to his will?), which was the source of the B bodies in Ruin.

    In the end, Kaylin rewrote B’s name with her sisters’ names and that allowed her to survive in Elantra, free from the Outcaste’s leash.

  96. Danita says:

    Grin- Keep this up and you will be! I’m rereading this evening since I gulped it down the moment it came from amazon. I confess after­ward, I went to my book­shelves and compared spines. It couldn’t be over yet! The spines seemed to be larger, but the page numbers weren’t. Oh, wait a minute. That would be because I’ve read them so many times, the pages are looser in the binding. Thank you for a lovely read. Waiting for Cast in Peril now, even more desper­ately than usual. Danita

  97. Bob says:

    Are there any other areas having prob­lems with late delivery on Cast in Ruin? I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and I checked 3 B&Ns and also the local small vendor (as of 9/23). No one has received their ship­ments. I’ve been getting burned recently with long mail deliv­eries on books (both Amazon and B&N), so I thought I would go back to the real stores. After this, I guess I’ll have to go back to internet ordering.

  98. Meagan says:

    I posted before this…‘section’ was here because I got my copy of on the 19th. Again, I will say I loved Ruin and am eagerly awaiting the next book (which, I often tell myself, is how I know I have no patience what-so-ever).

    On the plus side I finally managed to get a friend to start the series, but she is only on Cast In Secret…so it will be a while. In the mean time I can admit with embar­rass­ment that I have now read the book 10x and 4 of those times were on the very first day. According to said friend I read too fast…I still think ‑she- reads too ‑slow-.

  99. Suzy says:

    B&N isn’t plan­ning on stocking them in Colorado in the fore­see­able future. I wrote them a… friendly critique mentioning that if they got rid of their ridicu­lously over­priced movies & music & actu­ally stocked books they might be able to compete with the smaller, local book­stores. Most of the small book­stores around here had it (and most were sold out by the 21st), though it makes sense that those will vary greatly. The libraries here all ordered multiple copies so that’s another place to check, if your library does have it you can just buy it when it’s actu­ally in stock near you after reading it. :( Good luck, I hope you can get it soon.

  100. Peg says:

    I also wish that the ques­tion of the egg had been answered. Another whole year (please not more!!) to find out!!

  101. @LizM: The Ascen­dants were, like Maggaron, possessed of a sword, and the sword contained the essence of the sibling. When the Norannir at last fell, the Ascen­dants, again like Maggaron, had been lost to the heart of the Shadows, and the heart of the shadows is connected to Ravellon — because there is a strong inti­ma­tion that Ravellon reaches all worlds. They entered Kaylin’s world from Ravellon; they entered Ravellon from their own world.

  102. Yes, the books will all be released as ebooks — they’re in process now, but the hold-up is the proofing (before formatting) =/.

  103. @Meagan: you have now read this book more often than I have — and in a much shorter period of time! O.o.

  104. Suzy says:

    The problem is that Borders closing signif­i­cantly reduced the compe­ti­tion for phys­ical book­stores, giving B&N a good amount of monopoly power (not true monopoly since there are still local stores). Many local book stores have better selec­tions, but chances are many people who would have shopped Borders only really think of B&N or Amazon now. By having fewer books on the shelves/fewer copies of each book they push people to buy the books from their website or have the store order it for you, which means they didn’t need to use the shelf space to sell that partic­ular book. This works partic­u­larly well for a later book in a series since everyone who wants to buy the book is likely to buy it one way or another, they don’t need to see the book to be inter­ested in it. When Borders was around they had to try to have it so that we’d buy it from them, not from Borders. Now they only have to compete with local stores & online stores.

  105. DG says:

    Awesome. Thank you! :D

  106. Meagan says:

    Well now I am concerned O.o .…Sorry?

    I am, however, one of those people who read books over and over — it’s why I buy them instead of picking them up at a library. I have already had to replace every book in this series other than Ruin at least once due to re-reading them until they fall apart, so I fully expect to replace Ruin at least once as well.

  107. LOL! No, I’m just really surprised :). After the book is finished, it’s reread in full for a final edit, and submitted; it’s reread in full for revi­sions after edito­rial comments; another reread for line & copy-edits, and another reread for the HLQ version of page proofs. So that would be four.

    And then, usually reread in parts (as are all books) when I’m desper­ately trying to find the one thing I’m certain I said about a character .

  108. Elayne says:

    Enjoyed the book. Wished there was more Nightshade.…really hoping he can go with her to the West March. How exactly is he going to manage that with his outcaste status? Guess we’ll see one way or another in a year or so.

    I did find the couple of line hint in the middle of the heat of the battle that Severn met up with someone or some­thing of power 7 years ago to try to obtain enough power/knowledge to protect Kaylin and that sounds like that is where he got his chain. And who knows what else.

  109. Genna Warner says:

    Loved, loved, loved the book. So many ques­tioned answered and then replaced with new ques­tions. But this book makes me wonder if the orig­inal direc­tion you wanted to go with Kaylin/Nightshade and Kaylin/Severn has changed and how signif­i­cant of a change in direc­tion it is. I found Night­shade’s tone in this book to be different from the last books. Some­thing about it just struck me as odd and made me go hmmm.…

  110. Aaron says:

    So the shad­ow­storms are wholly an aspect of Ravellon, which is some sort of dimen­sional nexus?

  111. Cindy says:

    admit­tedly was a fairly brisk meal and we had a stellar young waiter who CLEARLY had kid managing skills. Spotted Nix and Aurora and not only asked if we would like fries imme­di­ately but SPELLED the magic word! not some­thing we care to try and repli­cate but once in a great while would be nice to try again.

  112. Alan says:

    I can see kaylin ending up with either (or neither) of S/N depending on the lady Sagara’s tastes, but I admit I like the symbolism/feel of the N choice better. He seems an adult that she could be equals with and not have to stifle her own adult­hood. S on the other hand might accept her, but doesn’t have the same poten­tial for growth.

    Ruin was great, although I’d have appre­ci­ated getting a bit further in etiquette with diarmat, simply to make room for more inter­esting story in peril. Perhaps the plan is to offstage some of the etiquette lessons? I did like that etiquette lessons weren’t just “list of proper addresses and similar”.

    Michelle: Did kaylin forget emmarian/makkurion when she was totaling up dragons for magguron? She says “I think there are 5 total” but that’s the count of arkon/sanabalis/tiamaris/diarmat/emperor. (If this is just a random editing error, that’s ok too) I’ve reread Ruin and that was the only thing that struck an odd chord both times. Inci­den­tally, I love marcus’s reac­tion to the egg. My wife howled with laughter at it as well.

  113. w-b says:

    My husband did the same thing with my e‑reader. I put in a clause tho… any series in hard­back must also have a hard­back follow up. He still blames me for his back prob­lems tho.

  114. Sharon Brodbeck says:

    I was greatly thrilled with the book, all the plot twists certainly kept me inter­ested. And I see that Kaylin really is using her midwifery skills again to help a dragon this time. Sort of the same way she did with the Barrani.

    Yes, I also wondered how well Night­shade would be able to travel within the West March since he’s outcase. It did not seem like the Lord of the West March was fond enough of him not to try to kill him outright if he sees him there in his terri­tory. Well, I guess that answer awaits us in Cast in Peril. Very good book. Thank you.

  115. Absolutely adored the book. Wished it was twice as long (at least) & can’t wait for Peril.
    After learning about female dragons, I’m now wondering what it would take for Kaylin to become either Dragon or Barrani.
    Mind you my spec­u­la­tion before this book was whether the emperor was female.

  116. Theresa says:

    I wanna cry. I just real­ized that I am not going to be able to read Cast In Ruin when the ebook is release because Evan has swim class on Oct 1 and after than I have to get the family read for a wedding recep­tion afterwards.

    The temp­ta­tion to read all the discus­sion comments is so great. :(.

  117. R we ever gonna find out who kaylin’s dad is. im going crazy wondering if it some­thing big and then wondering if u dont mention it because its no big dea!!!! Great book though, by the way :)

  118. Kathy says:

    There was a phrase in “Ruin” that I didn’t under­stand and I was wondering if Ms. Sagara would explain it. The phrase was “she shed splints”. This was in refer­ence to Kaylin’s removing the bracer in the shad­ow­storm fight scene.

  119. hjbau says:

    Michelle, i found Cast in Ruin in the Romance section as well. I laughed out loud when the guy told me.

  120. Kerri Knorr says:

    As such, they have to be the most subtle, slow-building romances I have ever encoun­tered (in-genre or out, really). So subtle, I wasn’t sure about Night­shade until he kissed her (third book? or was it the fourth? Although even now, I am with Kaylin, ques­tioning his moti­va­tion.) and Severn until Cast in Chaos. That’s not meant as a crit­i­cism, by the way, because I consider it a selling point.

  121. hjbau says:

    I would defi­nitely consider it a selling point as well. I enjoy the slow moving rela­tion­ships though i am not sure if i would call either of them Romances as in Romance novels.

  122. citrouille says:

    Loved Cast in Ruin (along with the rest of the series), but was confused about one detail. When it’s stated that Barrani lords don’t need a leave of absence to attend a certain event, but Kaylin does, it’s confusing because I thought that Kaylin was tech­ni­cally a Barrani lord, so why does she need permis­sion for a leave of absence?

  123. @Karen: Re: Female Emperor:

    OMG, that is such a good idea. It’s too late now, but! Such a good idea >.<

  124. @Erica: Kaylin’s father isn’t a mystery to Kaylin; she doesn’t know who he is, but where she grew up, that wasn’t as uncommon as it should have been. It’s one of those bits of back­ground that may or may not have rele­vance later, but at this very moment, given that the next three books are spoken for, plot-wise, I don’t see it coming up soon. Sorry >.<

  125. @Kathy: Sorry >.<. Some­times the use of a word, for me, is partly based in the reading I did as an omni­vore child. I think this is prob­ably consid­ered archaic usage now, having looked it up in 4 online dictio­naries; this is the OED defi­n­i­tion (which is not online for free that I know of).

    1. a.1.a One of the plates or strips of over­lap­ping metal of which certain portions of mediæval armour were some­times composed; esp. one of a pair of pieces of this nature used for protecting the arms at the elbows. 

  126. PV says:

    I pre-ordered from B&N in early September but when I stopped by on Tuesday they didn’t have any copies and told me that I would be noti­fied when it came it. I thought it was really strange because normally if you pre-order you get the book by the release date listed on their website. I decided to wait a few days but when I checked on Thursday that none of the stores in MN had copies, I caved and bought the book from Amazon with one-day shipping.


    Finally started reading it yesterday after­noon and I finished at almost 2am this morning. It was really great and I too love the new char­acter and the even­tual plot twists that will come with her pres­ence! I wasn’t surprised the egg didn’t hatch, it’s only been three days since the end of Chaos when Ruin starts and the egg is prob­ably only a little over a week old by the end of Ruin? Having been raised on a farm, I know to expect between three to four weeks for our various chicks/ducklings/goslings to hatch. Mind you, since the circum­stances around the egg are so strange, I’d be really hard to say when to expect the egg to hatch.

    I’m also really very much looking forward to Peril because I want to see more Nightshade/Kaylin inter­ac­tion and also because I’m curious to know more about the Barrani’s Regalia. Perhaps we might even find out what Night­shade did to be declared Outcaste? Plus, I’m with Kaylin, how can he even travel to the West March being outcaste and what will happen to his fief while he’s gone? Ah, all things to ponder during the next year…though I’d be divided about reading the first chapter that you mentioned possibly posting. It’d be a torment to read it knowing there’s still so long to wait but then, the temp­ta­tion might be too hard to resist!

    Anyway, another great book and I look forward to the next install­ment! Good luck with the writing!

  127. ae says:

    perhaps because she’s an anomaly and not really a Barrani? also, I believe she has made it clear that her first loyal­ties are to the Emporer and there­fore she would prob­ably need to request that leave of absence…just my take on it!

  128. @hjbau: It seems to have made its way into the romance sections of at least Books a Million and, in Canada, Chapters/Indigo. It’s not the first one to end up there; I think one of the early books did as well, although I believe it was shifted.

    Because it’s published by Harle­quin, some­times the title gets lost in the data­base entry shuffle, because the don’t have the actual book in front of them when they assign a store section for it >.<.

  129. @citrouille: Kaylin is, as far as the High Lord is concerned, a Lord of the Barrani court.

    She is not, however, as far as Human Resources in the Halls of Law are concerned, a Barrani. The Barrani are, of course, Barrani, and as such, are given required leave for caste court customs/obligations. It hasn’t occurred to Kaylin to try to get her racial desig­na­tion changed, and the excep­tions required to grant her the same general rights the Barrani natu­rally receive would require lots of paper­work, which is why it hasn’t been done by anyone it has occurred to.

  130. David Y says:

    I have been quietly moving a couple of copies from romance to the Fantasy/Science Fiction section when I’m in Chap­ters. (with your book­store hat on: does this horrify you?) Found copies in both sections today.

  131. David Y says:

    Michelle: I haven’t been back through the series yet, but how much time has elapsed since the start of Cast in Shadow?

  132. hjbau says:

    Yes. It was a Books a Million. Like i said on the forum i had no idea that the books were assigned sort of randomly. They do seem to get them in the right place by the time they arrive in mass paper­back. Though they only had two copies of Fury and none of the rest of the series. But the store is only three years old and not really worked in. They had a copy though even if the place it in a different section every time one comes out.

  133. citrouille says:


  134. Angela M. says:

    I couldn’t wait for the Nook edition to come out, so I ordered it on Amazon. Read it already, and loved it. Now I want to know what’s next! Can’t wait for the next book!

  135. @David: I would actu­ally have to go back and count; I think about six months, defi­nitely less than a year.

  136. @David: In this partic­ular case, with book­seller hat on, I think it’s helpful because it will make it easier for readers of the previous books to find it. However, it will possibly make it harder for the staff at said stores to find it if they look it up at someone else’s request.

    Hmmm. I think the jury is ambivalent >.>

  137. Beanz says:

    My book was deliv­ered on Saturday, unfor­tu­nately it was deliv­ered to a pack­aging station. This is where I usually retrieve my mail from. But there stupid terminal is defect and now I have to wait till tomorrow (if I am “lucky) until it is repaired and I am able to get the book. I am so frus­trated because there is no other way to get the book here in Hamburg Germany before tomorrow now.
    And the ebook won’t be deliv­ered until Oct. 1st. And here I am actu­ally at home, not working with a bum foot and with nothing to read.

  138. Hi Michelle,

    I love all your books and I am frus­trated that “Cast in Ruin” is as of now only in paper­back. That rules it out for all of your inter­na­tional readers :(

    One small rant: I believe your ebook read­er­ship statis­tics is low because your ebooks always tend to come late and conse­quently most people read or borrow the paper­backs and never buy the ebooks. Also many of books (The Sun sword series for exampe) is not even in ebook form. If your ebooks released the same day as the paper­backs, I am quite certain you would find that read­er­ship percentage dras­ti­cally increasing :)

  139. Aaron says:

    Did I just read that you have the plots for the next 3 books, post Peril, already sketched out? Zoiks!

  140. Michelle — The end of the book leaves me with one pressing ques­tion. Are we going to get to see Kaylin (and possibly Bellusdeo) go shop­ping for ‘appro­priate’ clothes for their lessons with Diarmat? Just the idea leaves me laughing.

  141. Alan says:

    Leanne — Can you imagine Teela’s response to that little babysit­ting assignment?

  142. I thought about that… :-D

    The thing on that one is, there are defi­nitely some protocol issues with intro­ducing a Dragon to a Barrani Lord. The impli­ca­tions of that make me think that the Hawk­lord prob­ably wouldn’t permit such an assign­ment. Though I *defi­nitely* agree that it would be an incred­ibly great scene. :-)

  143. os says:

    Please forgive my rant since it stems from the fact that I am envious that you have already received “Cast In Ruin”.
    I never would have thought it would be so diffi­cult to get a hold of your latest book. I pre-ordered “Cast In Ruin” from Amazon in May and still have not received it. Previ­ously, when I have per-ordered books from Amazon they have usually arrived within 2 days from its release date. I also looked for copies in the local Barnes & Noble book­stores because I was getting impa­tient and they were nowhere to be found. On Saturday the 24th, I had the store to see if there were any avail­able in the San Diego area and there wasn’t any. If I wanted a copy, they would have order the book and it would have to wait 10 days for it to arrive. It appeared that they had no plans to stock your latest release since there was no date for them getting that book in stock. I thought it was pretty strange since the stores had copies of both “Cast in Fury” and “Cast in Silence” on the science fiction shelves for new books.

  144. Silverfrost says:

    I noticed that too. Thought it was just me.

  145. Kat says:

    For some bizarre and unholy reason (that I should prob­ably follow up on, because it disturbs me) I ordered Cast in Ruin a day or two before Sept 20th from B&N. I checked the email to see when it was supposed to get here (eager beaver that I am), and was shocked to find that the book was not sched­uled to ship until January. I had also ordered copies of the second and third House novels (since my local B&N refuses to stock them), so maybe that has some­thing to do with it, but yikes! I know I live in Alaska and all, but I’ve never had that sort of long-term order issue before.

    As I am desperate to read the book, I think I might just buy an ebook copy as well. I will go to what­ever lengths I have to in order to hold it in my hands!

  146. @Alan: No, the embar­rassing thing is I forgot the Arkon. Which is to say: the Arkon almost never leaves the Library, so when the Dragon Lords go abroad, is it were, they number four >.<.

  147. David Y says:

    I was in Orlando when House Name came out. The B&N there said they had no plans to stock it, so I ordered a copy — risky when you’re only a tourist. The book arrived and before we left (we were just there a month) the store had a few more copies on the shelf. So don’t believe every­thing they tell you.
    (I’ve just bought and read the whole series in a month; now I have a year’s wait!)

  148. @David: Some­times, though, they’ll order store copies of some­thing new that they didn’t plan to stock (i.e. that there were no orders from head office for) if a customer special orders the book.

    I don’t know what the ordering poli­cies for B&N are, but they vary greatly by chain. At some chains, the managers can order nothing that isn’t flagged as “re-order” by head office, unless they get a customer order for it. At some chains, you can’t even special order a book, regard­less. At some, the managers can order what­ever the heck they want, because they know their clien­tele and each store is different.

  149. @Kat: I’m going to guess that B&N is holding the book until January because ship­ping to Alaska is more expensive?

    I know the B&N web-site lists the book as a 20th September release date, so I would defi­nitely follow up on that >.<

  150. H.Renee says:

    Book unavail­able in Barnes and Nobles in Madison and LaCrosse in Wisconsin (second is hearsay from my mother searching). The face you can’t see through the inter­nets is disgust for poor plan­ning on this compa­ny’s part. (Not yours. You’re doing your part fantastically!)

  151. @os: No need to apol­o­gize for the rant at all. Believe that it is just as dismaying for me

    Myste­rious Galaxy lists the book as “on the shelves”:

    They’re in San Diego.

  152. Melissa R says:

    Cast in Ruin was amazing and worth the extra two day wait! I’ve been picking up my copy the day of the release at my local B&N since Cast in Fury. Well, imagine my surprise when I show up there, after a long day of work, and they don’t have it. I gave them another day, they couldn’t give me a time­line and kept trying to get me to order from their online system…which irri­tates me since they can’t offer a delivery date esti­mate for that either! So I signed up for a free 1 month of Amazon prime, ordered Cast in Ruin with one day ship­ping only costing 3.99 and had it the next evening. So take that B&N!

    But it was an amazing book, a great read, and worth the wait! I have different book cases for high fantasy and urban fantasy, but the Cast series goes on the “impor­tant” book­case with my favorites, genre busters, and lots of Philip K. Dick, Neil Gaiman, and Octavia Butler…so you’re in good company!

    I read some­where on this blog…about possibly posting a chapter of Cast in Peril already…pretty please yes? School makes the months fly by, but since it seems Cast in Peril will take place outside of the city…I’m dying for it! Just a snippet, just a taste? I loved Cast in Ruin, but I didn’t get my Night­shade fix!

  153. Kyra says:

    I’m getting the idea that Barnes and Noble has jumped the shark, so to speak, in terms of quality.

    Four years running (after discov­ering the first two at random B&N crawls) I’ve come in on the release date, found it in the New Arrivals shelves, and pounced on it; this year I had to special-order it. I did go ask for it at Customer Service twice (well, three times, but the first was pre-release-date and I asked out of the hope that they’d have it sitting in a stock­room and would hand it over when asked nicely), and I would’ve gone around to the other local stores and asked (just to make my displea­sure known) but the guy told me the nearest store that had it was eight hours away so I ordered it.

    The book itself was wonderful, espe­cially the Dragons’ emotions, and I was very pleased to see that the “iden­tical corpses” thing had a reason­able, inter­esting, and non-cliche expla­na­tion (not that I expected any less from you). I’ll look forward to more Teela, more Night­shade, and hope­fully more Hawk­lord in later books. Diarmat has become quite solidly inter­esting to me, though I’m not sure I dare try to artic­u­late why. I’m going to venture a guess that he doesn’t have a hoard of his own, and that’s part of why he reacted so angrily to Kaylin’s claiming of the term, though it could be just because he’s Diarmat.

    I’m tempted to nitpick that you misspelled Makuron this book, but I’m some­what sleep-deprived (picked up the book last night and I didn’t come up for air until I was finished) and half antic­i­pating returning to Cast in Shadow to find it spelled Makkuron there too. Regard­less, I am the type of person who can’t listen to live music because the tempo’s always slightly off, so take the complaint with a grain of salt; I’m over­sen­si­tive to the little details like that.

    All in all, wonderful, and I’m looking forward with great eager­ness to the next one, but one of the awesome things about this is that I now have one more book to divide my atten­tions between to keep me occu­pied in the coming months.

  154. Hilda says:

    David, what a great ques­tion. I started the seriess a little over a year ago; bought as many as i could out of order. Maybe because of that, i thought time has passed when Kaylin didn’t have adven­tures. So, she is really very young still and events happen­ning too fast. She has grown a lot emotion­ally, but no wonder she is confused.

  155. Hilda says:

    Michelle, I decided to read all previous messages to avoid repe­ti­tion. However, what came across was an incred­ible disgust from readers with B&N, not including mine and others which were in another section, and some anger with Amazon too. Extremely poor customer service for such major compa­nies. None of us has the connec­tion you prob­ably have with them,and maybe you can find a way to make them read these and other comments.Board of direc­tors can’t be too happy about it. And you are clearly, a very well liked author. If some other authors have similar anger in their website against these publishers, maybe things will improve. They are after all bookstores.They have to do better, Publishing compa­nies and stores can’t continue losing readers.

  156. w-b says:

    One of my guilty plea­sures is writ­ting, I know you wouldn’t be able to tell that from my spelling or gramer. Just sayin. At any rate when I read anything now it is double edged. I read it as the reader who enjoys the story but a part of me is sitting back and reading it as the wannabe writter. It is that part of me that just dosn’t see kaylin with night­shade. She wants many things and given her past I don’t see her finding any of that with night­shade, possibly with severn but not night­shade. she would always see in night­shade what she saw in barren, unless he shows her more then he has so far. (she said herself that he dosn’t love her and she holds his name so i give thta some weight even tho she often only see’s what she wants) and as for him, i think he wants her not just for the power but also because she brings a bit of life back into his never­changing exis­tance. He said himself that he looks for the flaws and imper­fec­tions and as it has been pointed out more then once she is all of those espcially as the chosen one. If there is room for grow it is not only on kaylins part it is also on night­shades part. Even immor­tals have some­thing to learn. but he is not the only one. while severn did explain his love for her I some­times think he loves the idea of her being saved by him and the fact that he is ever­more her protector and she will always look at him as such.

    sorry.. way to much there just random thoughts.

    but one ques­tion because it is driving me bonkers. what was the proper response when she was to first report to lord derma­mont and sorry im to lazy to get up and find the correct spelling of his name. or for any that i misspelled … please tell me it is really … i haven’t yet figured out what he wants her to learn besides self control. gaaaa

    my only excuse is lack of sleep sorry.

  157. DG says:

    Just finished! I love the Arkon, I love Sana­balis, and Iove a good read. :)

    One thing that did bother me was that Bellusdeo did not remark on Night­shade’s mark on Kaylin once. To Humans it’s just a tattoo. To a Baranni it’s pretty much a full on challenge/insult. To a Dragon it must reek of magic and that magic must be known to be Baranni in origin…a people who were in B’s time mortal enemies. Not one comment from her? It seemed really odd, espe­cially since she’s so incred­ibly outspoken.

    This book was really light on Night­shade inter­ac­tion, but honestly that didn’t bother me. I think Kaylin and Severn’s talk about love/desire regarding them­selves, Barren, and Night­shade spoke volumes. I also nearly fell out of my chair when Night­shade used the Exche­quer scandal to get Kaylin to the West March with him. How he is going to get to the West March and not be killed on sight by the Lord of the West March has me on the edge of my seat, lol. Teela wasn’t kidding when she said he likes to play dangerous games.

    I already loved Sana­balis before, well I love him more now. :) Actu­ally, there isn’t a dragon I don’t like, including Diarmat (the “Mallory” dragon, lol).

    On another point (and I’m biased I know), but if she does end up with Severn I’ll be very disap­pointed. It’s just too obvious in every way. Typical “knight in shining armor” fodder that is just trite and over­done. Mr. Perfect at his finest with a single flaw (the killing of her “chil­dren” those many years ago). Ugh, it makes my head hurt. And no, it’s not that I don’t like Severn. I like him just fine as her partner and her family.

    If she doesn’t end up with Night­shade, which is highly possible since Kaylin sincerely doubts his capacity to love anything but power, then I hope that whoever she ends up with won’t be “the obvious choice”. That would ruin the story in a big way for me I think.

    Self-Proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Team Nightshade,

  158. @Hilda: Authors really don’t have connec­tions with book­sellers in that way. Publishers can, but the rela­tion­ship in general works in the oppo­site direction:

    B&N is one of the most impor­tant *single* customers to the publishers. So, B&N can often dictate a large number of terms, because with they refuse to buy a book a publisher is offering, espe­cially if it’s not a best­seller, it can all but kill a series.

    For B&N, readers are the customers. So in this partic­ular case, readers have more leverage than authors.

  159. Angela M. says:

    I agree, I wonder how the heck Night­shade is going to the West March without getting into a fight about it. I also wonder what the heck he WANTS to take her there for. But my other quesiton would be, since Bellusdeo is following her around so much, is she going to try to go to the West March with Kaylin, and how would that affect things since she’s Dragon?

  160. Aaron says:

    Given Michelle’s recent complaint about Peril growing “too long” too long due to Teela and another “char­acter” she didn’t want to mention for spoilery reasons, I would bet Severn’s money that Bellusdeo is coming along for the ride.

    Which makes me laugh, because I can only just imagine what sorts of hi-jinks they could possibly get involved in. Not to mention Night­shade’s reac­tion when he meets his first female dragon.

  161. DG says:

    I was wondering about that too! Bellusdeo doesn’t seem like the sort of dragon that is going to be happy being left behind. But, I can see the Baranni in general going completely nuts about having a dragon in the West March, period. Espe­cially for their special “cere­mony” (how the heck Night­shade is going to attend that without getting jumped is beyond me). Like the High Halls I get the distinct impres­sion that the West March is does not welcome dragons.

    Honestly, I’m pretty sure Night­shade already knows about the female dragon and that she’s staying with Kaylin. I just can’t wait to see Bellus­deo’s reac­tion to him! She has no qualms about what comes flying out of her mouth, lol. Between Teela, Bellusdeo, and Kaylin I really hope they don’t start a war. :D

    I can guess that Night­shade wants to take her there to expose her to their “stories”? Or maybe it’s some­thing you do when you have an Erenne? (lol, honey­moon?) Who knows.

  162. Aaron says:

    A honey­moon in a jungle filled with insects the size of rodents and your only dinner guests are a bunch of sarcastic Barrani? Sign me up!

  163. Hilda says:

    DG, AAron, Angela: I’m with you in all that. I knew Bellusdeo has to go to the West March too. I think N will learn a thing or two about women which he so clearly needs.The reason he was prob­ably so curt with Kaylin has to be her conver­sa­tion with S. He must have heard all that. She was very at the Fief entrance, she touched the mark (always a way to commu­ni­cate), and S held her for about 5 minutes. However, N deserves it. She will never be his Erenne, her feel­ings are clear; but she will consider and may accept Consort. She has changed Erenne for Consort, twicw at least. If , as Michelle said, the books cover a period of about 6 months, the situ­a­tions move very fast, It’s less than a year since she met N, and found S again. Michelle seeds her books with hints. Because I read them out of order and I read going back and forth before I end each book, I believe N was once the Lord of the West March, which would make him a close rela­tive to the Caste Lord family. This visit to the WM will be a major event. Also, I don’t think we have met yet Kaylin’s parents. The lady with her was prob­ably a care­taker. S is clealy the classic SF Guardian, set there to protect Kaylin. Go back to his conver­sa­tions with her care­taker; his killing of the chil­dren, the reason while the major char­ac­ters just look at him and not ques­tion his pres­ence, including Diarmat, and even N trust S to protect Kaylin and look at his chains (not made by mortals he said). And guess about the new one Michelle just drop like a seed.The other Chosen who has been looking for her. Don’t forget him. He may show up one day and become a rival. What are your guesses? Michelle could be enjoying all our guesses and not saying one word.

  164. I admit I find this expla­na­tion a little at odds with the source mate­rial, since every time Night­shade has used the word, he seems to inflect it with Great Impor­tance. (Mostly I’m thinking of CAST IN FURY, when she goes with Tiamaris. I was never sure why he makes a point to bring up the fact that she’s the Erenne when she goes looking for infor­ma­tion, but it seemed to mean some­thing. Addi­tion­ally Andellen seems to take it fairly seri­ously, some­thing I wouldn’t neces­sarily expect from a Barrani Lord, even one in service to another Lord, if it’s just slavery, even favored slavery.) But perhaps that has been PURELY wishful thinking on my part. ;) I’d be glad to be disabused of this notion, unless you’re just trying not to spoil future books?

  165. Wendy Good says:

    I wonder if Night­shade, who chose to be the fieflord “for strategic reasons” could possibly plan to use Kaylin’s pres­ence and unpre­dictable yet predictable actions (read “well-meaning inter­fer­ence in other’s affairs) to get himself accepted back into the High Court. The current Lord of the West March speaks Night­shade’s name, when no one else at court will, so I wonder at their rela­tion­ship as well.

  166. ..that part of me that just dosn’t see kaylin with night­shade. She wants many things and given her past I don’t see her finding any of that with night­shade, possibly with severn but not nightshade.

    Person­ally, I’m rooting for Rennick. ;) ;) Maybe it’s just me, but I loved that grouchy playwright.

    As much as I love Night­shade, and I really, really do.. I agree. It pains me, but I agree. Frankly I don’t see Kaylin with either men. Night­shade’s simply a Bad Idea. While I can under­stand why Kaylin might find his imper­vi­ous­ness attrac­tive, I don’t see it as some­thing you could build a lasting rela­tion­ship around. At the end of the day, I think you want to have some effect on your mate. Night­shade does seem to have changed some­what in response to Kaylin, but if she truly believes the Barrani inca­pable of love, I don’t see that rela­tion­ship going anywhere. (Though I’m not sure why she thinks the Barrani can’t love. She has plenty of exam­ples from The Castelord and his brother, to Teela’s love for HER that the Barrani clearly ARE capable of love, even loving mortals.)

    With Severn, I kind of see it as a rela­tion­ship between parents who’ve lost a child. Maybe they still love each other, maybe Kaylin can even forgive Severn his part in Steffi and Jade’s deaths.. but often those rela­tion­ships break up because it’s just too hard to look at that person every day and remember what happened. I, for one, could never forgive Severn. Even though I could under­stand his moti­va­tion and forgive him for feeling that way, I’m not sure I could *ever* forgive the act. That was one thing that bugged me in RUIN, when Kaylin sees the Shad­ow­storm and wants to run into it, in the hopes of protecting Steffi and Jade.. from what, exactly? Makuron? She may be stronger now than she was then, but she still couldn’t protect them from him. The only person she would be strong enough to best would be the very guy whose arms she was standing in for comfort. I just can’t wrap my head around having those two thoughts simultaneously.

  167. Aaron says:

    In retro­spect, it’s also possible that the “unnamed” char­acter Michelle mentioned could be Night­shade — simply because she did not want to give up the fact that they were going to the West March *together*.

    I mean, I suppose Bellusdeo and Night­shade both arriving at the Barrani equiv­a­lent of the Hamp­tons might be a *bit* too much to handle in one book. I guess we’ll just have to RAFO.

  168. You’re not crazy, it is Makuron. At least in CAST IN SHADOW and CAST IN FURY. ;)

  169. And, of course, I’m going to cry >.>.

    In my overall world-building notes (I have a large wiki) it’s always been Makkuron, with the double K. So, of course, since it’s been a while since I’ve used the name, I went and looked it up in the Elantra bible — but not in the books T_T.

  170. @Tarun: In *theory*, they’re both avail­able on the same date: 1st October, 2011. That’s the offi­cial pub date for the book.

    In prac­tice, because books can’t be tele­ported instantly to each loca­tion that orders them, the books arrive earlier because they have to be phys­i­cally shipped. The publisher can’t change the ebook on sale date for Amazon without changing it for everyone.

    Amazon (prob­ably — this is my guess) won’t *take* the books if they can’t sell them as they arrive in the ware­house — because for books like mine, they were losing sales if customers could find them in book­stores first. But if you tell Amazon that they can sell kindle books as soon as they receive paper books, you’re tying ebook sales to phys­ical shipping/receiving dates — which means any ebook seller that doesn’t order paper books is going to suffer.

    Amazon doesn’t care if the on-sale date for the ebook is later, because they don’t lose sales. No one can buy an ebook from someone else because it’s on sale earlier some­where else. And readers just get mad at publishers, not Amazon, if they can’t buy the ebook earlier.

    I want to make one thing clear: Publishers make more money on ebooks, per unit sale. The idea that publishers are with­holding ebooks in order to shore up phys­ical print books is last year’s model. But they are still invested in print sales, because print still makes up the majority of their unit sales for most (but no longer all) genres.

    This is likely to change in the future.

  171. Erenne has weight and meaning, yes. But it denotes owner­ship, even if exalted. Teela doesn’t give a rat’s ass about its weight and meaning, because she feels some terri­to­ri­ality herself, and she gener­ally cuts to the heart of the matter.

    Owner­ship of mortals is not, for someone who left the world centuries ago, in any way unusual. It was one of the ways in which, in a heavily Immortal popu­la­tion, one could guar­antee survival of said mortal: if you harmed the mortal who was claimed, you would suffer. If the person who had marked the mortal was powerful enough, the mortal’s status was hugely elevated, and it was clear that the mortal was of far more import than regular Barrani to the person who placed the mark.

    It was not done lightly, no. It’s not, however, a matter of equality, although in cases where owner­ship is passionate and obses­sive, it’s of course compli­cated because emotions are just like that >.>

  172. Hilda says:

    DG, I have felt for a long time that if N gets into some legal busi­nesses, like ship­ping (that big shipfront, who bene­fits?), importing prod­ucts (all those Barrani that came from all over the wold) mining, banking, etc., he is always busy, and closes all those illegal joints, and then open a school for chil­dren, Kaylin will play along. She will never fall for a crim­inal. But in Ruin, N even ques­tions her as to what Tiamaris will do for $$$. He seems to have no clue as to non crim­inal work. But even the Hawk­lord entrusted Kaylin to him before. N is not alll that he has shown, but then 6 or 7 years of books have gone for little more than a6 months. A lot can still happen. I still go for N too.

  173. Angela M. says:

    I always end up wondering if when Kaylin finally meets the Emperor, some­thing happens with him, and they end up together or some­thing. You just know some­thing impor­tant’s gonna happen when she finally meets him.

  174. ae says:

    I can see Night­shade as “a bad idea” but wouldn’t it be really great if it happened and they BOTH grew/changed becasue of it? From the small glimpses we’ve seen of his “inner” person­ality – not the outer facade he always wears – I think he has some defi­nite poten­tial. And it is specif­i­cally because he isn’t the safe/easy answer that I am hoping they end with a more personal relationship..Severn would just be too easy, too safe (i.e. far less inter­esting reading) despite the issues that he and Kaylin would have to finish working through. But this is just my opinion on the matter; hope­fully I won’t have to rethink all that in the future! *fingers crossed*

  175. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t remember how many Ks were supposed to be in it until it was mentioned here. ;)

  176. I’ve always said that if it could be done in a believ­able fashion, no one would be happier than me to see it happen. ;) I just can’t imagine how, and I count that more as a failure of my imag­i­na­tion than a measure of its diffi­culty. And I think if Michelle can make Stefanos and Erin believ­able, she could do it for Kaylin and Night­shade.. but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

  177. natasha says:

    it is so hard not to read these comments. i have not read the book yet (i am at college and my book was shipped to my parents house and it can be while before i go home) but am just dyeing to read it. to bad i do not know anyone who reads this book, does anyone live in Lincoln, Nebraska?

  178. w-b says:

    don’t forget the west march “stories” can change ppl… wonder how it will change her hmmm.

  179. w-b says:

    lol I could actu­ally see her with rennick to easily, they have alot in common :) I do agree tho… at the end of the day neither N or S is who I see her with. I am guessing not an unknown but an unre­al­ized if any “partner” for her.

  180. DG says:

    That’s a really excel­lent point. Just because you live forever doesn’t mean you know “every­thing”. It is highly possible that all Night­shade knows is essen­tially “how to be a crook” when it comes to running a fief. Espe­cially since that method seems to work for others (and him), just fine. His pointed ques­tions to her about Tiamaris is a way to assess that fief’s strength (he is Baranni after all), but it might also give him some insight into what she likes in those changes.

    The one thing that struck me as I went through the books is that in the first book it’s very clear Kaylin doesn’t like the torture cages in front of his castle at all. I’m sure he knows about that and in the past 6 months there hasn’t been a single person in those cages when she’s been around. Actu­ally, I think those cages were gone in one of the books. I think it’s highly possible he’d change his fief to please her (and of course himself…because he’s a Baranni :D).

    Also, in one other point you made below: “The reason he was prob­ably so curt with Kaylin has to be her conver­sa­tion with S. He must have heard all that.” That’s also a good point. He was chilly with her (and was annoyed when she left too, lol) prob­ably for a) almost getting herself killed again and b) because of that conver­sa­tion. What part of the conver­sa­tion did he possibly not like? I have no idea. I don’t think it was Severn per se. I don’t think Night­shade sees Severn as any kind of threat at all.

    From Severn’s and Kaylin’s conver­sa­tion I think it’s pretty clear that she does not have 100% clarity about Night­shade and their weird rela­tion­ship. He went from some fief lord “boogeyman” to this lord that now desires her for reasons unknown or misunderstood.Their link makes it even more confusing for both of them (on different levels). I believe (and I may be dead wrong) that he orig­i­nally wanted her for the power. He’d be an idiot not to, and he’s no idiot. However, with the link they have, and with the way Kaylin is, I think it’s gone well past that in his mind over the past 6 months maybe even longer than that.

    In Cast in Court­light, Andellen (basi­cally the closest Night­shade has to a best friend) said she was worthy to be Night­shade’s Erenne. I really don’t think he fully meant her power, espe­cially since right after that Night­shade asked him about Severn (man I wish we could have heard THAT conversation).

  181. w-b says:

    I agree I too would bet Severn’s money !!

  182. DG says:

    lol, yeah…sounds great. I’m sure it also includes tests of resolve and forti­tude that could kill you as well.

  183. DG says:

    No I haven’t. He said she was currently in the middle of creating her own story and drag­ging a bunch of folks along with her in the process. Maybe going to the West March will not change her but change her story?

    Wow, I really can’t wait for the next book. lol.

  184. DG says:

    Go Team Night­shade! :D

  185. MJW says:

    Not one of the B&N Stores, nor any of the inde­pen­dants in the Pasadena / Glen­dale / Los Angeles area have a copy of Cast in Ruin in stock. This is making me CRAZY… I am an off-the-grid  — no credit card / cash only book lover.


  186. jennie says:

    michelle, on your blog…you mentioned that you’d thought of posting the first chapter of cast in peril but not until cast in ruin was it wouldn’t be a spoiler. i was wondering/hoping that you would do it…soon (?)… now that cast in ruin is out. i under­stand many of your fans are having prob­lems getting the book (i was so disap­pointed that i couldn’t get it locally that i ordered it online from amazon and paid extra to get it deliv­ered in 2 days) so it might be too early and i might be wishful thinking but i thought i’d ask…

  187. jennie says:

    i’m with melissa! please post chapter 1 of peril!

  188. Angela M. says:

    While I tend to agree, if it’s going to be a year until the book comes out, maybe we should wait a while to give us some­thing to look forward to? Maybe just a few para­graphs of the book might be nice?

    *waits to be blasted by other fans*

  189. Chris says:

    Myste­rious Galaxy is also now in Redondo Beach, CA (a bit to the south­west of the city of Los Angeles, but still in the county of Los Angeles). I was there last Friday and found no Michelle Sagara books (and I was defi­nitely looking). For Michelle West they had Mass Market Editions of the first two House Wars, Hidden City & City of Night, and nothing else.

    This was my first expo­sure to Myste­rious Galaxy, and I must say that I wasn’t terribly impressed. It’s nice that the store is open and roomy, but there were a *lot* of books that weren’t present that I was hoping to see and I found their Sci-Fi Fantasy Selec­tion on par with my local B&N (maybe a sliver better, but if so, not by very much at all).

    Hope­fully their San Diego store is better, if not, I really can’t see where their repu­ta­tion came from.

  190. Sue Ivey says:

    I loved it! I’ve only read it twice, but I’ll read it again when the e‑book is avail­able, and again, and prob­ably several more times. Michelle, Thank you for your amazing stories, any other series of stories would have totally lost my interest by now. Not only that but we won’t have to wait YEARS for the next one. After all, Skir­mish is out in January, so it’s really only six months until your next book comes out ;-)
    I prob­ably couldn’t NOT read a chapter of Cast in Peril.…but OMG the wait for the rest would huurt!
    Here’s my thought, the Emperor falls for Bellusdeo, she protects Kaylin from the Emperor.Why else would she take the lessons with Kaylin? After all, she is the one and only female dragon around, how could the Emperor eat her? Also, the egg is another dragon, it burnt Teela?, or inside is someone else who has come from another world sneaking in that way while the magic was high.
    As for Severn and Night­shade, I think they both love her as much as their psyches will allow, but perhaps a third choice will arrive?
    I love all the spec­u­la­tions, it’s a sign of how much we adore Michelle’s work!
    Thanks again, Michelle.

  191. Hilda says:

    Michelle, on 9/24 you address Liz M. and Aaron ques­tions regarding how Bellusdeo and sisters and the Ascen­dants connected with Makkuron in their world. We know the Arkon knew B and he and Makkuron used to be friends.The loud argu­ment between B and Diarmat brought out very old issues.We may not figure out how every­thing worked in the past until Makkuron is defeated. I’m assuming some of them trav­eled through the Old Ways the Devourer used to follow. Perhaps in a future book, B and the Arkon can talk about that, and clarify: why there are so few active dragons, what happened to those sleeping, can they come back? It’s really very strange to think that 5 or 6 dragons managed to defeat or contained thou­sands of Barrani who are still living. Perhaps some book will address their war.

  192. Hilda says:

    This little bit more to spec­u­late while we wait. Tiamaris, as the youngest and B are expected to mate (just think of Sana­balis or the Arkon, please); however.…. we may find a very jealous TARA . We know, we need to give Michelle some­thing to have fun too..

  193. Hilda says:

    DG, if I remember correctly, N told her he got rid of the cages as a present to her. In fact, at some point, I did not like her saying or thinking that some­thing was as black as N’s heart. He is a unique type of char­acter, but she forgets the many times he’s been good to her, almost tender, and very protec­tive. Not ownwership.
    There used to be a Hispanic term “La Querida” (the loved one). In the old times, men used to marry for duty and they had their “queridas” too. I think Erenne is that versus Consort.

  194. ae says:

    this is my ques­tion as well, espe­cially given the few refer­ences to the issue of Kaylin’s mortality, how long will she really live, etc.

  195. ae says:

    **commence with blasting** just a few para­graphs! in truth, a whole chapter wouldn’t be enough, espe­cially as Ms.Sagara’s tend to end in total cliff-hangers (resulting in a bunch of hyper, whiney fans!). altho i wouldn’t complain AT ALL if a Peril chapter was put up, i think there’s plenty of postu­lating to do on the book we just read and all the theo­ries we have so far. it would be great to have a blog spot to just talk about that stuff (or is there one already and i just dont’ know of it?).

  196. Kerri Knorr says:

    To my mind, N is protec­tive because he’s posses­sive. He’s even out-right said it, in rela­tion to Barren (whether man or fief wasn’t clear to me — maybe both). With that in mind, I am rather impressed with how little he does to try to control her — but then, what he may feel posses­sive about is that she’s so very inter­esting and the only way she will remain so is if she’s left to be herself. Either that, or he’s actu­ally wise enough to know he can’t control her without breaking her.

  197. Kerri Knorr says:

    .… and that did NOT end up as a reply to the comment I intended it for.

  198. Genna Warner says:

    I get the distinct impres­sion that the Emporer plans on mating with B. I don’t think B is very happy at her prospects. But as it was pointed out that the Dragons have servived centuries with out any dragon childern so they can servive with out B. My ques­tion is if female dragons are so rare, why wasn’t better care taken to ensure thier servival during the wars? At least I am assuming there are none because of the wars. The more we learn about the people in these books, the more ques­tions arrise. I would love to know more of the back story on how the Dragons have ended up with just 6 dragons in the world. 7 if you count B and 8 if you want to count Makurron.

  199. Well, previous to now, we know that Night­shade was attempting to inter­fere in Kaylin’s life as little as possible because he was trying to preserve the time­line. He knew she would go to the High Halls, he knew he would mark her, and he knew she would somehow gain his name. He made sure each of those things happened, and he made sure to preserve her life when it was threat­ened, but other than that, he had no way to know what else he could possibly do without messing up the circum­stances that lead to her travel to the past.

    And he warned Kaylin that now the gloves are off, basi­cally. ;) That he’s no longer bound to the events of the past, he can do what­ever he wishes in the future. And so I think we’ll see him inter­fere in her life more actively. I still suspect he won’t try to control her. His interest in the story she’s telling would be poorly served by trying to dictate her actions. He’s curious, and control­ling the story she tells would do nothing to satiate that curiosity. That’d be like us telling Michelle what to write, and I for one would find it deeply unsat­is­fying to have an author write a story the way I’ve asked.

    That doesn’t mean though that Night­shade won’t attempt to influ­ence Kaylin. He’s not the type of guy to just sit back and watch things happen. He says some­thing like, “I will be tested by [the story], and I will test it.” He likes a challenge.

  200. My ques­tion is if female dragons are so rare, why wasn’t better care taken to ensure thier servival during the wars?

    Bellusdeo said the exact same thing to Diarmat in her fight with him, before Kaylin and Sana­balis beat a hasty retreat. ;)

  201. Kerri Knorr says:

    Lyssabits, I have to agree with you on all points. I hate wishing my life away, but I am so very much looking forward to the next book.

  202. Aaron says:

    @lyssa: The protec­tion thing would hold true up until the fief of Tiamaris was created, because those are the events he would’ve had the poten­tial to influ­ence. All bets are off after she returned from the past.

    Unless, of course, some­time in the future, Kaylin travels back in time again and inter­acts with a more recent past version of Night­shade. *cue time trav­eling paradox headache*

  203. DG says:

    Ah Stefanos. He could carve a bloody swath of destruc­tion and take slaves for sacri­fi­cial rites yet still come off as a really great love interest. I don’t know know how Sagara manages it but she does. I’d be lying if I said that the “Books of the Sundered” universe didn’t influ­ence my choice in Night­shade over Severn in the Elantra universe a wee bit. ;)

  204. jennie says:

    you have a very valid point. and ruin isn’t even out on ebook yet. it was just wishful thinking on my part. i am a fast reader and read the book twice in the following two days since i got it. i will find it hard to wait a whole year for peril. sigh. and a chapter will satisfy me for the length of time it takes to read it. then greedy me will want more…sigh.

  205. jennie says:

    if i would only read slower!!!. michelle takes the time to plan, prepare and craft a gourmet reading feast for us. and i woof it down. and ask for seconds of a totally different meal. now! bad jennie! maybe next time i’ll read a chapter a day. ahh…phooey, who am i kidding?! but i would like to know about the egg. i think its a dragon too…and i’m also curious about kaylin’s mortality/immortality…and i’d love to know if michelle gets a kick out of all the spec­u­la­tion we have about her char­ac­ters and plots and how invested we can get in the world she is creating…but of course, not while she’s writing/working! only if/when she comes up again for air.

  206. Kathy says:

    I’m with B on the whole meeting the emperor thing. I mean is his ego really that fragile that he can’t meet Kaylin without worrying about being insulted? Although I did think of an alter­na­tive to this problem. I’m sort of wondering if Sana­balis hasn’t been stalling the meet for another reason… like keeping them apart so that Kaylin can fulfill her tasks?

    One thing about the books does frus­trate me : Kaylin should be afforded a great deal more respect than she gets, espe­cially, from the dragons. On just these counts Diarmat should have afforded her some respect:
    1. She is a lord of the Barrani High Court.
    2. She has brought an element into the elemental keep and convinced it to stay there volun­tarily. (This is some­thing no other being in Elantra could do.)
    3. She has wounded the only outcaste dragon in Elantra.

    I know this is not all she has done. But these three things, according to Diar­mat’s own words, have proved she is worthy of more respect than she has been shown.

  207. DG says:

    I also agree with B about the Emperor, but honestly since we know so little about the Emperor in general I can’t really say if she’s right. Essen­tially he pulled together all of these different races under his “hoard” no small feat consid­ering he had to display power over not only his own kind but other immor­tals as well. He’s either a cranky dragon or perhaps he’s just touchy with other immor­tals. :) In my mind, and I’m sure the later books will destroy my mini-fantasy, I always picture the Emperor being one of the younger dragons (if not the youngest). A ridicu­lously powerful dragon, but not anywhere near the Arkon’s age, hence all the melo­drama when­ever you have to deal with him.

    Diarmat is essen­tially a snob. He looks down on her because she’s mortal. It doesn’t matter that she’s liter­ally saved all their immortal butts more than once. He still thinks she’s “lesser” because she’s not one of them. He’s a crotchety old snob, but I do like the fact that not everyone Kaylin runs across is going to be her best buddy.

  208. Kerri Knorr says:

    … I always picture the Emperor being one of the younger dragons (if not the youngest). ”
    I seem to remember that being directly stated — he’s the youngest remaining (waking) dragon save Tiamaris.

    … I do like the fact that not everyone Kaylin runs across is going to be her best buddy.”

    Say’s who? ;)

  209. Elaine says:

    Found Cast in Ruins (last one) on the shelf at the Chapel Hills B&N in Colorado Springs yesterday and read it yesterday after­noon / evening. My favorite in the series so far. (I used to find Kaylin’s deter­mined child­ish­ness exas­per­ating, so I am glad she is starting to outgrow the need for the defense.)

    I nearly held out for the Kindle version but have all the other trade paper­backs so I told myself I would buy it if it was in stock. (I’ve had some disap­point­ments with our B&N recently but obvi­ously not as many as other people.)

  210. @Aaron re: Nightshade

    I know all bets are off. ;) I said that very thing in my post. (Well, okay, I said the GLOVES were off.) I cheered when I read that line in CHAOS, I felt that it presaged some very inter­esting new Night­shade stories. If what we’ve seen up til now is RESTRAINED Night­shade, I’m deeply curious to see what unre­strained Night­shade will do, and how that will change our percep­tion of him.

  211. Re: the contents of the egg. A Dragon seems too.. obvious. I agree that what­ever is in there, it did seem to be hostile to Teela in a way it isn’t to Kaylin or the midwives. But it was birthed by a human and I don’t think that even in a zone of enhanced magical poten­tial a mortal could birth an immortal. I was curious if Bellusdeo would touch it so we could see how the egg reacted to her, but alas.

  212. jennie says:

    you have a point. a dragon is obvious. but my mind is not quite creative enough to come up with anything else but…a chicken? with human parents birthing it…what do you think it could be?

  213. jennie says:

    not that i’ve met any emperors lately but i imagine all that power does go to their heads and they do expect a certain degree of pomp, circum­stance and displays of respect…lots of power. lots of ego. but besides that, it creates more suspense and antic­i­pa­tion for when kaylin and the emperor finally do meet. plus, some really good scenes between kaylin and diarmat. conflict makes a good story, right? and i did wonder what in the world she did wrong at that first etique class? yes, kaylin could be afforded more respect but she’s still learning to respect herself, don’t you think? and if others respected this “young­ster” more the story wouldn’t be half as interesting!

  214. jennie says:

    AND she accom­plishes all those things in 6 months…my hero! we’ll respect her enough for all those char­ac­ters in the book!

  215. DG says:

    I seem to remember that being directly stated – he’s the youngest remaining (waking) dragon save Tiamaris.”

    I don’t remember that being said specif­i­cally. See? Now I have to go back and re-read. :D

    “… I do like the fact that not everyone Kaylin runs across is going to be her best buddy.

    Say’s who? ;)”

    Says the author. :) Mallory is still not her “best buddy” in the series. Neither is Lord Evarrim. I would be disap­pointed if Diarmat becomes her “best buddy”. It’s not real­istic (even in the realm of fantasy). Not every­body adores everyone. If they did, life in general would IMHO be pretty damn dull.

  216. @DGMISS Evarrim. No, really! He always seemed to be up to some­thing inter­esting, there’s clearly some history with him and Night­shade.. man, it would be great if he’s there in the West March.

    And if Andellen doesn’t go with them in PERIL I’m going to cry. CRYSAY. Please say it is so, Michelle!

  217. I have NO idea either, Jennie. I’m not even sure I want to hazard a guess. I’m not sure what would be more inter­esting, a member of a species that already exists and will confound its parent-species by this unorthodox birth.. or some­thing completely unique. I’m leaning towards some­thing completely unique. Maybe it’s a weird, fun new pet for Kaylin. ;)

  218. Audrey O says:

    Wasn’t there refer­encess to dragons that didn’t accept the Emper­or’s rule that took the long sleep? Could any of those be female dragons?

  219. jennie says:

    yeah, i thought of a pet of somekind too. that would be cool. and would maybe fit her char­acter because she cares so much about kids and wants to protect them…that could be extended to a pet that was part of her life on a daily basis. oh well, all just spec­u­la­tion. michelle prob­ably has some­thing else “up her sleeve”. its hard to be patient.

  220. Hilda says:

    Audrey O, you open a new can of.… dragons.
    lyssabits: Andellen is one of the reasons I believe N used to be Lord of the West March, uncle of the new one. Andellen said he spent a very long time there.
    lyssabit and jennie: I do believe like others that it has to be some­thing new, not a dragon, but hope­fully some­thing that won’t eat too much; K can’t afford it.
    I used to think that the Emperor would be a female, but Michelle nix that; then, I thought that when K finally meets him they will become buddies. I ques­tion, how come S has never said anything to K about the Emperor. he has met the E, and knows how to behave. On this, he hasn’t help her at all; no one has ever ques­tioned S excel­lent behavior.
    About help, why the “unre­strained” N hasn’t helped K to become a better mage. i’m sure he can teach her how to light fire and other circus (dragon) tricks. She would like him much more. Didn’t you all like him laughing at her trying to call the Ascen­dant’s name? I really thought that came from the good side of him, a sense of humor. Oh, I would love to see K finally in a good house with B. Please, with a bath­room, and a place to hang the dresses that N will give her.

  221. Hilda says:

    Andellen is the only one that can help K walk around all the dangerous plants in the WM; that’s how he doesn’t squash Tara’s carrots. Of course he will be there. However, who will care for the Fief? Will we finally discover who is the Avatar at the heart of N castle?

  222. Edward says:

    Tis having that slight annoy­ance in waiting for those of us on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Although the release date still shows as 20th September, it seems the only way to get it is to order via amer­ican sites and (unless you’re willing to spend triple the cost of the book on improved postage) the 16 – 30 day wait for it to meander across the pond… It’s these sorts of occa­sions that make me want to grab an ebook version to read while I wait for the dead tree to arrive..

  223. jennie says:

    i was soooo thinking the same thing about kaylin not having the money to feed “egg baby”! but then she and severn took care of their “family” in the night­shade so she could manage now. somehow. someway. and you know severn would help.

  224. jennie says:

    i feel your pain. some­times antic­i­pa­tion is half the fun. but not this time!

  225. Silverfrost says:

    I had thought about that, too. Then I remem­bered a line from Court­light, between Andellen and LOTWM. He said “I remember him and still speak his name. Andellen will under­stand what this means, even if you dont” or some­thing similiar. I think that there may not be as much animosity between West March and Night­shade. Could be wrong though.…

  226. Betty Hyland says:

    I have not read it yet but I have my copy of Cast in Ruin. I live in Winnipeg. I went in to pick up another book by another author and casu­ally asked about C.I.R. They said it was on the shelf. Costs 30$Canadian here.I have my as yet unread copy!!!!!

  227. Susan E says:

    I had an expe­ri­ence of this today at Barnes and Noble in the Galleria near South­dale in MN. Very sadly I could not find a copy of Cast in Ruin on the floor (I’ve already gotten my copy from Amazon pre-order and love it) but the reprint of Cast in Silence was in the new SF paper­back section. There were single copies of three of the series in the regular SF section, but none of the West series. CIR was not in straight fiction either. Urban fantasy and para­nor­mals had there own small section in romance but it wasn’t there, it had one stack dedi­cated to it. On the other hand Young Adult para­nor­mals took up four stacks (sets of shelves is how I am using the word) but none of Cast in Ruin. The inven­tory seemed random, not very well orga­nized and while there seemed to be back­lists just one or two of a series and not either the most recent or earliest. No rhyme or reason. I can’t see how they can carry on much longer either. I left the store not buying anything. I’m afraid they are following the bank­ruptcy wagon train. Lots of Manga and “graphic novels” though.

  228. DG says:

    Yeah, I really hope we see more of him in later books. The Arcan­ists in general are inter­esting to me, but I like him in partic­ular. :D Evarrim and Night­shade defi­nitely have some seri­ously “old beef” between each other that’s for sure. Makes me wonder if they wanted him to join and he told them, in High Baranni, to “get bent”. Espe­cially given his answer to Kaylin when she asked if he was one of them.

  229. Mark Galpin says:

    So after an agonizing friday night of waiting (I finished Cast in Chaos early) I ended up staying up to read Cast in Ruin. It is, of course, awesome. Belusdeo adds an inter­esting wrinkle in the whole thing, partic­u­larly with regard to Kaylin’s rela­tion­ship with the Barrani court. Overall, its good to see Kaylin growing up. I’d say “finally” but, in fact, it hasn’t been all that long in Kaylin-time. Also very inter­esting to discover that Arkon is a title of specific draconic signif­i­cance, and it will be fasci­nating to learn more about that.

  230. Susan E says:

    I just received an email from B&N saying they acquired Borders customer list and made a pitch for my “busi­ness” and that they’ll send me email offers unless I opt out to have my DVD and video sales info switched to them. 1) I never bought DVDs from Borders, 2) I had a member­ship for B&N too until last spring when they down­graded member priv­e­lages and pre-order discounts so they were no longer as appealing as Borders or Amazon at the time and renewed my Borders not knowing they were going to actu­ally go belly up. Borders book­stores were well orga­nized and their staff both knowl­edgable and commu­ni­cated they CARED about the reading public.

    I suspect they really are switching emphasis to Nook and ebooks, they mentioned them about six times in the email. I did buy a kobo and have a number of ebooks on my computer that I have bought at odd times mostly from authors websites but certainly haven’t made the switch.

    I hope they give me a chance to complete a survey allowing me the chance to let them know how they have turned me away as a customer.

  231. Susan E says:

    I noted the comments about the resem­blance. Kaylin was certainly acting as her “midwife” but in a profound sense she is also her mother besides her new clutch mate and sister. (Thinking ducks bonding with the zoo atten­dant standing over them when they are born). Their new attach­ment seems much deeper than grat­i­tude. Seems to me Kaylin keeps enlarging her family. That is defi­nitely a recur­ring theme and her lost nestlings are not haunting her as much.

  232. jennie says:

    get readin’, girl! then enjoy a good re-read and get that cpr down! (cost per read)

  233. Susan E says:

    Your point about gesta­tion time of eggs of chickens and such before they hatch is well taken, but for your consid­er­a­tion on the other hand, the egg was “laid” by a human after an other­wise seem­ingly normal length preg­nancy (although in the midst of a shad­ow­storm so lots of bizarre things were showing up in the babies). So it already has gestated for 9 months inside. Could hatch any time. LOL

  234. Susan E says:

    Barnes and Noble has a policy I have run into before if there are different release dates in your order they will wait until they are all ready to ship before any are shipped. While unless you are a member your “free ship­ping” is based on a sale of at least $20. When I was a member this meant the only work around it was I would buy each book sepa­rately and then they would ship as they were avail­able. Rather tedious. If you didn’t order various titles, I can’ t imagine what their problem is. Their ware­house didn’t order enough books?

  235. Susan E says:

    My take on what has been revealed about Night­shade is very different. I thought when Kaylin trav­eled into the past and “knew” Night­shade (while she was saving Tara) he at that time was rela­tively in his youth and he was fasci­nated and obsessed with her, and I think fell “in love” and gave up his posi­tion in court and took over the fief etc to make sure that every­thing would happen as it had happened in that past so “his Kaylin” would develop in exactly the same way. That is why he was always so reserved with her and afraid to act, because he didn’t want to disturb that time­line, but I think he has become frozen while he has waited over the centuries too, but is now rather deves­tated because she doesn’t respond to him the way he dreamed over those self same centuries. He still has always been doing what he can to “serve” her. Which for a Barrani I think is inter­esting. And at the very least he hopes to observe her rewriting the “story” of the world.

  236. I tend to agree with Susan E about Night­shade and his past inter­ac­tions with Kaylin. I really enjoyed the past N a great deal.

  237. Susan E says:

    I was sort of thinking it was implied that once the emperor was fully aware of her magical ability and value she would be shut up in his tower — with the other impe­rial mages at the least. at any rate she would no longer be able to be a Hawk with all those who love her, and she would go nutz. so her friends are trying to delay it as long as possible.

  238. Denis T de V says:

    I read the Elantra series on my iPad and I pre-ordered CiR a month ago. So, this morming, waking at 9 am ( at Toulouse, France), I opened my Kinde app and the ebook was charging.
    I quitter my bed only at 11 am for buying food in town, taking my iPad on the bus.

    On the book itself, good! I like that Kaylin will have better lodging. I had that fantasy prece­dently, that agents of the daughter of the Chan­celler destr­royed her apart and force the emperor to lodge her in a ms skink with orphans as employees.

    More later

  239. BAM says:

    Got my copy last wk and read it the same day. I loved B and thought she brought a much needed new voice to the series. I’m confused though by a couple of things There have been 5 Dragon Lords mentioned so far in the bks + the Emperor yet K says there are only 4 Lords. Also, at the End of C in C I thought all 5 Lords took to the skies in response to the Outcast’s?Shadows? chal­lenge, Certainly all 5 were on the streets as Sibalias & Arkon joined Tiamaris Diamad & Emmerian to confront the Incoming Refugees. Yet Kaylin & Night­shade both, as well as the redrawing of the scene in the Ruin’s opening chapter both have 4 dragons taking flight Did I skip over a line some­where that leaves 1 of the Lords on the ground?

  240. Marlson says:

    I have read and enjoyed all the books. I’m also a firm member of Team Night­shade, but can see the addi­tion of a new char­acter for Kaylin. Since the mention of the other Chosen and “his” search for Kaylin, maybe this will solve the my dilemma over the love interest problem. Maybe he’s in the egg! lol

  241. Marni says:

    I live in Australia. It is now 2 October and amazon as well as Luna both won’t let me buy Cast in Ruin ebook.

    I don’t buy actual books anymore as I haven’t got any more room and my commu­nity library is .… well let’s just say it is not a shining beacon of hope for fantasy readers. It is largely computers, cds, dvds and jigsaw as well as video games for kids. There are books there, it just seems the selector and I are diamet­ri­cally opposed in tastes. But I digress…

    I can’t seem to buy CiR ebook. Amazon says ‘not currently avail­able’ ehar­le­quin let’s me get to checkout and then says ‘we can’t process your order’. I think the issue is my loca­tion. Please tell me where Australians can buy a legal digital copy of Cast in Ruin? I’ve been very patient. :)

  242. Hilda says:

    Bam, MIchelle mentioned in two earlier messages that she missed counting the Arkon because she knows he never leaves his library.This is a very long string of messages, very funny and infor­ma­tive, but full of guesses and wishes. Great read, too..

  243. Jlea says:

    Marni I’m having the exact same problem!!, i was hoping I’d wake up this morning (the 2nd) and it would have just been a time differ­ence problem, but its not :( Knowing where to buy a digital copy in Aus would really be great if anyone has any ideas

  244. CaliforniaKath says:

    I feel a little guilty because I got my book on the release date from Amazon (I’m in Northern Cali­fornia) and loved it so much I sent my daughter one at her college in SoCal and she got it two days later (I’m an Amazon Prime addict) so on the delivery front, for us, all went well.

    Loved the book SO MUCH that I went back and read ALL the other ones, and didn’t want to dig them out of the garage so bought them all on Kindle (I read on iPad but am contem­plating Fire). Then read the new one again. Wonderful fun.

    I really have to tip my hat to Michelle who is creating these wonderful arcs that I, at least, can only really appre­ciate when I read the whole series in order (my brain is too full to remember all the subtle details over time). There’s such wonderful conti­nuity of char­acter, plot, and essence. I can’t think of another series that has sustained its crisp char­ac­ter­i­za­tion while allowing its leads to change and grow so much. I absolutely love these books!!!

    Regarding who Kaylin ends up with, or starts with, or what­ever, I’m pretty open still. I think we’ve not seen some huge chunks of what happened with Severn during those seven years (and I think the name is a hint), and if Michelle chooses to plumb those depths we may not see him as so safe after all. Still water, you know.… I also think the possi­bility of Night­shade is an inter­esting one partic­u­larly because there’s been some doubt expressed about whether or not Kaylin, bearing the marks, is still mortal. I also adore Lord Andellan as a char­acter and think that Bellusdeo is a fasci­nating foil for Kaylin, maybe prompting some inter­esting growth, as well as a wonderful chance for us to see more Dragon.

    In all, I have about five favorite authors, and my spending last week re-reading the whole series has cemented Michelle’s name on that list. Thank you, thank you, thank you for crafting this all so care­fully! Since the hard copy came with NO future releases adver­tised in the back, I was really relieved to see that you’ve got a new contract and we can look forward to another book next year. Hooray!

  245. DG says:

    *hands Marlson the offi­cially unof­fi­cial Team Night­shade pledge pin*

    On behalf of Night­shade fans every­where I welcome you to Team Nightshade. :)

    Self-Proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Team Nightshade,

  246. DG says:

    I’ve given up on what I think “egg baby” is. I thought it would be a baby dragon when Kaylin first got it. When Teela was burnt by it I really thought it was a dragon. However, when Bellusdeo didn’t say one thing about it being dragon when Kaylin snug­gled up to it and went to sleep I’m doubting that theory now. If it were a dragon egg I can’t see B not telling Kaylin about that fact. Then again, maybe B didn’t think it was important.

  247. Johan says:

    I found it in my local fantasy book­store here in Oslo, Norway two days ago. Great contin­u­a­tion from the previous one. Please let us have the next book as soon as drag­only possible. I am looking forward to read about the long awaited meeting with the dragon emperor, hope­fully it will be soon.

  248. Edward says:

    Yeesh, since my dead tree copy won’t arrive till poten­tially the 20th of October due to getting shipped from the States.. I went looking for the ebook version to satisfy the craving to read. And I get told “it’s not avail­able to down­load in your terri­tory”… >_<
    Since when is the UK held apart from getting copies of a book?

  249. Jo O says:

    The UK is often restricted from getting ebooks. I’m finding it the norm from the big 6 publishers espe­cially as I have a Sony reader rather than a Kindle.

    I have always been able to buy from eHar­le­quin (Luna) and Baen but the price is in dollars and my bank charge a fee to convert the currency!

    EHar­le­quin seems to be the only option for the ebook though. I have bought from there within the last 3 weeks and there was no problem with me being outside the US but perhaps things have chaged recently :(

    Also the Book Depos­i­tory is despatching free within 48 hours (according to its website) from the UK for the paper­back edition ( I got mine from Amazon UK because I pre-ordered back in April!)

  250. Kathy says:

    I don’t think Night­shade was Lord of the West March. The last Consort told Kaylin that her husband was the only surviving male of their family and I tend to believe that. I think Night­shade cast himself out after he met Kaylin in the Shad­ow­storm. I remember in Chaos when he was telling Kaylin about the Regalia that he thought her life was the begin­ning of one. I think that is why he wants her to go to the gath­ering so badly. He is taking a terrible personal risk to get her there as all his enemies will be there as well.

    What I’d like to know is what his rela­tion­ship to Teela is. I keep remem­bering that Teela recog­nized the mark on Kaylin’s cheek and she knew who put it there before Kaylin said anything.

    I also wonder why Lord Sana­balis has never spoken of the Emperor to Kaylin but I have a feeling the issue there is less about person­al­i­ties than it is about magic. I’ve been giving this some thought and I wonder if Sana­balis isn’t keeping Kaylin away from the Emperor to give her time to become more certain of her magic so that it doesn’t get away from her. I think that is what Diar­mat’s test was all about, seeing if Kaylin could meet the Emperor without her brace on.

  251. Auraya says:

    I’m really liking ‘phoenix’ right now. Dragon would be too obvious. I discarded that theory as soon as we got an actual seize of the egg. I’m guessing it would be the correct seize for phoenix. It burned Teela (Phoenix=fire) and glowing red, orange, yellow I’m hoping I’m right even if phoenixes have never been mentioned in the books. But hey, we’ve got dragons. So any other mytho­log­ical crea­tures can exist as well. :)

  252. Auraya says:

    The last consort said that her husband was her only surviving brother. No other mentioned was made of the extended family. I’m not completely on board with the theory that Night­shade was Lord of the West March, but I do consider it a possi­bilty. If it’s true, I think Night­shade is the son of the dead brother. It would also make him a cousin of Teela and the High Lord.

  253. jennie says:

    good observation…but then i think michelle wrote some­thing indi­cating dragons did not care much or as much about their chil­dren or fami­lies as kaylin does…so it could be totally in char­acter for belleusdeo to not say anything or not care that much too say anything..

  254. jennie says:

    auraya, phoenix is a good guess! but, i’m kind of leaning towards lyssabits thought that since the egg was born of human parents and the other magical births had human aspects to them that the egg baby will have some ‘human’ to it. and dragons can meta­mor­phis to human so dragon would still be a good guess too even though its obvious. some­thing phoenix-like could be inter­esting! how ’bout gryffin? lion/bird could be hatchable!

  255. Kat says:

    I also couldn’t get the ebook when I checked on the weekend (Australia — hello!). I’m hoping my hard copy arrives soon. However, my friend in Melbourne waltzed into a book­store on the 27th and they got a copy out of the box for her, the lucky so-and-so.
    I’m rereading the earlier books to pass the time (tapdancing with impa­tience over here) and in Cast in Court­light there is a line saying Night­shade was not equal in rank to the Lord of the West March before he was outcaste. So unless he stepped down as LotWM for West March before becoming outcaste (so very unlikely), he was never the LotWM. Or maybe he acted as Regent until West March was old enough? Damn. They could still be related either way I suppose. Anyway Michelle will let us know this eventually.

    Please let my copy be waiting when I get home from work, please please please.

  256. Jlea says:

    I remember that from one of the books as well. I suppose it depend on where the Lord of the West March gets his rank from — either his being the 2nd son of the High Lord, or actualy being the LotWM. I’d also assume that if there was only one son of the High Lord that someone else would need to take the title, so its possible Nighshade could have taken it after the brother died.
    @Auraya: I dont think the consort saying her other brother was dead indi­cates that it defi­nately wasn’t Night­shade, because i think that they would concider him dead to them as an outcaste.
    Person­ally i dont think that Nighshade ever was LotWM, but Auraya’s theory that he could be the son of the dead brother, who prob­ably was LotWM, could be possible.
    Anyway its now 10am and I’ve been up all night studying for an exam so I apol­o­gise if this makes no sense :P

  257. Kat says:

    That’s true Jlea. If it works the usual way then the son of the High Lord should out rank everyone else regard­less of how titled they are. If Night­shade was the cousin who held the West Marches after the High Lord killed off his brother(s) I guess I just can’t see him giving it up to the baby West March without a fight. Although he would if he meets time trav­el­ling Kaylin before West March was born. Eek! Can we get a time­line of impor­tant dates in the next book?

    P.S my first response went awol so apolo­gies if this ends up a double post.

  258. Edward says:

    Managed to snag an ebook copy while waiting for the dead tree to arrive. Then spent about 4 hours of my after­noon reading it rather then conducting proper work.. A fun little romp there, with some very nice expan­sion on the dragons. Defi­nitely looking forward to how things shake out with the new room­mate in the next few books… And the ques­tion of what will go on in the West Marches…

  259. Genna Warner says:

    Okay all these comments are making me want to write cliff notes for the books. I am going to re-read Ruin first and then do a complete re-read of the whole series. Maybe even force myself to do cliff notes for the books. :)

  260. Cliff notes is a really super idea!

  261. Theresa says:

    Ok. I apol­o­gize in advance for typos and junk nut I am typing on my phone while holding my 5 month old.

    I LOVED B. She’s like the dragon version on K but instead of chil­dren, the Noranir are her “hoard”.

    I also wish that we had more scenes with N. I really REALLY hope K ends up with him. I don’t think it would work out so well with S because he is so over protec­tive of her (and I think she sees him as a big brother). Whereas N treats her like an equal.

    I think that N is a cousin to the LOTWM and possibly the for LOTWM (until he became an outcaste). Remember that in “Secret”, K visits the castle abd there are paint­ings of a golden haired Barrani. From what I remember of “Silence”, N was trav­eling through the fief in a carriage. I think he wasre­turning to the WM. But upon meeting K and hearing what she said he “aban­doned” the WM (which made him an outcaste) and took the castle. As he said in “Chaos” he behaved how he did because he didn’t WA t to change the time­line but now that K knows they met in the past, I think we will see N revert to a more “youthful” self.

  262. jessica says:

    alright all you self proclaimed fans of Night­shade, we can do better then copying twilight! be more creative. team night­shade reminds me to much of twilight and twilight reffrences are in insult, just saying.

    anyways, michelle you have no idea how excited i am for the book regarding the west march, i have been waiting for an adven­ture outside the city, and with night­shade!! that makes it all the better :)

    i cant wait for kaylins next adven­ture, keep up the good work.

  263. I’m up for Cliff Notes… Tell me which book to do and where to dump the result (and/or reach me off list to coor­di­nate). I’d also love to see someone collect every­thing we know about Dragons, or Barrani, Norannir, etc. — the lore, the eye colors, the naming rituals, history, etc.

  264. Hilda says:

    I have said that Michelle like to seed her books with facts or hints that I believe will come out later. I seem to remember that in one of the earliest book, when K was in the Castle, N had on a shelf a portrait of a lady K could not see clearly, It must be of some rele­vance later. Could it have been the Consort of the previous Caste Lord? Why did she touch K’ face and I think mentioned N’s name softly. Why does he have a throne in his castle? Why would the LWM called her Kyuthe and then told her to ask N about it. He also touched her mark and spoke through it. I think when N goes to the WM he may find some enemies, but also a few friends. My copy of Court­light is taped and wrap in rubber bands. I’m careful with it.
    I think that Michelle may be back by now. Welcome back Michelle. I hope you had a great time.

  265. DG says:

    LOL, offended? It’s a joke. :) Take it in the spirit for which it is. Basi­cally, don’t like it? That’s cool, nobody is asking you to join in. What I don’t want is for people to take it so seri­ously that they feel the need to belittle others. I hope you get my meaning on that. Let’s just be civil, yes? We all love the author and her work.

    Self-Proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Team Nightshade,

  266. Billie says:

    Finished your book and loved it. I live in a two bedroom one bath bungalow with my husband and two little girls. So, I waited for the ebook release. Space is more precious then time in this case. I love all of your cast books and I after reading the above I am going to dive into your other series as well. I just wanted to thank you for publishing your books new and old in e‑format. With all the complaints about release dates and etc I wanted to make sure to let you know how glad I am to have it in e‑format.
    P.s. I am so LOVED that we found a dragon with a sense of humor!

  267. Billie says:

    *am = iPad touch­screen + auto­cor­rect (not sure what happened).

  268. Jlea says:

    I think that there should be a wiki page or some­thing set up. We could do a read through :P I’m sure it may answer some ques­tions and possible result in many more :P but it’d be fun. None of my friends read these kinds of novels so I have noone to talk to them about :(

  269. EN says:

    Finished your latest book in the cast series! Loooveed it! I’m eagerly awaiting the next install­ment, which hope­fully (cross my fingers) will be out next year. I hope your creative juices are running and that the next book will involved the egg hatching :)

  270. PaulaL says:

    But what about when Teela saw Severn and in effect went “Yummy!” and told Kaylin, not aware than Kaylin and Severn had lots of history, the Severn was no sort for Kaylin to be get involved with?

  271. DeDe says:

    phoenix is a good guess — I hadn’t even thought about bringing in another crea­ture. For some reason I’d been thinking that the egg was some sort of fire elemental…The way water seemed like a little girl — maybe the elemen­tals can be ‘shaped’ in some human way. Fire was lonely — so perhaps the elemen­tal’s desire + the human ‘carrier’ + magic = fire baby?

  272. DeDe says:

    Hmm — I think I managed to mess up my reply — It’s not where it’s supposed to be. (I’m guessing only a blonde could mess up clicking on the ‘Reply’ button?) Oh well…
    Just so it doesn’t get completely lost — I like the phoenix- fun guess – I hadn’t even thought about bringing in another creature.

    For some reason I’d been thinking that the egg was some sort of fire elemental…The way water seemed like a little girl – maybe the elemen­tals can be ‘shaped’ in some human way. Fire was lonely – so perhaps the elemental’s desire + the human ‘carrier’ + magic = fire baby? Defi­nite trouble maker I’m sure…Will B help babysit?…And what happens when the ‘baby’ starts to walk? Explores the stacks in the Arkon’s library?

  273. ae says:

    I think fans of the Cast series should take a cue from Robert Jordan’s fan…there are sites full of dictio­naries, refer­ence books (by page, topic, etc), theory strings, fan art, time­lines, xeno­bi­ology, etc.

    Having said this, I must admit I don’t have near enough time to make any of these pages…although I’d be glad to help if someone is ambi­tious enough to get anything concrete started!

  274. Teri C. says:

    The fire elemental sounds like a good possi­blility-it would explain the colors when Teela touched it, and Kaylin did say some­thing about about calling and talking to it/him again :-)

  275. Hilda says:

    I just ordered Skir­mish in Amazon to be deliv­ered on January 3rd. I’m so looking forward to it. I may have chance to read Ruin 2 or 3 more times. Let’s hope all book­stores do better with this one than they did with Ruin.

  276. Genna Warner says:

    Actu­ally i am thinking of setting up a fan page for the not just this series but for the West novels as well. I need to get my thoughts together on what I want to do with it and then get permis­sion from Michelle to do it. If people want to collab­o­rate on this I would love it.

  277. Laura Nichols says:

    Night­shade couldn’t be uncle to the current Lord of the West March, if I remember Court­light prop­erly. I believe that book said that previous Lords of the West March were cousins of the monarch.

  278. Wendy Good says:

    I bet if all of Michelle’s fans pre-order her next book from B&N, B&N will get the hint and start stocking her books on the shelves. She said B&N listens to readers more than publishers, so we have to do our part to make them know how impor­tant these books are to us. I, for one, do not want a repeat of not having the book in my hands on the release date and then finding out that it wasn’t even ordered by the store. The best way to get their atten­tion is to show a big number in the pre-order category.

  279. Shannon says:

    I finished Cast in Ruin at 3:00 this morning and I loved it. I loved Bellusdeo. I too thought Night­shade was a little “off,” irri­tated and less patient somehow. I can’t wait for Cast in Peril. It promises to be very exciting even if it is so far away. Lol

    One thing I noticed is that the names Maggaron and Makkuron are remark­ably similar, at least they are when I pronounce them in my head. While there is no confu­sion reading the names, it seems like this might be an issue when the time comes to record the audio­book. Then again no one else has mentioned this so maybe it’s just me *sigh*. Is there a “correct” way to pronounce both names?

    I love how each book reveals some­thing that shows the events from the previous books in a new light. I think that is truly amazing. I have read the Sundered series and I am in love with the Cast series. I think I will look for your other works.

  280. Kerri Knorr says:

    Oh, I noticed it. There’s Caitlyn and Kaylin, too. ;) Yeah, I bet the audio versions will be interesting.

  281. shadowkindrd says:

    FINALLY. My B&N got Cast in Ruin in. Gar. I should have ordered it online from bn​.com.

    Kaylin looks like a young Jodie Foster on thsi cover. That’s not a bad thing. Just…distracting. And yes, I know that the author doesn’t have control over the cover art. it’s still a very cool cover.

    I love Kaylin to bits. She’s the perfect example of one of my favorite tropes: You’ve got super gifts/talents/abilities? Boy are you boned! *grin* Thank you for this awesome series. More please! *grin*

    And *sulk* at having to wait for the next one. :p

  282. jessica says:

    It really does not surprise me that night­shade has an “I dont care atti­tude” towards Kaylin. Im voteing for kaylin and night­shade to be together but I cant help real­izing that she uses him in every way and never gives him anything in return for all the help he has given her. Night­shade has time and time again saved her life (more then severn has quite frankly), and given her infor­ma­tion that has aided her greatly(again more then Severn has).
    Kaylin fails to acknowl­edge this fact and still thinks of him as this evil hearted indi­vidual. Also she told severn that she loved him for always being their and helping her (which im sure night­shade heard that conver­sa­tion with severn), but Night­shade has helped her in so many more ways then Severn. I see Severn as being “just there”. Kaylin has not said but has deffi­natly implied that Night­shade is vertu­ally worth­less to her except for extracting infor­ma­tion from him, and when she is in a sticky posi­tion and her life is on the line who does she call, not severn she calls Nightshade.
    If I where Night­shade and had heard that conver­sa­tion I would be really hurt, jeal­ouse, and legi­t­a­mately pissed off, Night­shade would prob­ably be thinking to myself wait a minute chick I have been there for you, saved your life lets see four or five times, the last time involving the destroyer at personal risk to myself (severn again it always seems like he is mainly been there), given you infor­ma­tion without ques­tion (or really much of a price to her) as to why I am still not granted any credit for my efforts not even a thank you just a you make me really uncom­fort­able because your a barrani and a fief lord is insulting.
    And Severn is not only given credit for all the same things Night­shade has done for Kaylin twice over, even when he has in the past been the one who has completely torn down her world and hurt her so deeply. Night­shades prob­ably thinking now Severn has been forgiven, but im still and always have been viewed as this monster, screw you Kaylin.
    person­ally im surprised Night­shade hasnt stopped caring sooner, honostly Kaylin treats him like dirt, so why would he at this point not give to shits either way? She loves Severn.

  283. Heather says:

    I love the new book and the insights on the dragons etc. but I really hope that we will learn more about the Aerians.

    As for the S/N thing — I am more of an N person but think that it will even­tu­ally be someone from left field we have not met yet. Possibly someone who can take her flying daily without causing prob­lems with the emperor.

    The Chap­ters store here said that they had 11 copies on order and Indigo down­town had two in stock (which sold quickly) but as of today Chap­ters still haden’t received their copies. — Wonder if there was an issue in production/shipping?

    Thanks for all of the wonderful stories

  284. DG says:

    For what it’s worth the Wikipedia entry for Michelle lists her books, but there are no indi­vidual pages for those books (en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​M​i​c​h​e​l​l​e​_​S​a​g​ara). Don’t know how authors feel about wikipedia entries though.

  285. Jlea says:

    Great rant Jessica!!!! I agree with almost all of what you’ve said. He gets very little thanks from her and although theres prob­ably an alteria motive for most things he has done, he prob­ably deserves a bit of grat­i­tude. I dont think that he has stopped caring though…He did say “And you will absent your­self entirely from the fief of Tiamaris until any present danger is past?” “no” “Then it is not irrel­e­vant”. I think its more frus­trastion (spelling is not my strong point) than lack of caring

  286. Jlea says:

    Some­thing more like a Tangler forum maybe… i use one for the Sookie Stack­house Series and its pretty good, u can google it to have a look. I know theres a yahoo group around but I find it very had to read cause all the previous replies get put into the new ones and u end up reading the same message over and over…or maybe i just have it set up wrong

  287. I did set up a fan page/encyclopedia for the West (Sun Sword) novels, with Michelle’s permis­sion (and a contri­bu­tion or two from her!), but it didn’t get very far. I’m happy to resur­rect it and add a section for the Elantra books if there is interest…

    @Jlea, I agree with the diffi­culty on reading the Yahoo group. If only people there would learn a couple basic rules of message group etiquette… like when to take discus­sions off-list, and to delete all but the most rele­vant bits of text that they’re replying to, and to use rele­vant subject lines (and change them as neces­sary)… You can’t thread the discus­sion, you can’t follow threads, you can’t even figure out which are new posts and which are mis-copied, un-deleted two-line replies buried in three screens of quoted text…

  288. DG says:

    I agree about the Yahoo group. I’ve never liked the layout of Yahoo groups in general and I avoid it for that reason really. Never heard of Tangler before, looked at the Sookie Stack­house page. Seems like it would work, but I guess the ques­tion is…would anybody use it? Laurell K. Hamilton has her own forums on her website, but she also has moder­a­tors for those forums.…that’s another concern, you need folks who are on top of the moder­a­tion as well.

  289. Laura Nichols says:

    For those of you complaining about Yahoo, have you gone to the groups site instead of getting indi­vidual emails? If you call up a story, you see links to the whole thread.

    The daily emails also group threads together.

  290. DG says:

    I’ve used/read/followed Yahoo groups for more than just Sagara’s work in the past. Yes, I’ve gone to the sites instead of getting the emails. Yes, I’ve gone to Sagara’s in partic­ular. I just don’t like the layout. It’s a pref­er­ence thing for me. :)

  291. Genna Warner says:

    I have an active forum for a guild group going on VBul­liten right now. It is a lot of work keeping up with moder­a­tion but with enough volen­teers that really shouldn’t be an issue. But I am only one that has full admin access to every­thing and access to the files/db for the site. I was plan­ning on using VB as part of the site, because, I too hate the way the yahoo group does threading. I will look around at other author/fan websites over the next few days and get ideas together to present to Michelle. Anyone with ideas is welcome to email me at: glwarner@​glwarner.​com (I have a spam filter setup on this account)

  292. hjbau says:

    I think the reason they do not afford Kaylin the respect she deserves is because she is mortal. Her life is so short that they do not care about offending her. It does make me a little crazy too, but i could under­stand that from their perspective.

  293. hjbau says:

    I have always thought that the Emperor was one of the younger dragons too. Like older then Tiamaris but younger then the rest.

  294. hjbau says:

    I think the biggest issue with the yahoo group is just that it isn’t flat. Like when you reply to some­thing it doesn’t show up at the end, but instead after what you replied to. I also dislike that it quotes every­thing from the previous post. And that people then inter­ject their comments in that post which makes it diffi­cult to know what was the quote and what is the response.

    It is like the posting is not done flat or inline and then there is no quote box around the quotes to distin­guish them from the response. I don’t mind it so much because i have gotten used to it, but it is just that it is a yahoo group and not really a forum.

  295. hjbau says:

    I think what­ever is in the egg has to be human like. It can’t be another species. Right? There would have to be some rela­tion to humanity because it’s parents are human. The ques­tion is whether or not Kaylin is going to raise it or take it to the foundling hall or who knows what she will do with it.

    This was a good book. I really enjoyed it.

  296. Susan E says:

    The other babies born during the storm had birth defects like extra arms or even more “monstrous” so who knows what form the baby could take? It would be a relief to be a magical being. I like the idea someone had on her that it will be the embodied fire elemental.

  297. hjbau says:

    But they were still human. I agree that it won’t be a regular human, but still human like. Like not a dragon or a phoenix. Who knows though. It could be anything i guess.

  298. Kerri Knorr says:

    But they were still human. I agree that it won’t be a regular human, but still human like. Like not a dragon or a phoenix. Who knows though. It could be anything i guess.”

    A very tiny human, though. Wasn’t the egg described as only about as big as both of Kaylin’s fists (that is, about the size of a human baby’s head alone)?

  299. Laura Nichols says:

    I just had a wild idea. What if the baby of some magical crea­ture (I like the phoenix idea someone mentioned) was swapped during the magical upheaval with the human baby? So the phoenix’s parents are stuck with a human baby and fran­ti­cally looking for their egg.

  300. hjbau says:

    Well maybe the egg is not full grown. Or maybe it will continue to grow quickly after it hatches. I don’t think it’s size precludes it from being human like. If it is to be a char­acter i would think it would have to continue growing after though her reac­tion to it will also be impor­tant. Like i said whether she cares for it and so on.

  301. Susan E says:

    The swap­ping is a fun idea, except for the ability to radiate extreme heat at someone who they are not bonded with, if it was bird­like maybe it would be more likely to be Aerian(sp?) since Kaylin is already emotion­ally bonded to that race. But still, I like the idea that this is intro­ducing a new magical being to the mix. Hjbau, I had that response too – grow quickly after it hatches. It is also possible the egg contains a pocket universe so able to hold a normal size infant or even perhaps larger. If it stays small we might go back to the idea of a little alien pet of some sort. I’d be happy with any of them, but it seems a primary hint here is that the egg loves and is bonded to Kaylin back.

  302. hjbau says:

    A hammer­space egg. Maybe. I don’t like the idea of it being a pet for some reason. I think it just makes me think about World of Warcraft too much where you can have a little spirit animal that follows you around. Though Michelle would write it in such a way that i would not feel that way. I think i like the idea of it being a human like child the most. I just can’t imagine it being a different species entirely. I also like i said like the idea of it growing more quickly then an average human only because it has only been between six months and less then a year since the books started so to make it a real pres­ence in the story i would think it would have to grow quicker then average. Who knows though. I am sure wher­ever Michelle goes with the egg it will be interesting.

  303. G says:

    Just bought and finished Ruin through Kindle- I was putzing about, saw the Kindle version was reason­ably priced, ordered it and read it: I’ll follow up with the phys­ical book in November once I am back in the States. What a satis­fying read! But it certainly didn’t feel too long- I gulped it down and am hungry for more! I really enjoyed all the char­acter growth and could have used more length for more in depth descrip­tion. (And I bought it because the Kindle edition was less than the phys­ical- other­wise, I would have waited. I will wait up to two years, so I was very happy to see a rational price from the publisher. Thanks Harlequin/Luna!).

  304. CJ Cusack says:

    I think we know who would be good for her. Name of the longest river in Great Britain…*coughcough* I would agree with that decision :)

    I just started reading it and I’m a little concerned about Kaylin’s future but I think it’ll work out because you’re groovy like that.

    I also had the same problem. This install­ment was nowhere to be found but the Mass Markets of the previous Elantra books were. I live in NYC so I just hunted the next BN that had one.

    So far so good. I’m a little nervous about the rela­tion­ship with Longest River in Great Britain and Kaylin (hence the mention of the first few pages) and I’m worried about Diarmat but it’s a good anxiety. I can’t wait to find more time to continue!!!

    In case you couldn’t tell, I think the Elantra serious is awesome. Thanks for giving it a voice!

  305. CJ Cusack says:

    I also thing that part of it is Severn knows Kaylin and under­stands her better than she does herself. There has been no overtly explicit over­tures on his part because I think a part of him knows it would not be well received because she doesn’t know how to accept that.

    Don’t forget too that Kaylin hated Severn for an extremely long time and I’m sure, though we don’t hear his thoughts, he’s treading on very careful ground. He doesn’t want to lose her know that’s he’s found her again and doesn’t want to do anything that would scare her away. They love each other but their rela­tion­ship is not borne out of phys­ical desire, it’s about much more compli­cated things like that. Do I think Severn would like it to go further? Yep. I think he hates Night­shade for attempting some­thing phys­ical with Kaylin because he knows he shouldn’t and can’t. He’s damaged too but he’s more at peace with it than she.

    Of course Michelle can tell you if I’m way off base.

  306. CJ Cusack says:

    I have to respectu­fully disagree.

    Night­shade is good but he’s a snake. He’s hand­some but I don’t trust him. He plays with Kaylin and drops infor­ma­tion when he wants to give it. Hell, I would love him for her if he didn’t seek to control her power. Do I think he has feel­ings for her? Yes but I don’t think they are what they seem.

    Clearly I’m on team Severn. He knows her, under­stands her and is also protec­tive but not for her power or her poten­tial but because of who she is and what she will be. I agree that I would buy the S/K rela­tion­ship more if they had some sort of phys­ical inti­macy (like an attempted kiss!) and if some­thing doesn’t happen soon I’m going to put him firmly in friend category. :(

    Severn and Kaylin are similar and Severn needs to step up his game but I think he treats her more like a partner than Night­shade does. There is no agenda with Severn and his biggest secrets are known to Kaylin. Hell, they are Kaylin’s fault. He did the task that Kaylin was supposed to do burdened himself and lost a family for her. His protec­tion and kind­ness are not given out due to an agenda but because it’s a natural extension.

    I think he cher­ishes Kaylin in a way that no one else does or could. He steps back when needed, is silent when warranted and is pushy when he has to be. An ideal partner and friend and I think he would be a kind, patient and amazing lover.

    One thing I will concede, because of this weird power struggle Kaylin and Night­shade have, there is a weird chem­istry. I like Night­shade (he reminds me of some of my favorite HR heroes) but I don’t think they would be good together in any way. Night­shade would even­tu­ally expect Kaylin to change and come around to his way of life. He can be quite impe­rious and arrogant.

    Night­shade is all flash and illu­sion while Severn is solid and more real­istic. Of course I want Severn to be chosen but if he isn’t, I really hope it’s not Nightshade.

    I think it would be inter­esting if she chose Severn. Not because it’s obvious, because it’s not; there are some very real issues with choosing Severn as a mate, but because it would allow her to grow fully and allow her a place to go and feel safe and loved once she does realize her poten­tial. It woudn’t be easy to be with Severn for a lot of reasons and she would need to over­come a lot.

    In the end, it will be very inter­esting. Maybe she’ll run off with Tiamaris?

    Self-proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Severn/Kaylin Ship

  307. DG says:

    On the surface that is what you see in Night­shade. He tells half-truths, he’s posses­sive, he’s just flat-out dangerous. However, when you look at his actions with a more crit­ical eye instead of scratching the surface you see that he’s actu­ally done a lot for her. He’s been involved in her life in some way since she was a child (remember it was to Night­shade that Severn went to when he was looking for help).

    Some manner­isms in him will never change. He’s Barrani. It’s what he is, period. They make power plays the moment they start breathing it seems. Teela truly cares for Kaylin and even she plays games. I fully believe that when Night­shade was first exposed to her “regalia” that he saw the power she would give him. However, I do not believe that this is the only thing he wants from her, that’s the surface answer. What he wants IMHO runs a lot deeper and he hasn’t fully explained it. Sure he’s good-looking, but that’s not really a defining factor. Severn is good-looking too, even Teela remarked on it.

    Long story short, I see Severn as the “love” of Kaylin’s youth, but Night­shade as the “love” of her adulthood.

    So yeah, we have to agree to disagree on Severn on other points. :) He’s every­thing I see in way to many other novels by other authors, and perhaps that clouds my judge­ment. I see the stereo­type in him every time he’s in a scene. Perfect at languages, perfect at protocol, perfect in the class­room, perfect memory. It grates on me.

    Never­the­less, will Severn get Kaylin? Maybe, but it will still bother me (and not just because of Night­shade). Besides, Severn will only have her for “the moment” in the whole scheme of things. Night­shade can outlive him. ;)

    Although I must admit that when Tiamaris first hit the scene I was really hoping that some­thing would happen there as well. Then Tara popped onto the scene and well, that’s that I suppose. For all we know Kaylin will wind up with the Emperor, lol.

    Self-Proclaimed Pres­i­dent of Team Nightshade,

    P.S. YAY! Someone who gets the joke. Thank you. :)

  308. DG says:

    Genna, I think a VBul­letin group would be awesome. But you already nailed what I was going to say. Forums are great when they also have great moder­a­tion. It’s prac­ti­cally a full-time job depending on the size of the site. Like I said else­where Hamilton has a good forum, and good moder­a­tion. If you’re looking for ides. I hate her website design in general, but the forum is decent.

  309. Jlea says:

    I think what bothers me about Severn is I think he still treats her like a child. Kaylin may (at the started the series) habe been imma­ture, but she is growing. The final truth is that Kaylin is Chosen. She is powerful, and i truely believe she will grow into it or die. She doesnt need someone to baby her. She needs someone who will give her just enough that she can go and do it on herself, and grow some more.….but I should note, in the interest of full disclo­sure, that a good 80% of the time I cheer for the *bad* guy :P

    It terms of char­acter, I can see that Night­shade first saw her as a way to obtain power…so what? Give the man a break. Kaylin changes every­thing she touches imho. It is more than possible given the connec­tion to him through the mark, his name and the regalia (sp?) that she can change him enough that he cares for her, not just her power.

    It should also be noted that opin­ions of Night­shade are tainted by her child­hood expe­ri­ence in the fief, the Barrani who see him as outcaste for some unknown reason, and the dragons who were at war with the Barrani for how long?

    We know basi­cally nothing about him. I really hope we learn more in the next book. His char­acter has room to grow.

    Severn on the other hand, seems to me to be a fully devel­oped char­acter. He escaped the fiefs. Found Kaylin and watched her for years until she was ready,anda s he waited excelled at every­thing he did. I just dont see any room for char­acter devel­op­ment. And i think Kaylin needs someone who will grow with her.

    I also realy hope that Severn doesnt go to the West March. The whole not talking to Night­shade when he asked him a ques­tion about his opinion when they had gone to Night­shade to ask him for his help really annoiyed me. If I was Kaylin I would have smacked him over the head.

    Im going to stop now, as if i dont I think i may rant for a good 100 para­graphs more :P

  310. Susan E says:

    I keep going back to the young Night­shade. I think over the centuries he had such dreams and hopes for what would happen when he met up with Kaylin again, so many of his actions seem to have been to restrain himself from inter­fer­ring in the time­line that would mean they wouldn’t meet, yet the same centuries and actions have worn him down and made him grim. Then to have her meeting him in the past make no apparent differ­ence in the present as her regard for him I think has a pathos that threatens to make him bitter. I still think because he is Barrani and their culture supports the “long game” we havent’ seen yet any real inkling of what his plot­ting and unre­strained action will take.

    I might be deceiving myself but I think his interest in the reve­la­tion of her “Story” is far beyond personal power. If he had been moti­vated by personal power all these years he had many oppor­tu­ni­ties to pursue that. I think he has been seeing it as a mythos to give his long life meaning and desires a share in that as much or more than any phys­ical desire. Wasn’t he a scholar and a mage in the past? Kind of outside the normal Barrani mold even then. Taking over the fief so that the circum­stances would be right for his Kaylin to go to the past and meet him put him at odds with his people.

    Even if it gives him his own terri­tory in a human sense, it doesn’t seem to make sense as his char­acter has devel­oped to be his moti­vator – to be the fief lord I mean. It also has taken a tremen­dous toll. Maybe part of that myth is restoring the elements into balance and taking on the shadow. To me he seems to be a very damaged but heroic figure. This story is so much more than about “happy endings” in the para­normal romance sense. I don’t know if I really think she will end up with either of them in a conven­tional sense. She is leaving that, it seems to me, further and further behind.

    Back in the day she would’ve been content with her made family with Severn although life was extremely hard in the fief. I am glad she has regained him as family, but am sad for him that he has spelled out his wanting to be in a romantic rela­tion­ship with her as I just don’t think that is going to happen.

  311. Virgo says:

    I respect­fully disagree that Severn is for Kaylin…He has no further story to tell as far as an inti­mate rela­tion­ship with Kaylin is concerned. Yes he is strong and depend­able and will always there for her blah blah blah…but thats where it ends…there is no chem­istry that demon­strates ..or alludes to a phys­ical rela­tion­ship which is kind of impor­tant for romance between the two.… u did notice how she casu­ally asked Severn if wanted to stay the night in Ruin? (sorry for the spoiler), but it was like asking a friend or rela­tive to stay..nothing, no passion, no eager­ness, no anticipation…etc etc.…glad you got the point lol

    Although I am on team Night­shade, I can, albeit painfully, come to terms with her being with someone else that she is happy with…i just cant see Severn (her rela­tive) being the one.…

    Excel­lent read for Ruin and cant wait for Peril…please quickly put up the first chapter .… need some­thing to get the edge of anxiety off lol

  312. Angela M. says:

    So I just have to say, do you have any vague idea of when Cast in Peril will be published? Not to be pushy, just trying to get an idea in my head when all my fave authors are going to be putting stuff out.
    OK, maybe a little pushy.….I WANT THAT BOOK!

  313. hjbau says:

    I never saw any chem­istry between Kaylin and Night­shade really either. I actu­ally thought there was a sugges­tion between Kaylin and Sevren when she asked him to stay the night. I have just seen more inti­macy between Sevren and Kaylin then between Night­shade and Kaylin. That is the only reason i can imagine her ending up with Sevren more then anything. Though i could imagine her not ending up with anyone also because i don’t really imagine a happily ever after for Kaylin.

  314. natasha says:

    in the first book it stated there was another race other then the 6 we have seen. i think it said some­thing about them and liking the water but i was wondering if that was just a a mistake in the book, my memory or if that other race will come in latter in the books?

  315. Heh, I find it a little hard to believe that after their conver­sa­tions in Ruin people have trouble believing Kaylin still thinks of Severn only as a friend or a rela­tive. Wouldn’t she have just told Severn that she wasn’t inter­ested, instead of telling him why she needs to take it slowly? It certainly seemed to me that she’s been pushing him away all this time BECAUSE she likes him, much to my dismay, because I love Night­shade. But I think there’s a level of famil­iarity there that leads to the casual “do you want to stay over?” invi­ta­tions even though there’s some­thing between them. She lived with the guy for years and years, and he’s stayed at her place for other reasons since they got back in touch with each other that asking him to stay over doesn’t only exist in the context of a romantic inter­lude. They have all this other baggage and they work together. The time they spend together has a lot of different contexts it can fit into, makes moti­va­tions a little harder to interpret.

  316. Genna Warner says:

    Actu­ally to me it didn’t sound like she was explaining why she needed to take it slowly but as to why she couldn’t let anyone close to her. Until she comes to terms with what Barren did to her and put it squarely in the past, she will be unable to have a phys­ical rela­tion­ship with anyone. My ques­tion is, Is Severn helping her with that by staying in the back­ground giving her room? I think Night­shade is actu­ally helping her more with that by the advances he has done. He hasn’t forced her into anything more phys­ical than a kiss. A kiss by all accounts the way I read it, she reci­p­ro­cated. He back off just at the right time and dealt with his feeling before facing her again. She is learning and growing a lot and knows that when she see desire on other people that they are not Barren. But she still has a lot of growth to go to over come her reac­tion to it. I get the impres­sion that Kaylin is a black and white person. She needs to learn to see in shades of gray. Only then will she learn not to sterotype people — Fief lords, Dragon Lord, etc. She is learning that not all Fief lords are the same but Night­shade is still in the old cate­gory. Maybe the trip to the West March, will help Kaylin grow more in under­standing that the world is really just shades of gray.

  317. Kat says:

    I don’t know what it is about this site but it chews up my posts. Should learn to keep a copy before I submit.
    It’s a great read and like everyone else I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next book. Thanks for the awesome work. Will have no complaint from me if the next one is longer. Bring on the epic I say!

    I thought the scences with Diarmat were very inter­esting and hope we’ll see some more lessons, espe­cially with Bellusdeo being the bad student at the back of the class. I was also happy to see her stick up for Kaylin. As most of the other char­ac­ters who pay her out are also very fond of her they get passes. Diarmat doesn’t. Also loved the egg and the line ‘may your day be full of angry dragons’ bahahahaha.

  318. NJ says:

    DB, I also had trouble finding a paper­back copy of the Riven Shield. I ended up tracking down a new copy through the AbeBooks website and purchased it from the Katoomba Book­store in New South Wales Australia. NJ

  319. LizM says:

    Arkon isn’t consid­ered a dragon Lord, so he’s not counted among the 5 dragon Lords (Tiamaris, Emmerian, Sana­balis, Diarmat, and Emperor?). It’s mentioned in one of the first few books.

  320. Hilda says:

    Jessica, I totally agree with you and have mentioned that K has a wrong kind of atti­tude for N. She really comes accross as ungrateful to N. This doesn’t means that she needs to sleep with him, but a little recog­ni­tion of the many times he has helped her. The problem we have is that Michelle has that rela­tion­ship in a slow cooker, which is fine with me because her “cooking” is always great. So, I really expect great things from her in the romantic depart­ment later. Unfor­tu­nately, I think Michelle mentioned before that the romantic side is not her strongest side. Michelle also said once that the Cast series is told from K’s point, her thinking. We know what is happen­ning beause K tells us. And that is what makes her rela­tion­ship with N so intriguing. She hides her thoughts of N from us and herself. She analyzes everyone except N. We only see little bits of those thoughts. It’s incon­ceiv­able that after one of the best romantic kiss scenes I have ever read in my life, K does not even give it one thought. Not one. None. Any woman would have gone crazy trying to analyze it, thinking about it. We only know that later she gives her mirror a quick look (hoping it’s him?), and later told S that N doesn’t love her knowing N is listening.. She is very open with S, and is willing to give herself to him like here is your pay for being my friend. Almost like Barren and i think S knows. S is really trying to find out how she feels about N. She won’t tell.

  321. hjbau says:

    I am still not convinced that Night­shade has done anything more then help Kaylin for his own benefit. It is all about power and owner­ship to him. I just don’t see what you see at all. I am not all on Severn’s side either though i would lean more towards that is where the story is going rather then Night­shade, but i may be wrong.

    I do need to reread the series, so maybe i am just misre­mem­bering what happened, but i don’t really remember Night­shade doing much for Kaylin that wasn’t about power and ownership.

  322. Genna Warner says:

    I think its hard to look at Night­shades involve­ment without it be shaded by how Kaylin feels about Fief Lords and Barrani in general. Since Night­shade is both a Fieflord and a High Lord of the Barrani, we really don’t see Night­shade in a nutral light. It is shaded by how Kaylin feels. There were several times through the books that Tiamaris or someone else was suprised that Night­shade gave up infor­ma­tion very easily to Kaylin. Yes I realize that they are present in the tone that Night­shade feels he owns Kaylin. But he really hasn’t inforced that owner­ship. I think that his show of being a typical Barrani is just that .. a show of it. And that he really isnt like that anymore. I think Kaylin has changed him, and we will see this change more in the next book (just hoping on my part). :)

  323. hjbau says:

    I see what you are saying that our thoughts on Night­shade are shaded by Kaylin’s feeling on the matter about fief lords and barrani. I just think i agree with her. I do think that there is a general prej­u­dice about mortals espe­cially humans that is very real in the books. Kaylin may be in part consid­ered the excep­tion, but only in part. She is still consid­ered mortal with all that implies.

    I also think that there is going to come a time when Night­shade is going to try and force the issue, that he owns Kaylin, and i think he is going to do it because of power or pride. It is just from what we have seen so far i think he is still like that. We will see a bit more in the next book.

  324. Mark Galpin says:

    @hjbau I just totally disagree. Oh I agree that Night­shade supports his own inter­ests and all that, but I also think, based on what we saw of ‘young’ night­shade, and the fact that we know that immor­tals don’t really change… Well, Night­shade basi­cally says he tried not to inter­fere with Kaylin before, part of what he tried not to inter­fere with is how Kaylin thought of him. This is someone who main­tained enough of a person­ality that Andellen stayed with him out of friend­ship. That’s not the sort of person­ality that is stupid enough to declare ‘owner­ship’ of someone else powerful. It would be a misstep that I don’t think he’s stupid enough to try. He wants to seduce Kaylin, not to rape her, and he’s not stupid enough to confuse the two out of frustration.

  325. But female dragons are born in their “human/mortal” forms…

  326. Oh yeah. Love where that comment landed. :P

  327. Kathy says:

    Andellan is a bit of a mystery isn’t he? While he supports and submits to Night­shade it is obvious he has tremen­dous respect for Kaylin as well. I’ve noticed in several books that he has taken the time to teach Kaylin various aspects of Barrani manners. One of my favorite inter­rac­tions between Andellan and Kaylin was the scene where she deliv­ered the baby that was in danger. Andellan was in awe of Kaylin in that scene.

    My feel­ings about Severn are a bit different. I see his name as an anagram of Hard­ened Nerves. That explains him to me. He is the rock Kaylin can anchor to in life.

    I did not catch that Arkon was a title until I read Peril for the dozenth time last night. I think it may prove more signif­i­cant than we had previ­ously thought.

    I keep re-reading the scenes between Diarmat and Kaylin. I can’t help but feel that while he is not in the running for best friend ever he will prove to be the teacher that Kaylin remem­bers forever. He is the teacher that will make her grow. He is not going to give her a pass on anything without good cause. And I think I’ve finally figured out why they don’t want Kayling to meet the emperor yet.

    It is the bracer! I keep noticing that while Diarmat was having Kaylin read those reports he was watching the bracer not Kaylin. I think they are going to keep Kaylin away from the emperor until she can meet him without wearing it.

  328. LizM says:

    Any chance we can get the first chapter of Cast in Peril? If you’re afraid of spoiling things for people who haven’t read Cast in Ruin, you can start an email list of people who want the first chapter of Cast in Peril. I think this was mentioned in an earlier blog post?

  329. Estara says:

    Now THAT is what I was hoping to hear ^^. I hugely enjoyed, as I had expected and added to the glowing reviews on GoodReads.

  330. Estara says:

    YAY!!! So great to know.

  331. Estara says:

    I was sooo glad to see that. I really wanted Severn to get as much of an expla­na­tion as Kaylin was willing to give, so thanks for that.

  332. Estara says:

    I agree. The only time I felt Night­shade was in any danger of losing some­thing impor­tant while helping Kayline was when rescued her from the Devourer/Maker. (Who hasn’t made his pres­ence felt since the book he came up in , by the way — so many strands to go). I do give him kudos for that.

    In compar­ison the burden that Severn chose to bear by killing Kaylin’s adopted chil­dren so that SHE wouldn’t be found before she could conceiv­ably defend herself and then losing sight of her until she showed up in the Halls of Law and THEN waiting until some outward reason brought them into contact again. I feel that is much more of an effort.

    Then again, while I prefer Severn, I’m not sure he would be the best match for Kaylin yet. I have trust that MSW will make me buy whichever life partner she decides on, if she does. I could even conceive of a The Hero And The Crown solution.

  333. Finally got a chance to buy and read Ruin (being out of the country and B&N being… less than optimal… I wasn’t able to get the book on release day).

    Loved it.

    My only real ques­tion is one of curiosity. We know there were (if I’m counting correctly) 6 dragons awake in the Empire (before Belleusdeo): The Emperor, The Arkon, Tiamaras, Sana­balis, Diramat, and Emmerian.

    How many chose sleep over death? (And can anyone other than the Emperor wake them?)

    t’s curious that 6 dragons are enough to keep the Baranni (who number many more) from trying to over­whelm them. What power does the Emperor have over the Baranni living in Elantra, since they are content enough to live under him without trying to take that power?

    I’m also curious to see the Baranni reac­tion to there now being a female dragon, since it’s implied that it was the Baranni who offed the rest of the dragon women.

    But if there’s a whole army of dragons asleep some­where, that might answer that question…

    Speaking of Baranni, I did miss Night­shade. I’m not convinced that Kaylin should or will “end up” with Night­shade, but oh, how I love him! Love love love. He’s a fasci­nating char­acter and I’m greatly looking forward to seeing more of him in Peril.

  334. Fake Frenchie says:

    When is Cast in Chaos coming out in MMPB? I have the whole series in MMPB, except Cast in Chaos and Cast in Ruin.

  335. Theresa says:

    On a some­what random note, my husband got me a Kindle Fire for our anniver­sary. I think I am going to call it The Arkon since he’s a fire breathing librarian. He’s my favorite dragon because he’s such a curmudgeon.

  336. DG says:

    Thanks. I never heard of that website, but they had the book. I’ll prob­ably break and get a copy through them. I don’t mind ebooks, but I’d really like a printed copy to complete my collec­tion. Thanks again!

  337. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Michelle, I just finished reading all of the books from the Elantra series. It took me a week non stop to read all 7 of them. I’m very new to your books and I would like to know if you have a certain number of books plan for the series. Also when is the next book coming out?

  338. lavender says:

    I have a thought the lord of west march gave his name to k. Has anyone thought what she left behind with him might mean more of a rela­son­ship between the two and thats why he wasn’t mentioned.

  339. Aaron says:

    I believe Ms. Sagara will keep writing the Cast books until she runs out of stories (or catchy titles, whichever comes first). The next book is “Cast in Peril” due out some­time next Fall, prob­ably late August or early September. After that, there is a contract for at least three addi­tional Cast books — very exciting news for fans of the Elantran universe, I’m sure, but enough to give her West fans palpitations.

  340. Hilda says:

    We have written so much under this heading that I think there are over 300 comments. Michelle has several comments series going on at the same time. In one of these she explained her forth­coming books. I can’t remember which one.I think the West fans will be happy too: 2 House books and, I think, one bringing together.the House and the Sun Sword series. However: “Where in the world is Michelle Sagara?”

  341. hjbau says:

    The two West books are the same thing as the ones where the House War books and the Sun Sword books come together. We just call that series the West series. They are all the same series. Person­ally i am still hoping she goes long and we get three books.

    I think that she said there are four more Cast books. Cast in Peril and then three more that are unnamed as of now.

    And Michelle said she wrote some­thing else as well. A new and different series. I think it was called Silence. I think.

    Can’t wait for chap­ters of Skirmish.

  342. Penny says:

    *sigh* I have waited and waited but still no kindle version here in the UK. Would anyone know how I might get hold of an ebook version in the UK please?

  343. Please tell me this isn’t the last in the series! I adore these books and I’ve read/listened to five (on the sixth, and eagerly awaiting the seventh today) in the space of 8 days (as well as Cast in Moon­light), and they are just exquisite. I’m a writer, too, and this has majorly helped me. So thank you SO SO much! I hope you have it in you to write another 20 or 30 (but the writer in me doubts this). I could share in your universe for a REALLY long time. :) I’ll read all your website and all the comments later, in case you’ve already mentioned how long you plan to go with this series. (But I’d rather be reading your actual stories, which is why I ask.) Sincerely, Joanna Celeste

  344. Kel says:

    I hadn’t even thought of the possi­bility of a shop­ping trip! What a wonderful idea. Maybe as a short story? There’s got to be an anthology that would fit in…

    Heck, I’d buy it as an e‑short from Smash­words or similar. :) (Do soulful puppy-eyes work over the intarwebs?)

  345. Yulisa Baltazar says:

    Thank you Michelle for sharing your beau­tiful mind with us all. Cast in Ruin was excel­lent! It was the first one in the series I began reading but stopped a third of the way. I was so excited I found an author who instantly became my favorite. Imme­di­ately through itunes I purchased on the ipad Cast in Fury, Cast in Silence, and Cast in Chaos.Then down­loaded the rest on my laptop. I am disap­pointed that itunes didn’t have all the collec­tion. I’m currently residing in Mexico City and I’ll be moving soon to Qatar. I’ll be looking forward to reading all your books espe­cially Cast in Peril. Can’t wait to find out more of Lord Night­shade and his rela­tion­ship with Kaylin Neya. Cheers!

  346. Courtney Graham says:

    I love your series Michelle, it keeps me enter­tained and my mind going with what is going to happen next. I wish there was more infor­ma­tion about the release date for Cast in Peril. I want to start counting down the days until it is released on Amazon. I truly love this series please hurry with the new book.

  347. I agree! Finally, someone (that I have read on this so far) seems to get that Night­shade, as far as I can tell, prac­ti­cally declared his love for Kaylin. I mean, he did say he was a Barrani Lord, no more, no other, and that he wasn’t the same man that he was back then, and that he had been waiting (do we even know how many centuries?) and also that he would never be her Tara, never be able to be as vuner­able to her, but he led her to his heart the very first day he met her (in her time­line) and he has shown quite a few moments of sincere tender­ness. And while he said the mark was incon­se­quen­tial — beyond the fact that he knew to mark her as he had met her, the first time, marked and that it would give them some connec­tion ‑he has never tried to force anything on her, and he gave her his name! In Chaos, Sana­balis said that it was an act of love to give someone your name. So he must love her, in the only way he knows how to express it.

    I have a ques­tion for Michelle, that I haven’t seen answered yet: in Court­light, Night­shade heard a conver­sa­tion that had passed between Kaylin and the Barrani High Lord because said Lord touched her mark. Does Night­shade hear all conver­sa­tions when the mark is touched?

    If so, he would have heard the entire conver­sa­tion between Kaylin and Severn regarding him and his obvious failure to be explicit insofar as Kaylin is concerned. I person­ally want to grab her by the shoul­ders and shake her. He waited for how many centuries? He painstak­ingly went over their entire first encounter how many times during those centuries to make sure every­thing was in place? All the battles he fought, the advice he’s given, so she would survive. I can’t tell if he just wants her to live so he can have part of her power, but I don’t think so.

    I like the fact that Belludeo is simi­larly scarred to her, and they can be sisters and help each other. I wish that Kaylin could have both Night­shade and Severn, since they’re serving distinctly different roles, but if she becomes seri­ously romantic with either it’s going to be a problem. As a fellow writer, I can sympa­thize with Michelle. Unfor­tu­nately, as writers, what we want doesn’t always matter. Char­ac­ters have their own life, And we defi­nitely, sadly, can’t make way for the whims of the readers. But gee I could seri­ously read an entire book dedi­cated to Night­shade and Kaylin. I read the Chaos passage like four times. I hadn’t seen Night­shade that open, ever. And he finally stopped feeling like such a bloody creep. Now I get that he was trying really hard, in his own way, to please her and make her want to stay. Prob­ably not some­thing he’s ever had to do before. Other women, certainly mortals, would either be falling over them­selves for him or paid to do a job, and all of that would have felt like mere “sex”. It doesn’t feel like that’s what Night­shade wants with Kaylin. I seri­ously hope he elab­o­rates, since she appears to be in the dark about it. :)

    Thanks for letting me have a forum to share my thoughts. I look forward to seeing what other readers think (and Michelle, if you can answer my ques­tion, thank you SO SO much)

  348. A.Williams says:

    I’ve waited for the release of the Chron­i­cles of Elantra novels for several years now. Each time I get the newest book, I tear throught it, re-read it in its entirety, re-read my very favorite parts, and then re-read the entire series in an attempt to distract myself from the fact that the next book won’t be released for some time. Not many series leave me that engrossed. I can hardly wait for Cast in Peril, but since I must, I will. =P Look forward to your next book, and have thor­oughly enjoyed all the ones I have read so far!

  349. LilMrs says:

    I feel like this website has been neglected a bit. I have been looking at it for the past 1 1/2 month and there are no updates on the news tab. In fact the last update on the rest of the website seem to have been in early November.
    I have been going crazy trying to find out when “cast in Ruins” will come out in audio but no luck. Unfor­tu­nately audible​.com isn’t good about updating their “coming soon” tab either so I just have to check everyday and be surprised when each book is finally avail­able. I bought the print version of cast in ruins (just like the previous books.. I loved it, by the way!) but I feel like so much is lost when I read it on my own. Khris­tine Hvam does such a wonderful job at making the books come to life as she performs it that I am willing to listen to each book (some of them more than once) even though I have already read them in print. I wish the audio version came out at the same time as the print version that way I wouldn’t have to be wondering about their release dates.
    To Michelle and the website crew: Give us fans some love, update more often!
    on a side note: congrats on a job well done.. the cast books are amazing! wish they came out more often too! :)

  350. hjbau says:

    I don’t think there is a crew who helps with the website. I think it is just Michelle and i think she does a good job with it. And her not updating means she is writing, which i am happy about, or spending time with family, which is a most reason­able preoc­cu­pa­tion. It is the holi­days after all.

  351. Aaron M. says:

    On the 9/30/11 post, Michelle states that ETA for audio Cast in Ruin was 12/1/11, along with Silence (Cast) and Chaos. Consid­ering that was only an esti­mated time and that Ruin is the most recent novel, the schedule was prob­ably pushed back until after this holiday season. Michelle posts infor­ma­tion as she gets it, but some­times that isn’t very often since she’s not in control of the audio versions; you might have more luck contacting the publisher.

    As for the website, I have to agree with hjbau and also remind you that Michelle is working on three different projects now. I’m sure we’ll get a blurb immi­nently w/re to the release of Skir­mish, but I don’t expect much in the way of posting until Silence (QoD) goes to press and she’s only ankle deep in revi­sions to Peril.

  352. ElizabethN says:

    All of the Cast books except Ruin are out at Audible now, so I’m antic­i­pating some­time in the next month. I don’t know if this is a limited time deal or not, but the Cast in Moon­light novella is free. Don’t know if the link will show or not. If it doesn’t search for Michelle Sagara at Audible​.com

    http://​www​.audible​.com/​p​d​/​r​e​f​=​s​r​_​1​_​1​?​a​s​i​n​=​B​005​V​2​H​G​H​W​&​q​i​d​=​1325310313&​s​r=1 – 1

  353. jewel says:

    Love the Hero and the Crown Refer­ence! That would satisfy both “teams” in some ways.

  354. LilMrs says:

    Cast in Ruins now on Audible. Yay!!!! It came out today and I just bought it.. so excited!!!!

  355. Jason T says:

    I recently received a free novella from Audible​.com “cast in moon­light.” From the moment the story started I knew that I found a new char­acter to follow and a new author to read/listen to. I want to express my delight and sadness at just having finished “cast in ruin” : Delight because I really like this series and the char­ac­ters; sadness that I have finished the novels currently avail­able. I hope that this series continues and progresses to a powerful conclu­sion. I find myself now having to pick up the rest of your work because there is no way I couldn’t thank you for the ‘cast’ series by not supporting your other work. I am sure it will be just as satis­fying. Thanks again for the great work.

  356. Jason T says:

    Ok, i know i just left a comment but I feel I need to leave another comment: If your local book store doesn’t have Michelle’s books… AMAZON​.COM. If you can leave a comment on a blog you can order a book online. Sorry.

  357. Miki S says:

    I agree with this! Plus…c’mon. His “romantic” thing was to stop hanging pris­oners in cages outside his castle?! He’s an Inter­esting Char­acter in the series, but he’s a BAD guy! Tony Soprano could be tender with his wife and kids, but he still would never be my choice for a partner to a woman I cared for!

  358. Miki S says:

    I really love this series but — and I really hesi­tate to say — I hope it doesn’t turn into one of those never-ending urban fantasy series that lose track of the plotline.

    I would mourn getting “the last book”, but I’d also be glad to know that the major threads would be tied off and ques­tions answered and a sort of “riding off into the sunset” kind of ending that could hint at a happier (less stressful!) life for Kaylin.

  359. Hilda says:

    Jason, I discov­ered the Cast series almost 2 years ago and have read all the books there. Since then, I have been reading and re-reading all other of Michelle’s books. I went to her West novels, the Sun Sword and her House War series, and her short stories. They are as phenom­enal as the Cast. You are in for a great treat. Happy reading.

  360. Fake Frenchie says:

    When is Cast in Chaos coming out in MMPB?

  361. Tyronne says:

    Hi Michelle.

    Thank you for Cast in Ruin last year. I came back from vaca­tion and stopped off at the book­store to pick it up. A very nice way to end my vaca­tion. Didn’t see very much of it coming either so that was an added bonus to me. Cast in Peril should be inter­esting. I’m presently rereading the entire series as is my habit because a good story is just that — a good story and yours is one of the better ones! Anyway, in Cast in Silence, Severn I believe makes the state­ment that 3 writs have been issued that the Wolves failed to fulfill. Donalan Idis turned out to be one of them. Barren in Cast in Silence is the second. Will Cast in Peril give us the third party? Given that it will involve Night­shade, I would think it almost has to involve Severn and his past. Perhaps, we’ll even get the story of his (just what do you call this weapon of his?) chain blades. And please tell me that you will disclose a little more about this Egg that Kaylin is keeping under her floor! This is quite honestly bugging me to no end as I haven’t a clue where you’re going with this and I have to wait for Cast in Peril.

  362. Courtney says:

    I’m in total agree­ment with you about the egg, I am going absolutely nuts. I have my suspi­cion’s about what it is, however, it could be another thing entirely. I can’t wait for the next book I wish I didn’t read her stuff so fast.

  363. Rasmusb says:

    I tend to buy your books first as an e‑book (to read imme­di­ately on release date) and the dead tree version as soon as I see it. Unfor­tu­nately — there is no book­store in my little town — the paper version waits until I drive 35 minutes to another town. :)

  364. Rasmusb says:

    None of your books could ever be too long. I loved this book (the entire series really) — I cannot wait for the egg to hatch as well. :)

    So curious. :D

  365. Deej says:

    I think she was looking into the Shad­ow­storm thinking she could go into the Past and make things happen differ­ently. Re forgive­ness: the chil­dren were goiing to die anyway, and horribly through disem­bowling bec that is what Makkuron did to the other 38 kids. And Kaylin would have been a vessel for him, and herself no longer, destroying all Life as they knew it in Elantra. I think it’s right that she forgave him. He gave them a more digni­fied pain­less death and he kept her from becoming a scourge of the planet. Neither were good o ptions, but this is why ulti­mately she over­comes that desire because in the end, things would have been so much worse. I just finished re-reading Cast in Shadow, so it’s clear in my mind.

  366. Deej says:

    Good Insights, Joanna. I hadn’t really keyed to the fact he took her to his metaphor­ical heart-the seal room. i guess that’s why she woke up dressed in the gorgeous, sexy dress- he wanted her in fitting attire when he revealed his heart to his Consort. That scene is kind of Vicki and Barn­abas Collins‑y/Dark Shadows/Vampire with his new Bride, if I may. Again, really good decon­struc­tion and extrapoloa­tion of his actions thus far. Gives me lots to think about as I re-read Court­light! :-D

    And though I’d love them to get together it could never work. She can’t be a Hawk and Night­shade’s woman. How could she tolerate the injus­tices in the fief if she was lving there? The fief is her past and Ns is affil­i­ated with a painful past she is trying to grow past.

  367. Deege says:

    You are so smart!!! S name has been kind of driving me nuts since the start. I think all commenters would do well to remember that the best writers don’t answer every ques­tion, nor is every­thing tied up in a bow at the end.I bet there are ques­tions even MSW has no answer to. Some­times, it depends on that “alchemy“that occurs betw characters.

  368. MAB says:

    This is completely off-track, but I was curious, and I don’t think Michelle Sagara mentions it in the books — do Leon­tines have tails?

  369. Sorry new to this blog stuff.
    I really want to read Cast in Chaos but I can only find hard books, or not from Amazon, sellers only, no mention of Kindle at all. I read hundreds of books which is why I love my Kindle. I have all the rest of the Cast in series & now I’ve found out there is soon to be a Cast in Peril. Aaargh the agony. I don’t under­stand please can someone explain how I go about getting an elec­tronic copy. I always pay for legal copies, wouldn’t think to do any other way.

  370. ElizabethN says:

    I got my copy from amazon us and it’s still showing up as an active product on the my books page. Here’s the link — 


    cast in chaos also shows up as the first result when you search in the kindle store for “cast in chaos”

    hope one of the options work for you.

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